Best Hybrid Bikes for Both Men and Women

A bicycle is one of the few items in the world that have never gone out of fashion. If you loved a bike while you were young, this love never seems to end. Affordability is another reason they have remained relevant to date.

Among the most notable of such innovations is the development of hybrid bikes. This bicycle combines both the features of a mountain bike and a road bike. The resulting product is a bicycle that you can use for different riding. This is a huge plus for those people who want a bike that offers its service in different environments.

Top Pick
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 1/3/7/21 Speed...
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women,...
It features a double spring saddle for better shock absorption
It includes a 21-speed shifter system for improved versatility
Top Pick
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 1/3/7/21 Speed...
It features a double spring saddle for better shock absorption
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women,...
It includes a 21-speed shifter system for improved versatility

It is suitable for riding on different terrains provided it is not extremely rough. Their competitive pricing also makes them appealing to most bike lovers. Moreover, it is regarded as a perfect solution for those riders that want to have a bicycle that can meet their everyday riding needs.

However, the challenge arises in determining which of the best hybrid bike brands to purchase. Being a professional biker, I can help you with this issue. My name is Gregory Steele, but my friends mainly call me the ‘bike expert’ because of the professional advice I offer them about bikes and also because of my huge bike collection. Currently, I have about 15 different bikes in my collection. In the next section, I will review some of the best hybrid bikes for under 1000.

Best Hybrid Bikes Review

In this section, I review some of the best hybrid bikes that you should add to your wish list.

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Bicycle – Best Women’s Hybrid Bike

The one thing I know about the best hybrid women`s bikes is that they strive to be multi-functional and aesthetically appealing. This is in the sense that it can be used for every activity they are undertaking. For example, going to work or having fun in the park. The versatility offered by this bicycle proves that it is one of the best hybrid bikes for women. The design speaks about their consideration for comfort and women-oriented style.

However, its attractive look does not compromise its standing as being among the best hybrid bikes for women. To make it lighter for women, the bike has been fitted with a 17.5 inches lightweight aluminum frame. This ensures that it only weighs about 34 pounds. The lightweight should not be mistaken for its softness. The use of aluminum material ensures its durability and adaptability to different weather conditions.

The frame has also been placed low enough to allow any rider to pass through comfortably. This helps improve stability while enabling the rider to maintain an upright riding position. From a woman’s perspective, the height of the frame means that you can comfortably ride your bike even when wearing a skirt or dress.

The frame is not the only design feature that meets women’s needs. This women’s hybrid bike has been equipped with a foot-forward seat, which makes it convenient for riders of any height to comfortably place their feet on the ground when stopping. The position of the pedals also ensures that you can achieve a suitable riding position while even extensively stretching your legs.

In a bid to remain competitive in the women’s hybrid bikes category, it comes fitted with 26-inch wheels that are 1.95 inches wide. The high tire inches mean that you do not have to worry about the stability of the bike. The double walls of the wheels mean that they have been sufficiently cushioned to handle even the roughest of terrains.


  • It features a double spring saddle for better shock absorption
  • Leather stitched handles for better grip
  • It is designed to have a low center of gravity for improved maneuverability and control
  • Light in weight


  • It is a bit pricey compared to other best hybrid bikes

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes – Best Hybrid Bike Under 500

For bike lovers, the Schwinn brand is not new. It has over the years proved to be one of the best brands of hybrid bikes. This means the Schwinn Discover hybrid bikes have not disappointed in these regards. When viewed from a durability perspective, the bike features a 17-inch lightweight aluminum material frame that also guarantees its strength.

The fact that it has been made to be lightweight makes it highly portable when not riding. Its design also ensures that the rider maintains an upright position with minimal strain, which is ideal when traveling long distances. The strong frame is further supplemented with 700C wheels that contain 27.5-inch tires. It offers you enough grip and stability even when riding in wet conditions.

Another aspect that makes Discover be among the best hybrid bikes under 500 is its 21 speed SRAM grip shifters that have been integrated with 14-28T rear cogs. This specific feature offers improved versatility that makes its price look like a real bargain. It also has been appropriately designed to make the task of shifting gears an easy one even for the amateur rider. The design of the cogs also plays a crucial role in improving shifting efficiency. The innovation process does not end there. The bike has been fitted with alloy linear Promax pull brakes designed to enable you to engage in emergency braking without the risk of toppling off. The use of alloy braking material also helps improve its durability.


  • Its innovative features offer you value for money
  • It includes a 21-speed shifter system for improved versatility
  • It has one of the best hybrids bike braking systems
  • Everything from the handlebar to the brakes is designed to offer the rider maximum control while riding


  • The use of plastic fenders negatively influences the quality standards expected from this bike

3. Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike – Best Hybrid Bike

A quick look through some of the reviewed best hybrid bikes will reveal that each of the models has those attributes that make it competitive. Similar to the trek hybrids bikes, the Schwinn GTX seems to be on comfort. As someone who has owned and tested the model, I can assure you that they have achieved it. The first step they have taken to achieve this is to include several colors to choose from.

