Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Review

Volleyball is a traumatic game in which you can stretch your ankle or dislocate your leg literally any time. Amateurs and professional players use volleyball ankle supports. Any injury in this sport can cause tremendous damage to health for several months, reducing mobility and activity. I always recommend using ankle protection volleyball. But how do choose the right protection if manufacturers offer many models of different types? I will share with you the best ankle brace for volleyball, which was tested in a real game.

Ankle protection for volleyball is special equipment that is worn on the ankle, firmly fixing it. Such an accessory does not reduce mobility but eliminates the distortion of the ankle during improper landing and jumping. High-quality volleyball ankle guards are almost not felt on feet. They are elastic and comfortable, and they protect the legs from injury.

Top 9 Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball

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Ankle support for volleyball players can be of three types:

  • Active;
  • Adjustable;
  • Compression.

The differences are in the design of protective equipment, as well as in rigidity and shape. I will talk about the best ankle support for the sprained ankle of all three types.

Active Ankle Brace

Active ultra ankle braces for volleyball tightly lock in one position and fasten with a quick-release belt. This protective gear has a rigid frame that provides better protection against injury.

1. T2 Rigid Ankle Braces – One of the Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball

T2’s volleyball protective gear is always highly rated among players. This ankle protection has a rigid frame made of elastic and durable plastic, which is difficult to damage even during active play. Use a quick-detachable belt for height adjustment, putting on protection under high or low shoes. You can wear this equipment on both your right or left foot. Many players use protection not only for playing volleyball, but also for football, tennis, or basketball.

Volleyball protective equipment inside is made of soft EVA-material. This increases comfort during the game. Due to the anatomical shape, the ankle is completely enveloped with bondage made of a polymer material and a belt. The built-in metal hinge does not hamper the athlete’s movements while playing volleyball.

Increased fixation stiffness can cause slight discomfort. In this case, you need to adjust the height correctly. Ankle volleyball staples from T2 are designed for professional players who are at high risk of sprains or other injuries during the game.

Despite the rigidity of fixation, the volleyball ankle brace is very durable. Metal hinges have a reinforced plastic mount. You can use this equipment regardless of your body’s weight.

You can choose among several sizes, and find one that is most suitable for you.


  • Reliable hinge;
  • Adjustable height;
  • Strong ankle fixation.


  • Stiffness.

2. Volt Active – Volleyball Ankle Supports for Your Protection

Active Volt is ankle protection made from a polymer case with straps for fixing. This model is one of the most massive among volleyball equipment. Therefore, it is used by professional players during training or games. The frame is made of plastic with an internal anatomical EVA-filler. The hinge is made of metal alloys, so its destruction is excluded. By means of a belt, the height of a protective bracket is regulated. This allows you to wear equipment for any shoes, regardless of the growth of the athlete.

This is one of the best braces for a high ankle sprain, which is used both during games and during recovery from injuries. Athletes praise the high quality and structural strength. The hinge has a wide range of motion in both directions. Due to this, you can actively move on the field without stiffness.

The manufacturer has reduced the weight of this ankle brace, making it light and almost invisible on the legs. By reducing the weight of the body increases the speed of the athlete and reduces fatigue after a long game.

I cannot call these ankle braces light, as they weigh 5.6 ounces. The company eased them by using lightweight materials, but exporting nevertheless seems cumbersome. It is unlikely that it will be comfortable for children and adolescents.

I recommend using this bracket for the ankle not only for volleyball players but also for other athletes – for example, basketball players, soccer players, and even active fans who are constantly on the move. I often wear similar protective equipment of the active type for jogging or cycling.


  • Lightweight;
  • Durable metal alloy joint;
  • Anatomical inner lining.


  • Big size.

3. Ultra Ankle High-5 – Hoping Ankle Protection Volleyball

Ultra Ankle High-5 is one of the most reliable and effective staples for feet. I often use this particular model because of its lightweight and body rigidity. The velcro strap is used to control stiffness. Also, you can choose the size by the parameters of the leg (to do this, measure the circumference of the leg near the ankle and compare the characteristics with the table from the company).

The outer part of the protective bracket is made entirely of plastic (not counting the fixing belt). But inside there is a soft lining, due to which the equipment does not squeeze the legs in the joint zone. The comfortable interior material does not have a memory effect, but it is flexible enough to take the shape of the ankle that it needs. You can use Ultra Ankle High-5 for both your right and left leg.

I like that from below, there is support for the foot of anatomical shape. During an active game, I hardly feel Ultra Ankle High-5 on my foot. This model of protective equipment is suitable for girls and guys with any bodyweight. The main thing is to choose the right size from the table.

The weight of this ankle brace is just 4.8 ounces. This is one of the lightest models among active ankle supports.


  • Lightweight;
  • Inner soft lining;
  • Velcro adjustment strap;
  • Professional fixation.


  • Not suitable for high shoes (for example, for hockey).

