Average Half Marathon Time: A Guide for Running Faster

You have probably heard about the marathons of different lengths that are held all over the world. Such events as the famous INEOS challenge solidify people’s acknowledgment regarding this type of competition. However, do you know what precisely the term marathon means? It is a long-distance road race with the proximity of 42 km distance ran by athletes with the prime intention of identifying the best out of the rest.

Many marathon enthusiasts around the globe train daily to participate in annual races. For example, the spectacular nature of the half marathons 2017 held in Boston attracted many professional and amateur runners. The Boston half marathon qualifying times hold the world record at 1:18:27 by Ernst van Dyk, but if you are just starting your marathon preparation, there is an average half marathon time you should focus on.

If you are a runner looking forward to reaching the half marathon time, you may be wondering how to train for the race. Below, you can learn about the half marathon training aspects that will help you to boost your speed and endurance.

Critical Aspects for Half Marathon Preparation You Shouldn’t Miss Out

It is vital to note that nowadays, there are only four renowned marathons types in the world. These include:

  • A quarter marathon (10 km or 6.2 miles) is a road running event for beginners aspiring for long-distance races.
  • A half marathon (21 km or 13.1 miles) is a race for people ready for new challenges.
  • A full marathon is the main event of 42 km (26.2 miles) for the established runners ready to cross the finishing line.
  • An ultramarathon relates to any race beyond 42 km or 26.2 miles.

Even though all these types of marathons exist, half marathons are the most popular ones since they are less tiring than full marathons and don’t take much time. Do you know the standard running time you need to reach for such a race? How to train before the race? Read on to find out helpful tips on a productive half marathon training schedule that will boost your running performance.

Find the Appropriate Half Marathons Training Plans

It is impossible to start running the half marathon average time on the go without thorough training. You should begin the race preparation by considering a plan that will help you to train your speed and endurance gradually.

Identify your current running level and come up with a training plan that will help you to reach the average half marathon time considered standard for a beginner. However, it is crucial to have a pacing chart for half marathon to set an objective and an approximate time to accomplish it, while gradually enhancing the ability to endure the long-distance race.

Your plan should focus on training slowly and allow enough recovery time to prepare you for the next days’ schedule without injuries. Therefore, a good half marathon time schedule will prepare you both mentally and physically for the race results that will meet your performance expectations.

Training for Average Time for a Half Marathon & Getting Some Rest

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The truth is, you are going to be hungry and tired during the long-distance half marathon pacing times. However, eating appropriate foods before the race will help you to stay fit during the whole run. Therefore, you should know about the right meals to eat and at what time to do it to help your body perform well.

There’s a small window of approximately 30 minutes after the fastest half marathon time training when your body is at its best to replenish. At this time, your organism can utilize the proteins and carbohydrates fueled during the training process. You can consume foods with sugar and protein in the ratio of 3:1 to recharge quickly and feel even stronger.

Decide What’s a Good Half Marathon Time: Set a Goal for Yourself

Finishing a marathon is an accomplishment for novice runners. However, without appropriate mental focus and physical fitness, completing even a half marathon can be a dream not coming true. You need to perform a series of training that complies with the time set on your half marathon time calculator. Once you start running the required distance within the selected time, you are ready to participate in a race. For instance, 2:30:00 for a beginner is ideal for finishing the 13.1 miles.

It is necessary to focus on the race completion rather than running too hard to outperform the experienced runners. However, you still need to stick to your half marathon calculator time to avoid going out faster and losing too much energy on the preliminary parts of the race. Note that starting too fast running beyond your pace limit may exhaust you to the point that you’ll surrender and opt-out of the race without crossing the finish line.

As an athlete aiming to run a 13-miles race, I do regular training for 12-20 weeks before the marathon to accomplish the time from 2:00:00 to 2:30:00. From my experience, it is worth setting your pace at ten minutes per mile.

If you want to know what is a good time for a half marathon for a female runner, 2:30:00 for a first-timer and 2:00:00 for an amateur half-marathoner are pretty fine results. Therefore, start working on your pace every day to ensure you are on a par with other beginner marathoners.

On the other hand, if you are eager to know what is a good half marathon time for a male marathoner beginner, men have a slightly higher sprinting power than women do. Thus, the standard time for male runners should be set a bit shorter compared to females. Therefore, completing the 13.1 miles half marathon in 1:45:00 to 2:15:00 is ideal for male beginners. Set your pace at 6:52 minutes per mile to ensure you reach the expected finishing time.

I hope that my answers to what’s a good half marathon time helped you to identify the desired time. However, you need a series of thorough exercises to maintain the expected pace both during training and the race. You can sprint at a speed slightly higher than the set goal, but make sure to do it carefully to avoid going too fast past what the body can sustain to complete the race. Now that you know what’s a good time for a half marathon, scheduled training to accomplish the average pace should be your priority.

Create a Perfect Mindset to Reach the Half Marathon Time Average

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The establishment of a mindset on a track speaks volumes about an amateur runner’s performance on a race day. Therefore, the ideal process to prepare for a successful race is to train your mind to keep scaling new challenging heights every day. For instance, make your brain focus on doing better than you did yesterday in everyday practice.

As a result, race turn-ups won’t cause much stress, and you will be able to concentrate on your running performance. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing that will allow you to move freely, absorb sweat, and keep an optimal temperature of your body during the run. Moreover, it is essential to wear running shoes that are light enough to give you comfort during the marathon.

What to Eat Before Starting to Pace for Half Marathon Time?

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Besides the marathons trainings and gear, the food you eat before the race contributes much to your results. Even though many athletes do a carbo-loading a night before the race, it is the wrong method. You should eat food rich in carbohydrates such as rice during the day, as it will play a significant role in reducing the load on your digestive tract.

Moreover, you need to eat your meals in the right periods to allow enough time for digestion before the workout. For example, on a running morning, it is necessary to take your food three hours before the race. Such timing allows the food to work its way out of the stomach, resulting in a comfortable run.

You can also take a bottle of water filled with glucose to help you refuel during the race. Try different meal times and sizes of portions to determine the optimal foods for your running days. Now that you are prepared for running a 13-mile race, you may consider taking part even in the Lake Powell half marathon.

Set Marathon Time Calculator from Half of the Distance and Start Training

With all these guidelines in place, running long-distance races such as the Chicago half marathon shouldn’t be a problem. Incorporate all the tips mentioned above and train intensively to boost both your physical and mental stability to take part in the race. Even though this kind of competition is not easy, anybody determined enough can accomplish it. Start with smaller tracks and gradually increase the distance and the running speed.

Through committing to the training schedule and demanding workout, racing even the Hal Higdon half marathon is possible. Make your body physically fit, be prepared for any weather condition or terrain, and reach the average time for a half marathon thanks to your smart training.

Having a strong mindset concentrated on the half marathon time chart and scheduled training will allow you to cross the finish line in the very first marathon attempt. All you need is to start steady and confidently to maintain the pace and boost your endurance. Have you ever participated in a half marathon? If yes, what were your best half marathon times? What are the critical aspects of training you would like to add here? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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