Best Hiking Boots Under $50 for Comfortable Trips

Choosing good footwear is always a challenge. Especially if you choose it for special occasions; then it requires twice as much responsibility. One of these occasions is a hiking trip. A nice hike over uneven terrain should bring you pleasure and positive emotions, and the main rule of a pleasant trip is comfortable shoes.

Shoes are the most important element of equipment in hiking, and your comfort and safety depend directly on the choice of shoes you made. You can put up with a heavy sleeping bag, an uncomfortable backpack, and wet clothes, but walking in uncomfortable shoes for 8-10 hours a day is concentrated suffering. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable pair. So, why not take a look at the list of the best hiking boots under $50?

Top 8 Best Hiking Boots Under $50

To create this list, I’ve collected the best options of hiking boots under 50 dollars for all family members, so you can bring along even your smallest household member.

1. Best Women’s Multi-Style Boots: Mishansha Winter

The wide range and quality of products of this company attract a huge number of buyers around the world. Thanks to the technology and design of production, it is one of the best among similar companies. This model of trekking boots was included in this rating for a reason. It has a simple design that looks quite good. It is made of leather with a rubber sole and edging for protection and comes in different colors. The product comes with an elastic lacing system for comfortable wearing and adjusting the shoe. Thanks to this, the fixation is in no way inferior to trekking boots with a high shaft.

They’re also lightweight and allow you to wear them for 6-8 years without losing their shape. As noted by users, the model is designed for a narrow foot. The heel protector reduces stress on the knees, and ankles, and provides better traction on slopes.

The lightness of the boot allows you to walk for a long time without feeling tired. Its sole is made of special foam material that prevents slipping on ice. These strong and durable boots are designed for urban conditions. However, they do a good job of hiking in the woods or walking on gravel paths. Many buyers note the high quality of the materials and accessories of the boots. The most important advantage of these shoes is the increased resistance to low temperatures due to the thick sole. This makes the model in demand for winter hiking trips and traveling in the snowy season.


  • Durable and non-slip outsole;
  • Moisture protection;
  • Long service life;
  • Comfortable wearing.


  • None have been found.

2. Best Men’s Boots with Ankle Support: NORTIV 8 Waterproof

These waterproof hiking boots are inexpensive but made of high-quality materials. They can be used both for active tourism and everyday wear. The company uses only top-notch materials in the production process, which provides maximum wearing comfort. First of all, it is a durable, breathable synthetic fabric that provides comfort. The model is great for dirty city streets, country walks, and active out-of-town trips. It is a true all-rounder for tough conditions with a waterproof membrane and flexible lacing.

These lightweight and cozy boots are perfect for winter walks, hiking, and long trips outside. With their adhesive, tenacious soles, you can move safely and confidently on wet, snowy, and icy surfaces. The outsole is complemented by the plastic safety element, which prevents the foot from twisting when moving on complex terrain. The toe and heel protection, combined with the high sole and rubber welt to the bottom, maximize shoe wearability.

These affordable hiking shoes are designed for both city and tourist walks. The sole of the shoe is self-cleaning; the membrane protects the model from moisture penetration. Special orthopedic insoles help to keep feet dry and comfortable. Many buyers also note the convenience of lacing from the toe that ensures a snug fit of the shoe to the foot and fixes it more securely.


  • Durable and non-slip outsole;
  • Reliable moisture protection;
  • Shock-absorbing outsole;
  • Suitable for long hikes.


  • Sometimes, dirt collects in the tread.

3. Best for Kids’ Everyday Wear: Merrell Chameleon 7

Merrell Waterproof kid’s boots are made to help children enjoy hiking. The upper layer is textile water-repellent and lets the child’s feet breathe. The next layer is a membrane that acts as a heat reflector, and the last layer is the lining. It’s soft and comfy, and it provides maximum foot fixation. By the way, the fastening type of the boots is very convenient, so your child can put on and off the boots by themselves.

Manufacturers recommend a temperature range of 23 to 14F. The obvious advantage of this type of footwear is its versatility. They are easy to put on; they do not get wet, and they keep warmth well.


  • Water-resistant and comfortable;
  • Easy to put on and lace up;
  • Heat control;
  • Breathable fabric.


  • These shoes aren’t suitable for cold weather.

4. Best Value Hiking Boots for Women: Northside Leather Hikers

With the help of modern technologies, Northside produces various types of trekking boots of high quality; therefore, it is popular among many customers. The reviews about the company are mostly positive, which actively promotes it on the market. These particular inexpensive hiking boots are versatile. They have a perfect combination of thermal insulation and moisture protection.