Adjustable Ankle Brace

Adjustable ankle braces are made of nylon and other elastic materials. They do not have a rigid body, so they have less rigidity. They are used mainly by amateur volleyball players or those who do not need to fix their ankles tightly

4. Bodyprox Breathable Neoprene Sleeve – One of the Slim Ankle Brace

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace is made of neoprene. Diving suits are made from this material. The fabric is very flexible but has a stronghold. This is inexpensive protective equipment that can be worn by teenagers, children, or adult athletes.

Bodyprox Ankle Brace comes in a universal size. It is enough to put protective equipment on the ankle and tighten the two belts as tight as possible. Neoprene material does not cause discomfort. You can also wear these braces without a sports sock (this is not allowed with active ankle brace).

The form of a protective bracket provides fixation of the tendons of the foot and ankle. In the lower part of the foot, there is an anatomical pad, due to which this protection of the ankles is practically not felt on the leg during movements. The weight of the product is only 2.4 ounces.

These are some of the slim ankle braces that you can use to play volleyball. I like not only lightness but also the practicality of neoprene. These products do not require special care. It is enough to wash them in a washing machine to clean them completely. Due to the lack of hinges and other mechanisms, Bodyprox Ankle Support will not break even during the most intense games.


  • Lightweight;
  • Reliable fixation with two straps;
  • One size fits all.


  • Not suitable for people with large foot sizes.

5. Bracoo Ankle Support – Most Comfortable Ankle Brace from Neoprene

Often I hear questions about what is the best ankle brace from neoprene? I like Bracoo products. This is an American company, which is one of the leaders in the production of sports equipment and protective accessories.

Bracoo products have a soft surface inside and out, unlike other neoprene ankle braces. Even during active volleyball, this protective accessory does not rub your skin. Fixation is carried out by two velcro straps that fasten on both sides. Bracoo manufactures this model in two sizes. Therefore, teenagers, women, and men can equally effectively and comfortably use the protective bracket.

Another feature of this model of adjustable ankle protection is its compression function. While wearing an ankle brace, blood circulation in the legs improves, and the joint gets less stress. In this model, the material has a high density, which immediately feels tactile. Therefore, while wearing, the joints heat up, which makes them more elastic.

The inner part of the soft linings has perforation, due to which constant air circulation is achieved. Therefore, Bracoo ankle protection can be worn directly on foot without a sock.

This product is lightweight at 1.7 ounces and is only 10.9 x 7.8 x 0.1 inches in size.


  • High-quality neoprene;
  • Breathability;
  • Compression function.


  • Not suitable for overly small or large legs.

6. Mcdavid Ankle Brace – Adjustable Ankle Support for Volleyball Players

The most comfortable ankle brace by Mcdavid is designed to prevent leg sprains during sports. I can recommend this ankle protection for playing volleyball or other sports. The presence of lacing characterizes this model of ankle braces. I like that you can adjust the density of fixation without removing shoes. It is enough to undo the ankle protection and tighten the laces more or less.

The design of Mcdavid Ankle Brace simulates the look of athletic shoes. Someone might think that the man put on two sneakers. Not everyone likes this design. But the main thing is functionality and protection against injury.

This ankle protection model uses two straps for fixation. One of them is above, and one from below. Firmly attach the protective product on the leg to protect yourself from dislocation or stretching.

The staples are made of polyester fabric, not neoprene. This material is less flexible, so some players experience stiffness and discomfort. You can get rid of it using a soft cotton sports sock. I cannot call this material 100% breathable. Therefore, I would not recommend putting it on the leg without a sock.

I prefer to choose this model as a compromise between soft neoprene ankle braces and plastic products.


  • The presence of lacing;
  • Soft lining;
  • Convenient to adjust without removing shoes.


  • Polyester fabric is more rigid and uncomfortable.

Compression Socks

Compression socks protect against minor injuries and sprains. And they are also used for post-traumatic recovery of the legs. Compression socks are sewn from elastic materials, therefore, they increase blood circulation and warm the joints. This strengthens them and even improves the production of synovial fluid.

7. Sleeve Stars – Best Compression Ankle Brace

The best compression ankle braces by Sleeve Stars are made of elastic fabric material. They weigh only 0.8 ounces, so you won’t feel them on your feet during the game of volleyball! This ankle protection is the easiest and most comfortable, as it can be worn directly under the shoe without socks. For fixing, it is not necessary to use shoelaces or elastic bands on flypapers. The size is universal and suits men and women. But in these compression socks, people with large or too small foot sizes will feel uncomfortable playing volleyball .

This ankle protection against injuries has the following functions:

  • Compression of the feet (increases blood circulation and warming of the ankle joint);
  • Fixation of the feet in a level position;
  • Faster healing of injuries.

Use these compression socks even if you are already injured and need recovery.

