Best Ball for Beach Volleyball : Top 7 for Professionals and Beginner

Summertime is the best season for friendly tournaments between colleges of relatives that connects better than any team-building event. The first pictures that emerge in the mind when one hears about volleyball are sand, sun, the sound of waves, the smell of salt, and cheering the audience around. It is an amazing sport that is always associated with careless summer, but it is difficult, tricky, and requires excellent coordination, team-organizing, and enduring skills. Thus, to prevent injuries and cultivate this active way to spend time professional volleyball was designed. They are light-weighted, soft, and comfortable to hold in hands.

The volleyball game was created by William Morgan, a physical education director at the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA, who wanted to find a new team game based on athletic skills but without physical contact. In 1895 he invented the Mintonette. In 1896 the sport was renamed volleyball, and the first official game took place in Springfield College. Meanwhile, the first volleyball ball was designed only in 1900 by Albert Spalding.

So here I have prepared a list of 7 top volleyballs that are tried and true. I hope this will help you find your best beach volleyball ball.

Top 7 Best Balls for Beach Volleyball

I have chosen only the good quality volleyballs that suit professionals as well as beginners. According to the rules of the official beach volleyball 4 players are on the court. Nevertheless, even a big company may be divided into two teams. The technique of ball passing is used in different variations, whether it is a one-by-one competition or collective training in the circle. Owing to the volleyball weight, the game suits adults and children.

As volleyball is one of my favorite summer activities with friends, I’ll share with you my experience of ball usage.

1. Wilson AVP Official Beach Volleyball: Best Sand Volleyball

This volleyball was specially designed for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. The company decided to create ideal equipment resistant to sand, sun rays, and saltwater, that will suit the gold standard of the AVP tournament.

The white Wilson volleyball has yellow parts with black lettering of the brand, model, and barcode with information about the production country. The ball is covered with a stylish ornament that reminds waves and award ribbons. It is a black, grey, and yellow geometric pattern approved by AVP Tour players. It also has a logo of the tournament — a player hovering in a jump to kick the winning ball, so this volleyball turns any game into a real championship.

The Wilson AVP is a hand-sewn volleyball constructed from 18 panels. It is made from composite leather parts that are improved with a premium microfiber layer. It is ideal for outdoor activities in any weather condition thanks to the resistance to dirt and softness.

I like this ball because it sits in the hands very comfortably, it is soft to kick, so it doesn’t leave bruises on the thumbs. Nevertheless, there is a difference between the models that were made in China and the ones that were made in Vietnam. I prefer ones that were made in China because volleyballs from Vietnam are plastic-like. They have a shiny and smooth texture, which makes them slippery. So if you want the best option — choose the Chinese product.


  • The microfiber composite leather makes the volleyball durable and light;
  • The hand-sewn construction guarantees quality;
  • Stylish design.


  • The China-made volleyballs are better than Vietnam-made.

2. The Official Beach Volleyball Mikasa VLS300, Beach Champ Official Game Ball

In 2010 the FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) approved the Mikasa volleyball as the official game ball. Later, the Mikasa VLS300 attracted the attention of the Olympics committee.

The Mikasa succeeded in the design to such an extent that it was the official ball not only in the 2012 London Olympics but also in the 2016 Rio Olympics. This ball gained worldwide respect due to its quality, durability, and comfort.

This beach champ official game ball is designed in bright yellow, blue and white colors that make the ball noticeable on the sand, grass, sport playgrounds, or any other surface. The old-fashioned handwritten quote on the middle part of the ball reminds of the long history of the game development. The volleyball is made from 10 panels that are made from unique composite leather.

The cover has an extra layer that makes the volleyball softer, but at the same time, it retains the shape needed for comfortable passing. Moreover, the double cover provides better water resistance.
As for me, the advantage of this ball is its bright colors. They attract attention and keep the audience’s eyes on the ball, so it is easy to follow the game.


  • The best official beach volleyball;
  • Two layers of composed leather;
  • Colorful design.


  • Deflates quickly.

3. The Best Outdoor Volleyball Spalding King of the Beach

Spalding has been the top company for sports equipment since 1876. Albert Goodwill Spalding is the founder of the company and the founder of volleyball. The first volleyball was constructed from 18 leathered parts sewed together. It had a more natural brown color. Nevertheless, a hundred years ago, the black and white volleyball was designed to suit the King of the Beach tournament’s style and became its official ball in 2004. It still has 18 panels construction that has a softer surface than W-seam construction. The division of 6 parts with 3 stripes each helps to keep a perfectly round form. The main differences from the predecessor are material and design.

