Best Hiking Boots for Kids in 2023

Choosing the best hiking boots for kids can be a daunting task for parents. A child should be comfortable in the shoes while walking, and at the same time, the model should be safe. Also, you need to take care that these shoes do not get wet. Today, many brands offer many options of hiking shoes for children of different ages.

Here I’m going to highlight the best hiking and walking kids’ boots on the market. I hope these reviews will help you choose the most suitable model.

Top 7 Best Hiking Boots for Kids

  1. Columbia Unisex Omni-Heat – Top Pick
  2. Merrell Kids' Chameleon – Best for Girls
  3. The North Face Chilkat Lace – Best for Boys
  4. Northside Unisex Rampart Mid
  5. Columbia Newton
  6. JMFCHI Kids Hiking Boots
  7. Mishansha Anti Collision

Children’s hiking boots should be comfortable, lightweight, and preferably waterproof. You can’t predict the weather with the 100% guarantee even with the best-rated forecast. Besides, it is better to take a closer look at the models that fix the ankle and protect it from twisting. The sole should be massive and flexible so that it does not slip on the way.

1. Columbia Unisex Omni-Heat — Best Overall Hiking Boots for Kids

Columbia was founded in the United States in 1938 and initially specialized in distributing men’s and women’s hats. Subsequently, the scope of the company expanded, including tailoring.

This brand is famous worldwide and associated with quality clothing that provides comfort in any weather. Initially, Columbia’s collection included work suits, jackets, pants, and overalls. Somewhat later, there appeared sweaters, cardigans, and T-shirts made of textiles, specially designed for sports and tourism, in the brand range.

The Columbia footwear is worth buying because the brand uses ultra-modern materials of the highest quality. They test leather and textile fabrics for strength in the company’s lab. Columbia boots and shoes are created using Omni-Heat technology, which retains body heat and removes moisture.

These children’s hiking boots are perfect for physical activity and walking because they neither freeze the feet nor overheat them. Besides, this unisex model works excellently in all-terrain conditions. However, there are only three colors to choose from. There are one monochrome black model and two models with color combinations (black and blue/purple and gray).

The top of the boot is made of waterproof textiles, and there is insulation inside. The midsole provides reliable cushioning and comfort to a child. The boot’s design is made to fix the foot and ankle properly, which is very important for hiking. Also, the shoes do not squeeze the feet, which contributes to free movement.


  • Unisex model;
  • Omni-Heat technology;
  • Waterproof.


  • A small range of colors.

2. Merrell Kids’ Chameleon — Best Stylish Boots for Girls

Merrell is one of the leading outdoor footwear brands in the US. This brand is highly experienced in creating comfortable shoes for walking and other activities.

These Merrell boots are durable and comfortable. The model is a combination of leather and synthetic materials. This mid-rise pair of girls hiking boots are versatile. It is perfect for walking and hiking in any weather.

These shoes withstand rain, snow, and mud. The upper is made of leather and mesh for durability. The boots are light enough for kids to run freely in them. The embossed rubber outsole allows kids to move actively and resists slipping. In these boots, your kid can climb on a snowy hill or a pile of wet leaves.

One of the main advantages of these shoes is their lightweight. Children can easily walk long distances without feeling discomfort or fatigue in these boots. As for the design, there are three color combinations to choose from. All of them are pretty versatile.

Even though these boots are claimed to be waterproof, some reviews state they can get wet. The boots dry quickly, but it’s better to tell your child not to run in puddles or deep snow in them.


  • Rubber sole;
  • Made of leather;
  • Lightweight.


  • The boots are not completely waterproof.

3. The North Face Chilkat Lace — Best Stable Boots for Boys

The North Face is an American brand of quality clothing, footwear, and accessories for outdoor activities and sports. Its history began more than 50 years ago. It is a world leader in the outdoor segment. The brand offers useful items for lovers of outdoor recreation.

These black children’s lace-up shoes are of medium height. The North Face boys hiking boots have a water-resistant suede upper. This material will last a long time, providing reliable protection for the feet to hike in any weather conditions. The inside of the boots is covered with Heatseeker insulation, and there is also a soft fleece lining. The sole of these boots is firm, and made of TNF Winter Grip rubber.

The boots are perfect for cold weather. They are lightweight and flexible enough so that your child will not have frozen toes after walking in the snow. These hiking boots have an excellent locking function and fast lacing system. So the kids won’t have to worry about the laces for a long time. It is enough to pull on the soft tongue, and everything will adjust into place.


  • Soft lining;
  • Firm sole;
  • Fast lacing.


  • Relatively expensive.

4. Northside Unisex Rampart Mid-Hiking Boots for Toddlers

Northside is famous for creating all-weather footwear for those who love outdoor activities. These waterproof, durable hiking boots keep kids’ feet dry. This model is not only waterproof but also stylish and comfortable. Whether you plan to go to the forest, or mountains, or just walk in the park, these shoes will allow your child to move freely and keep their feet dry.

They are made from suede and mesh to allow air to pass through. As for the protection from sharp ditches, thorns, and branches, there are additional elements on the arch and toe.