The creators of this ankle protection are brother and sister Kristoffer and Alexandra Boorman from Sweden. They are actively involved in sports and they have been trying to find the best way to prevent injuries to the ankle for quite a long time. They’ve developed a model of compression socks made of breathable material that takes the anatomical shape of the feet. The fabric absorbs all moisture, so the legs remain dry throughout their physical activity. It is these compression socks that many athletes prefer to wear during training or while they prepare for the competition.


  • Soft and elastic material;
  • It is put on without laces and belts;
  • Absorbs moisture.


  • Lack of fixation for small legs.

8. Neo G – One of the Best Ankle Support for Sprained Ankle

Neo G compression socks are available in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. For a convenient choice, use the size table provided by the manufacturer. Neo G ankle protection is made with Multi-Zone Compression technology. This means the comfortable fixation of the toe on the foot with a compression effect. Soft tissue material warms the leg and enhances blood flow. Improving blood circulation is necessary to recover from injuries and to improve joint mobility.

Ankle Protection Neo G is a first-class medical device certified by the FDA and MHRA. The American Association of Physiotherapists recommends the use of these compression socks for those who play volleyball, soccer, basketball, and other sports.

At first glance, it may seem that Neo G compression socks are made from a textile material. But this is not so. The basis is a mixture of fabrics, including elastane, neoprene, and other materials. Due to the mix of tissues, the material turned out to be breathable and light. You will not feel this protection for your ankles on your feet even after hours of playing volleyball. In addition to breathability, socks have body moisture control. They remain dry throughout the entire period of sports activity.


  • Recommended by the physiotherapists association;
  • Multi Zone Compression Technology;
  • Breathable fabric;
  • Sizes S-XL.


  • Not found.

9. Volleyball Ankle Guards by Marakym

Marakym is known for its high-quality sports products. The compression socks of this brand are trendy. Volleyball Ankle Guards by Marakym are designed for men and women, as they have a universal size. This sports equipment combines the benefits of compression socks and adjustable ankle braces. Belts are used to adjust the level of fixation. The ankle protection form is designed to be suitable for teenagers and adult athletes.

The elastic fabric used in these socks resists unpleasant odors. The material stays dry for a long time, no matter how much you sweat. Additionally, Kinesiology Tape is provided in this ankle protection. The surface of the fabric is non-slip inside and out.

Ankle Guards by Marakym are effective compression socks for volleyball players and other athletes. I recommend this foot protection for those who don’t want to wear a stiff, active ankle brace.


  • The presence of straps for fixing;
  • Breathable and elastic fabric;
  • The material eliminates itching and keeps feet dry.


  • The warranty from the manufacturer only lasts for 30 days.


Still, have questions about choosing and wearing a volleyball bandage? You can read the answers to the most popular questions below. The information will help determine how much you need protective volleyball equipment for your ankles, and how to use it correctly during games.

Why do volleyball players wear ankle braces?

According to statistics, up to 45% of amateur and professional volleyball players get injured during the game season. The ankles are heavily loaded during jumps and landings. Also, during the match, you can land on the partner’s leg and injure him. Therefore, athletes need to fix the ankle in a level position to exclude dislocations and sprain. For this, a special bracket or bond is put on. Not everyone is comfortable wearing stiff plastic staples. Therefore, there are other options for protective equipment. For example, compression socks or adjustable ankle brace made of soft material.

How to put on active ankle brace?

To increase the efficiency of equipment, you need to fix the bracket on the ankle as tightly as possible. Adjust the height so that the ankle joint is fully protected. Typically, the ankle has a two-way joint that allows free movement of the legs. Make sure that the hinge moves on the leg without obstacles. So that active volleyball brackets are recommended not to wear shoes, so as not to hamper the moving ones during a dynamic game.

Ankle brace over or under sock?

Ankle brace should only be worn with a sports sock made from natural materials. Never wear this protective equipment if you have an open wound or without wearing socks! This is unhygienic and dangerous, as you can damage the skin or cause infection in the wound after prolonged wearing and sweating. First, a sports sock is put on, then ankle brace and sports sneakers.

If you wear compression socks or staples for an ankle without a sock, then after a few hours of playing volleyball, redness and irritation will occur on the skin. Socks keep the skin dry, eliminating the ingress of infections into the wounds.

Protect Yourself from Ankle Injuries While Playing Volleyball

In volleyball, ankle injuries occur way too often. No one is protected from this – neither a professional player nor an amateur athlete. Age, weight, and experience also do not affect the risk of ankle sprain or dislocation. Therefore, you need to use a special ankle brace. Protective equipment reliably fixes an ankle in an equal vertical position. High-quality staples are made of elastic and durable materials. There are three types of ankle braces of various designs. This allows you to choose the best option based on the load on the legs and the risk of injury.

In these volleyball ankle brace reviews, you got acquainted with the description of the nine best models of protective equipment. Do you think an ankle brace is necessary for volleyball equipment? And what type of ankle brace do you use for games?

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