One of its main key features is the EVA midsole. What is so important about the EVA midsole? The point is that EVA manufacturer specializes in making car tires and different rubber goods. So, this implantation provides perfect adhesion to the surface, and you can be sure that you won’t slip even on the iciest path.

The Northside boots are made of 100% suede. The material on the membrane helps to retain heat and remove excess moisture. This sport-style model of hiking boots is designed especially for day trips. However, it can also be used for walking around the city or on not-too-hilly terrain.

These boots can become one of the most functional wardrobe items for every outdoor enthusiast. They are comfortable to wear due to the softness of the inner materials and do not cause discomfort. The weight of the boots is light enough to keep your feet from getting tired. The convenience of this shoe model has been noted by many hikers. However, make sure to ask the manufacturer or seller about shoe measurements before buying. Many customers also have noted that sizes are bigger than stated.


  • EVA cushioning for more comfort;
  • Perfect adhesion in any weather;
  • Extremely water-resistant;
  • Suitable for long hiking tours.


  • The sizes do not match real measurements.

5. Best Hiking Boots Under 50 $ in Rain: Sperry’s Port

If you want to teach your kid to enjoy the rainy weather and stay stylish at the same time, Sperry shoes are the perfect choice in this case. These boots are made of rubber to provide your child with an opportunity to enjoy all of the puddles they see.

You can choose from a basic color palette to complement the wardrobe of your kid. Sperry boots have a soft fabric top that provides comfort and warmth. These shoes are unisex and come in different sizes for kids up to 12-13 years old. They’re very durable because of the materials used for manufacturing. The rubber sole and soft support cushioning inside help kids’ feet remain fixed and comfy.


  • Good shock absorption;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • High protection against water;
  • Stylish look.


  • Aren’t suitable for cold weather.

6. Best Affordable Shoes for Urban Wearing: Hash Bubbie Boots

There are a lot of positive reviews on these hiking boots for women under 50 dollars complementing their high quality. These shoes provide reliable adhesion, stability, and walking comfort. Nice design, high-quality outsole with a protector, comfortable lacing to fit the boots, and simple but ergonomic tongue make an amazing and affordable pair of hiking boots for under 50 dollars. They are really comfortable to walk in, especially with the top-notch fit. The upper part of these women’s boots is made from PU leather, which makes them a perfect choice for green living enthusiasts.

They are complemented with a strong rubber sole and waterproof coating for the best experience of hiking in any weather.

This is one of the best options in terms of price-quality ratio. Many buyers have reported that these inexpensive women’s hiking boots are ideal for trails on rough terrain, mountain slopes, and slippery surfaces. There is a special breathable membrane inside and increased cushioning for soft and safe walking. The footwear isn’t designed for challenging terrain or rocky surfaces, but it can be a perfect solution for mountaineering and hiking. The high-top design together with a rubber welt provides comfort and protection. The foot is always in a comfortable position, and you can walk confidently on a hard surface, thanks to a special ferrate zone.


  • High-top design provides extra feet protection;
  • Stylish versatile design;
  • Different colors to choose from;
  • Suitable for eco-lifestyle.


  • PU leather isn’t highly wearable.

7. Men’s Hiking Boots Under $50 in Fashion: HI-TEC Bandera Mid

The next item on this list is designed for both urban and tourist walks. The materials used for creating these boots provide high quality and long wearability. The upper part of the boots is made of genuine leather. The model also contains textile inserts for laces. Inside, the boots have a soft orthopedic sole for comfort and care for your feet in any weather and in any terrain conditions. The sole of the boot is made of high-quality rubber with a pattern that allows you to stay confidently on the surface even in the rain or on a frozen road.

In addition to all this, the boots have special membranes that are responsible for heat transfer and maintaining a comfortable temperature. This means the shoes keep you from sweating or getting cold. Summing it up, I would like to say that the company has been satisfying the needs of hiking enthusiasts from more than 70 countries for several years. Therefore, make sure to check this deal out.


  • Made of 100% leather;
  • Very comfortable and easy to care for;
  • Traction rubber sole for more adhesion;
  • Slip-resistant.


  • These boots are not very long-lasting.