The outsole of these toddler hiking boots is made of rubber. Besides, it is stable due to its massiveness and embossed design. The second aspect is essential, as a flat sole will slip, making the user worry about the possibility of falling. The rubber material also resists slipping.


  • Waterproof;
  • Breathable;
  • Durable.


  • Relatively heavy.

5. Columbia Newton — Kids Waterproof Hiking Shoes

These boots are an excellent option for walking in all weather conditions and at any time of the year. At the same time, the model offers the possibility of wearing it anywhere — starting from the park to the conquering mountain peaks. These Columbia shoes are very light and comfortable. They also have an excellent ventilation system because, in addition to suede, there are mesh inserts.

But even with the mesh on top, your feet will stay dry thanks to their waterproof properties. The membrane with taped seams prevents moisture from entering the shoe. Water-repellent impregnation provides additional protection from getting wet. The mid-rise offers good coverage and ankle support. It also prevents splashing water and debris from penetrating the shoe.

The thick, stable outsole is made of rubber and provides complete stability when walking. Your kids can walk through the forest or snowy roads without the risk of slipping. The front and arch areas of these top hiking shoes for kids are equipped with unique protective elements. This ensures both safe walking and durability of the shoes. The design of this model is quite versatile and will match any hiking or walking outfit. Unfortunately, there is no quick lacing feature, so you have to tie and untie them every time to fix the foot and ankle.


  • Stable outsole;
  • Waterproof;
  • Lightweight.


  • Laces issue.

6. JMFCHI Kids Hiking Boots — Affordable Kids Trail Shoes

This is an excellent option if you are looking for something that is inexpensive but of high quality and safe for hiking and walking in all weather conditions. The rubber outsole of these boots is massive enough and rigid to provide the child with comfort while moving freely. The boot’s upper part is made of several materials, including artificial leather, mesh, and PU. This shoe also has an outstanding plush lining to keep your child’s feet warm. Due to this, the boots are warm, soft, and not overly ventilated.

The sole has a unique pattern and metal claws that allow your child to move freely on snowy and even icy surfaces. This outsole provides excellent cushioning. The model also features efficient heel support, foot, and ankle protection. Besides, the child does not have to fiddle with laces for a long time due to the elastic band and a hook-and-loop element.


  • Affordable price;
  • Anti-slip sole;
  • Good ankle fixation.


  • Non-waterproof.

7. Mishansha Anti Collision — Lightweight Kids’ Walking Boots

These boots are suitable for a wide variety of occasions, including hiking, climbing, walking in the park, etc. The upper of these boots is made of faux leather. It is easy to care for and lightweight. The child will be comfortable enough to run and jump freely.

There is also a mesh on the upper, which makes the shoes breathable. The durable construction protects the toe of the boot with TPR function. This will help to mitigate collisions with various objects or to prevent pain if the child stumbles.

These boots are quick to put on and take off. The clasp is comfortable, so there is no need to worry about the laces for a long time. One of the main advantages of these boots is their anti-slip coating. The outsole pattern creates friction and helps prevent falls during active play and climbing.


  • Inexpensive;
  • Lightweight;
  • Lots of color variations.


  • Non-waterproof.

FAQ About Good Hiking Shoes for Kids


In this section, you can get the answers to the most popular questions about kids’ hiking boots. They can help you choose the proper model.

How to choose hiking boots for kids?

First of all, hiking boots should be comfortable for a child, which means they should not hurt the feet and have a lining made of pleasant and warm material. Besides, the child needs reliable ankle fixation and a stable, non-slip sole. It is best to choose waterproof boots, as they are suitable for all weather conditions.

Should hiking boots for kids be a size bigger?

I recommend taking boots one size larger for not to squeeze or injure the feet. Furthermore, kids shouldn’t wear them for a long time. It is better to take shoes one size larger if you order them on the Internet. This way, you will not be disappointed.

What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant boots?

These two terms are common in the outdoor gear market. To a certain extent, water-resistant material is able to resist the ingress of water but does not completely protect the product from the penetration of moisture. This means that the shoes are perfectly protected from light rain and splashes, but they will likely get wet in more severe weather conditions. On the contrary, the waterproof material has a special layer that creates a barrier to moisture penetration.

Are hiking boots really necessary?

Hiking boots are essential when going to a forest, mountains, or park, and the weather outside is not the most pleasant. This is an essential item in the mountains, as good hiking boots do not slip and provide efficient shock absorption. These boots are usually waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about your child getting wet feet if it snows or rains outside.

What is better, leather or synthetic hiking boots?

Leather boots are more robust and durable than synthetic ones. The leather materials are elastic and resist abrasion. When it comes to synthetic hiking boots, their shelf life is much shorter. Also, synthetics are much more likely to cause blisters and discomfort while wearing.

The Best Boots for Little Travelers


The market offers a variety of children’s boots for hiking and other outdoor activities. If you are looking for the most versatile item that your child will find comfortable, you should check out the Columbia Unisex Omni-Heat. These shoes are made from quality materials, have a stable sole, and are waterproof. These important characteristics provide your kid with comfort and safety.

What boots would you choose for your child? Tell us about your experience of hiking with children in the comments.

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