The Spalding King of the Beach is made from a microfiber material that provides a high level of water and sun resistance. The volleyball is made to serve you for generations.

I like to present this ball to my friends, as it is a great gift of high quality. The cover is very soft and pleasant to touch. So, any game with this ball may turn you into the King of the beach.


  • Keeps time tested construction;
  • Contrasting design;
  • Softcover.


  • Can not hold air for a long period of time.

4. Tachikara Institutional Quality Composite Leather Volleyball

It is the leader among the best volleyballs for beginners. Especially teenagers love to start their volleyball player career with Tachikara because of its shape and minimalistic style. The cover is smooth and light. It is easy to clean with wet clothes, but try not to use chemicals for washing cause it may ruin the upper layer. The woven fiber composite material is placed over the cotton reinforcement.

Such a combination makes the ball feel softer. The Tachikara has a smooth hole for the needle pump so the valve doesn’t hurt your arms during the play. It is also suitable for some extra training. For example, you may compose your training with activities with ball and volleyball ball training equipment that looks like an elastic with a pocket. Owing to the lightweight of the

Tachikara, such training is ideal for improving speed, power, and accuracy.

The volleyball is made with patented single unit construction that proves its high quality and resistance to any weather conditions. Some schools choose this model for training because it has a neutral white color, nevertheless, it is possible to choose the color of your team as it goes in several designs.

My 11-year-old neighbor adores her Tachikara volleyball. Every single day she trains with it and really enjoys the ball. I believe it is a perfect start for working on tricks and passes. Also, it is a great gift that will definitely be useful during a family vacation near the ocean.


  • Affordable;
  • Perfect for beginners;
  • Made in the USA.


  • Feels heavier than other soft-touch volleyballs.

5. Baden Perfection Leather Is the Pro Volleyball Ball

This volleyball is perfect in material, construction, and design, so it fully corresponds to the name. The professional sportsmen choose it as a favorite because of the well-thought design and natural softness. The best in breed among leather volleyballs is made of full-grain presorted leather. It is thicker than other brands and lasts longer than microfiber products. The natural material is more pleasant to touch and play with. Meanwhile, leather demands proper treatment that will guarantee its durability. Thus, the care about the ball may take some extra time. I think it is perfect for professionals who want to improve passes and kicks and remain skilled with different materials and wind resistance abilities. When you feel that you are the best player in the team – change the ball, it may be a challenge to check your proficiency with the natural material.

The Baden company pays attention even to the small details. How do you ever feel that burning pain from the scratches of the top of the volleyball valve? Baden took care of the stinging part and hid it between leather parts. The valve is undetectable, so it won’t hurt anyone.


  • Natural material;
  • Has numerous color variations.


  • The leather cover needs extra time for treatment.

6. Molten Elite Beach Volleyball : Official USA Volleyball Ball

Molten is the official volleyball of USA Volleyball on all surfaces, whether it is played on grass, court, or sand. The patriotic red, blue and white colors make the ball noticeable and stylish. This outdoor equipment suits both a company of 12 players and two on two tournaments. Imagine playing the Molten on a sunny day on the beach near the ocean, I suppose it is the best ball to take with you to the vacation in Bali, so you may have an international tournament with your favorite American volleyball.

The volleyball is durable, it is made from polyurethane and designed for daily use. Considering the cover material, its waterproof, sunproof, mudproof abilities, and hand-made stitches – the Molten can stand any weather challenges.

I like this ball because of the material softness and lightness, it gives the feeling of high quality. During the game, you really understand why it is rated as the best outdoor volleyball and received the NORCECA approval. The picture of a small volleyball in stars and stripes on the top cover is adorable.


  • Polyurethane cover protects from destructive factors;
  • Soft and durable;
  • Pleasant design.


  • Synthetic material.

7. Wilson Soft and Super Soft Play Volleyball : The Best Soft Volleyball

The Wilson Soft Play and Wilson Super Soft Play slightly differ in the tactile feeling of the material and durability of the product. The softer the material, the quicker it rubs off. That is the reason to buy a few balls at once, because the softness of the material may make you fall in love with it! This volleyball is believed to be ideal for both amateurs and professionals. If you want to help your arms to get used to passes little by little, having your thumbs fully protected, train with the Wilson ball. Also, I recommend Super Soft Play for small children who are just making the first steps in the sport. The material does not provoke allergies so it is safe for kids. Some friends of mine have found even more beneficial usage of the ball. I have heard that pets, dogs to be precise, love to train with these volleyballs as well. Due to the form, tight but soft materials, some dog keepers choose the Wilson ball to chase and train their dogs daily.