8. Waterproof Hiking Boots for Active Kids: Northside Renegade

This option of kids’ boots is designed for urban environments and light trips outside the city. At the same time, they do a good job with hiking in the woods or walking on gravel paths, which makes them the best budget hiking shoes for children. The upper part of these children’s Northside shoes is made of natural leather with synthetic additives. This increases the strength and durability of the model.

These boots are great for rainy weather as well. The outsole provides reliable traction, so the risk of slipping is minimized even on wet, mossy, snowy, and icy trails. The model can be perfectly adjusted to any foot size due to the elastic laces. The lightweight ensures the comfort of the child’s feet while walking. However, according to many buyers, the boots are not suitable for low winter temperatures.


  • Water and cold-proof;
  • Perfect adjusting due to elastic laces;
  • Comfortable and safe;
  • Hard sole.


  • Only one color is available.

Hiking Shoes Buyer’s Guide


Now when you have checked out some top-budget hiking shoes, let’s see what else you should know before you buy or order a preferable pair.

Types of Hiking Boots

First of all, the choice of hiking boots depends on the climatic conditions, season, nature of the trails, weight of the backpack, and your own weight as well. Modern hiking shoes are divided into three main types according to their basic purpose:

  • lightweight shoes;
  • mid-weight shoes;
  • heavyweight shoes.

Lightweight hiking shoes

These are usually low footwear that does not cover the ankle. They look like sneakers because these shoes are designed for walking in forests and mountain trails with or without a very light backpack. They are significantly lighter than most hiking boots and allow your feet to experience less fatigue throughout the day. People of classic proportions are recommended to use lightweight hiking boots only for everyday wear or on the simplest terrain. This is because light trekking boots may not provide sufficient support for ankles on a difficult route and with a heavy backpack.

Mid-weight hiking shoes

These boots are taller, slightly support the ankle, and allow you to make long, multi-day trips comfortably even with a heavy backpack. However, the mid-weight boot, when laced tightly, provides moderate ankle support, which reduces the chance of tucking the ankle when walking on uneven ground with a heavy backpack. At the same time, such boots are still relatively light, and their outsole is flexible enough so that long walking on the roads remains very comfortable.

Heavyweight hiking shoes

Heavyweight boots are the highest and toughest types of hiking shoes. They provide the strongest ankle support and are suitable for difficult trips with a heavy backpack or very uneven terrain. These boots are designed for routes that go mainly off-trail on difficult natural terrain: steep slopes, tangled tree roots, and stone talus. The weight of such boots is much more, which, of course, affects leg fatigue during the day. But, thanks to their rigid design, they are much more comfortable walking on an uneven surfaces. They also protect the leg much better from all kinds of damage: falling stones, falling into cracks, and twisting the foot when the leg slides off the support.

Best Budget Hiking Shoes Requirements

To make sure that your choice of inexpensive hiking boots will 100% satisfy your needs, check whether your shoes meet certain safety requirements. Besides being comfortable and strong, this type of shoe has to provide some more features. For example, lightweight shoes should be breathable, and winter boots should be warm. Another important point is the endurance of the shoe.
When choosing a new pair of hiking boots, I recommend following these criteria:

Boot material

Almost all popular hiking boots manufacturers use high-quality leather because it is resistant to mechanical stress, has a moisture-protective function, and has breathable attributes. Leather for hiking boots comes in different origins and levels of processing: external and internal. If the boot is made from a single, seamless piece of leather, and the tongue is fastened in a fold at the sides, then the boot is stronger, drier, and warmer. A suede boot is more resistant to mechanical damage and moisture than a nubuck boot. In addition, nubuck does not tolerate scratches and walking on stones. The boots for simple hikes or hiking in the summer are often made with synthetic materials. This makes the boot model lighter and more breathable.

Sole features

The main purpose of hiking boots is to protect your feet against any injury or damage. That’s why the sole can come with a metal toe to protect against impacts. For protection from sharp objects, like stones, choose boots that are made with a hardened rubber sole and toe caps like the Mishansha hiking boots from the list above. They’re also good for trips in wet weather.

Waterproof membrane

Despite the fact that many tourists speak out against the use of a membrane in hiking boots, the market answers this question more unambiguously. Today, there are probably no hiking boots that do not use a membrane on the market. Most often, manufacturers use a Gore-Tex membrane. Less often, some companies produce the most popular models of their boots in two versions: with and without a membrane. The most moisture-resistant are heavyweight shoes due to reducing the number of seams and using dense leather, which has its own high moisture resistance. The best example of waterproof boots is Nortiv 8 men’s hiking shoes.