I also consider it the best hybrid bike for men due to its lightweight aluminum frame of between 16 and 18 inches. To put it into perspective, this bicycle only weighs about 43 pounds. This not only makes it portable but also offers you maximum control while riding. For those that understand the technical aspects, the choice of light material helps in deriving maximum aerodynamic advantages. Control is further enhanced by the laid-back handlebars that are designed to ensure you maintain an upright position while riding.

Improved efficiency is another feature that makes Schwinn GTX be ranked high among the best men’s hybrid bikes. This is all thanks to its Shimano EZ fire 21-24 speed shifter that not only offers you a wide range of speed options but also provides a huge amount of energy. As part of my advice, make sure that you go over the manual to have a better understanding of how to control the gears. The reason for this is that if you change the gears at a faster rate, you may end up damaging the whole system, which may be costly to replace. You can also search online for reliable best beginner`s hybrid bike manuals.


  • It comes with a 21-24 Shinamo shifter system
  • It is featured in a variety of colors that are not available in other hybrid bikes
  • It has been made from lightweight aluminum, which makes it more portable when not riding


  • It does not have installed fenders, which makes it not ideal for riding in rainy conditions

4. Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike – Best Men Hybrid Bike

Volare 1200 is a brand that is developed with a view of meeting the needs of a man while trying to bridge the gap between affordability and quality. This effectively makes it one of the best hybrid bikes for men you will come across on the market.

Those that have ridden this bike will tell you that it feels sporty, hence ideal for exercising. In terms of features, the frame has been designed from lightweight aluminum. The robustness of the material makes it strong enough to support the heavyweight of a man. This frame is further complemented by alloy wheels that have been fitted with the best hybrid tires bike (700C tires). This combination ensures maximum strength of the bikes while at the same time proves that you have a perfect grip and stability when riding in harsh conditions.

Another feature that makes the Volare 1200 be regarded as the best hybrid bike for the money is the highly innovative gear shifters system. It has 21 speeds with Shimano shifters that have been linked to a rear derailleur. They help provide you with a hassle-free ride while at the same time ensuring that you have a wide range of gears to choose from for the different riding conditions. This system has also been supplemented by state of an art braking system that consists of front and back alloy pull brakes. They are easier to use, even under wet weather conditions.


  • It is one of the best budget hybrid bikes available for men
  • Made from high-quality aluminum material for great strength and durability
  • 21 gear shifter for improved versatility
  • High-quality alloy wheel and 700C tires for more stability and grip while riding


  • Customers have accused the company of using some substandard parts to save on costs

5. Retrospec Beaumont – Best Hybrid Bike for Under 300

For those who are lovers of classic items, the Retrospec Beaumont is an option for the wish list. This brand has searched for inspiration from the 1960s with a view to developing a vintage design for this bike. The manufacturer claims that the model has been hand-built to maintain that classical touch. The resulting product has not disappointed as it features an aesthetically appealing steel frame that guarantees the strength and durability of the bike.

Moreover, it comes with extra slim tires measuring 700 by 35C. The tires have been customized to include an inner and outer wall. This helps improve the bike’s grip, control, and stability even during the rainy seasons. These tires also ensure that the rider does not feel any discomfort when riding in rough terrain. The front and back alloy brakes also help increase the lifespan of the tire while also ensuring that the rider can easily break with ease.

The urban riders can agree that the Retrospec Beaumont ranks high among the best commuter hybrid bikes you can find on the market. The rationale is that it has been fitted with both Shimano 7-speed and RevoShift twist shifter systems. It means that you have been offered ultimate control, speed, and accuracy when cutting through traffic. Therefore, getting to work late should never be an excuse once you acquire this best hybrid bike under 300.


  • It is delivered while 85% built and a reliable manual on how to assemble the rest
  • It captures a vintage design that makes it aesthetically appealing
  • It has been fitted with RevoShift twist shifter that guarantees ultimate speed and precision desired by urban riders
  • It features double-walled tires for improved grip and stability even when riding in wet conditions


  • Its small size sometimes makes it uncomfortable for tall people

6. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney – Best Hybrid Bikes

Similar to the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney for women, this bike boasts high levels of versatility. However, it has been boosted to have a stronger build. Among the features that have been customized to suit the needs of a man, including the frame, unlike Evryjourney women’s hybrid bike, this one has been with a 19-inch aluminum frame. This effectively makes it among the best hybrid bikes for men’s leisure, commuter, and cruise riding needs. This offers it the ability to comfortably handle 300 pounds of maximum weight. The fact that it is made from aluminum material guarantees its durability.