These models of Wilson are constructed from 18 panels. They are completely machine sewn volleyballs made from the synthetic leather cover. The design doesn’t have any bright logos or twisted color patterns. Mostly it comes as a solid one-colored ball; the bright pink variant is especially popular among children.


  • The softest material;
  • Perfect for small kids;
  • Bright colors.


  • The Super Soft Play model is less durable.



What is the official volleyball?

The official volleyball is a ball designed and used for selected volleyball contests. As an example, in 2008 the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) chose the rules for volleyball’s structure, according to which the volleyball should be made from eight panels with dimples. Thus, the Mikasa volleyball was chosen as the official volleyball of FIVB.

What are volleyballs made of?

A century ago the volleyballs were made from leather. Now, with the high progress in materials development and improvement, the majority is made of microfiber composite leather. Such cover helps to resist sand, water, sun and to prolong the usage of the ball.

How is volleyball made?

Any pro volleyball ball is made in a factory that might be in the USA, China, Vietnam, or other counties with industrial supply. As a rule, volleyball is made according to a strict plan. First of all, the brand chooses the material for the volleyball, it may be leather, synthetic leather, or microfiber. Then it tests the material for resistance to water, wind, sun, sand, and other destructive factors. After the successful examination, the designers offer options on how to improve the ball’s shape for better speed and catchability. After that, the brand’s directors agree on the layout and allow the production.

The volleyball is constructed from three layers. The first is a rubber bladder — a bladder that is similar to a bike inner tube and holds the air inside. The bladder is attached to the second layer – the cotton gauze, which works as a mediator between rubber and top cover. The cover is made from the chosen material in accordance with the needed design. As a rule, it is made of 18 parts that are sewed or glued together and then – to the cotton cloth. After combining all the layers together, the inflation valve is cut and installed in the volleyball.

What is the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball?

There are noticeable differences in outdoor and indoor volleyball rules, so the balls for these games also differ. Professional volleyball is played by 2 players per side and consists of the 3 sets.

While indoor has six players on each team and 5 sets for a game. Moreover, the controlled windless condition is also significant for ball structure. That is why the majority of indoor balls are made of one molded leather piece that is glued together with lower layers. On the contrary, official beach volleyball is made of leather or composite leather parts that are stitched to each other, so that the ball is resistant to the wind and water.

What is beach volleyball size?


  • The sand volleyball ball is lighter than a standard volleyball. Its dimensions are:
  • Circumference: 25.6”-26.8”
  • Diameter: 8.15”-8.4”
  • Weight: 9.2-9.9 oz
  • Pressure (Internal): 2.5 – 3.2 psi

What equipment is needed for volleyball?

If you’ve found a team to play volleyball you need a court with poles for a net. The average height of the poles is 8’11”, the distance between them is equal to the court width — 29’6”. The volleyball net is hanged on the poles and divides the court in the middle. The length of the net from the top to the bottom is 39”. The distance from the land to the net depends on the teams. The standard net height for the women’s tournament is 7’ 4.35”. Meanwhile for men’s — 7’ 11.69”.

The Best for Your Rest

Beach volleyball is the ball that needs to suit extra weather conditions. Burning sun rays, wet breezes, hot sand, and ocean salt are challenging not only for players but also for sports equipment. All the abovementioned volleyballs are resistant to external influence. Due to the high quality of the material, сhecked production technologies are durable and suit professional tournaments and friendly games in the back yards. Wilson and Spalding are pioneers in the volleyball sport, their products are trusted all over the world. The Mikasa is honored to be the official Olympic volleyball because it cares about its reputation and quality. Tachikara and Molten are pretty patriotic – the Tachikara brand is made in the USA and Molten is official USA volleyball designed in flag colors. The prominent distinctive feature of the Baden is the natural material, while the vast majority of outdoor volleyballs are made of composite material.

I hope you have found the perfect volleyball thanks to my list of the top 7 volleyballs. Maybe you know some other prominent characteristics of the brands? Tell us more in the comments section below – why do you like the chosen brand? What is your favorite volleyball model?

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