Best Budget Hiking Shoe FAQ


Don’t rush to make a purchase. Before you decide, take a look at these questions and make sure you’re entirely positive about your decision.

What should I get: hiking boots or hiking shoes?

Low-ankle hiking shoes are the perfect choice for weekend hikes and for fast hiking fans who prefer to hike for a week with a 22 lbs backpack. The outdoor hiking boots use stronger synthetic and leather fabrics than sneakers and hiking shoes. They also have a reinforced rubberized toe box to protect the toes from impacts against sharp stones. Usually, these shoes have a stiffer outsole to prevent the foot from twisting on uneven surfaces. A membrane is often used to keep water out of the shoe. The main purpose of light hiking shoes is hiking and mountain trips without difficult terrain. Unlike heavier hiking boots, they have a softer sole. Such boots are convenient to use not only for hiking but also for everyday wear in urban environments in winter or mid-season. They are also an excellent choice for traveling in cold and rainy countries like Iceland or Norway.

How to choose hiking boots for under 50 dollars?

Classic hiking boots are the most versatile hiking boots. You can use them on almost any terrain. Follow the same rules as if when choosing hiking boots of any other price. Check the shoes for any necessary modifications to fit the foot and find out exactly what material your chosen pair of shoes is made of. If everything matches your requirements and budget, feel free to order or buy the boots that you like.

Are hiking boots under 50 any good?

Hiking boots that cost under $50 can be as good as boots over $100. It’s not about the price but the convenience and comfort. If you manage to find a pair of shoes with the same features as a $500 shoe from a well-known brand, why not save some money? Most often, these shoes are cheaper not because they are greatly inferior in quality, but only because you do not overpay for the brand name.

When should you use hiking boots?

Good affordable hiking shoes are an essential part of any hiking trip. These shoes help to reduce fatigue, protect your feet from unnecessary stress, and make your journey easier. Hiking shoes are a must for any long hike or climbing, or even summer hikes in the forest or any rough terrain.

Do hiking boots always have to be waterproof?

Hiking boots are a staple of your hiking gear. It is important to keep your feet safe and comfortable when hiking. Properly selected hiking boots hold your feet securely on any terrain, and protect them from injury, rain, and snow. On the other hand, an uncomfortable pair, which rubs your feet and gets wet from any mud or puddle, can easily spoil the whole experience of the hike.

Is it essential to try on budget boots before buying?

Of course, you have to try on a pair of boots that you’re about to wear in extreme conditions. You have to make sure that they’re comfortable and stable so that you won’t get injured during the actual hiking.

Do I really need hiking boots?

Previously, many people didn’t mind hiking in shoes that they wore casually in the city, their working boots, and sneakers. These options practically did not give their feet a chance to be comfortable in challenging conditions. Bruises and calluses, broken skin areas, blackened and lagging nails, ankle injuries, the skin stuck from constant moisture do not make up a complete list of unpleasant consequences of improperly chosen shoes. To avoid such an outcome and fully enjoy the surrounding beauty without a need to constantly check your boots, it is best to choose specialized stuff for outings in nature, designed specifically for hiking.

Should you buy hiking boots a size bigger?

It is better not to choose the pair of shoes that is of the same fit as your average size. Choosing hiking boots, you will definitely need a gap in length by one size for summer, and even up to two for cold weather. In the first case, the leg moves forward, and if the toes rest against the toe area of the shoe, you will endlessly suffer from sore nails or toes. Secondly, the gap along the length makes it possible to wear several pairs of socks as insulation. You should try on hiking shoes with socks which you will wear on a trip or similar ones. The best choice is special socks for hiking.

Can I wear hiking boots every day?

Hiking boots can easily replace a pair of your favorite sneakers. They’re designed for long walks and dealing with terrains, so your feet will be comfortable in any circumstances.

Hiking Boots: Yay or Nay?

If the girl named Ellie had a pair of quality waterproof hiking boots, then she probably would get from Emerald City to Kansas without magic. I’ve used this example to show the importance of footwear as a part of travel equipment. If your boots are comfortable, you don’t pay attention to them while hiking, and you don’t think about how to replace them during the route, so it’s totally a ‘Yay’!

If you opt for a pair of the best budget hiking shoes, my recommendation is to check one of the top picks from the list and follow the tips for a successful purchase. Remember that your shoes have to be comfortable, not expensive.

Do you prefer hiking in cold weather or rather on warm days? Which type of hiking boots do you prefer for summer trips? Let me know in the comments section below!

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