Another reason that makes it among the best hybrid men`s bikes is its stylistic design. It features carbon black styling that is suitable for any gender. This style makes it suitably simplistic while maintaining its class. The seat has been made to include a broad saddle that has been covered with an extra layer of foam for improved comfort.

The fairy tale does not end there. The EVRYjourney best hybrid bike for men has been fitted with a Shimano 7 speed internal hub system that makes it convenient for riding either uphill or for a normal street stroll. The system also features both front and back handbrakes that guarantee the rider maximum control, especially on the speed.

The level of innovation does not end there. Among the unique features, this bike includes forward pedaling abilities that help in lowering its center of gravity. This not only helps improve its stability but also enables the rider always to maintain an upright position while riding. These are some of the attributes that make it among the best hybrid bikes for men.


  • It features forward pedaling for improved stability and upright riding position
  • It is well-cushioned for improved comfort while riding
  • It includes the innovative 7 speed Shimano external hub for more versatility in terms of riding options
  • It comes with black synthetic leather grips that are comfortable to hold and aesthetically appealing


  • It comes not fully assembled. It implies those without the technical knowledge about bikes to seek professional help in assembly

7. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle – Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200

The first noticeable feature of the Schwinn Wayfarer bike is the competitive pricing compared to others in its class. However, affordable pricing does not affect its quality. It offers you even more functionality and fitness for use than you would imagine in the best hybrid bikes cheap. The bicycle has been made with a Schwinn steel retro city frame. The advantage of this is that your bike will last longer and it will be stronger. This is manifested by the fact that it can support a weight of about 300 pounds. The low positioning of the frame also ensures that the rider assumes a good riding posture. This is one of the attributes that ensure that it ranks high among the best hybrid bikes under 300.

It would be hard to talk about the quality features of this bike and fail to mention its innovative Shimano shifters. The Schwinn Wayfarer 700C offers you seven gears choice, which makes it suitable for both urban riding and some light off-road trails.

The comfort does not end there. This best-budget hybrid bike has been fitted with an ergonomic seat and handlebar. If you take a closer look, you will note that the handlebar has been designed to lean back a bit. This puts it nearer to the seat, hence provides a more relaxed riding position. The seat has also been fitted with springs that prevent you from feeling the impact while riding on bumpy or rough terrains. The 700C also makes use of front and alloy pull brakes models.

They have been innovatively designed to minimize the risk of brake failure as they have an improved cooling effect. The fact that they are made from aluminum alloy assures you that they are weather resistant.


  • It is one of the best cheap hybrid bikes available in the market
  • It has been fitted with a Schwinn steel retro city frame for more strength and durability
  • It comes with aluminum alloy front and rear brakes for better stoppage and protection of the tires
  • It has been fitted with fenders, which means that it can be used in all weathers


  • This bike comes unassembled
  • Certain users have also complained that the assembly manual is not helpful

8. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes for Women – Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

The one thing that Schwinn Company is known for is its innovativeness and competitiveness. These attributes have made it be among the renowned brands in the world. This is a reputation that they have gained for developing bicycles customized to the unique women’s needs. Among the features that make it rank among the best women’s hybrid bikes 2017, this bike includes a high-quality lightweight aluminum frame that has been lowered enough to ensure that you can easily mount or dismount even when wearing a dress or skirt.

The low structure also helps in lowering the bicycle’s center of gravity for improved stability and maximum control when riding or stopping. The use of aluminum also offers a guarantee of the durability and strength of the bike.

Another reason that makes it the best women’s hybrid bike is the classic fenders both at the front and back. The idea is to minimize the amount of dirt getting while riding. Another important feature in the best women’s hybrid bikes is stability while riding. The Schwinn has not disappointed in this aspect as it has moved away from the usual 26 inches to 28 inches wide tires. This feature ensures that it has more stability and comfort while riding even on rough terrains. This bike features a 21-speed system that increases its versatility in terms of uphill and downhill rides.


  • It has been fitted with an innovative braking system. This makes it possible for you to apply emergency brakes without the risk of falling off
  • It incorporates an ergonomic seat design with spring for improved comfort even when riding on rough terrain
  • It is aesthetically appealing for a woman’s taste
  • It comes with a removable back rack, which makes it among the ideal womens hybrid bikes for grocery shopping


  • It may be the wrong choice for not tall women

What You Should Know about Hybrid Bikes

In the previous section, I have reviewed some of the best hybrid bikes on a budget you can find on the market. However, it is important to understand the way they work and their quality.

What is a hybrid bike?

In simple terms, a hybrid bike is a mix of both mountain and road bicycles. The concept is motivated by the need to develop a multi-purpose bicycle that can be comfortably ridden in different terrains and weather conditions. Their distinguishing characteristics among the best hybrid bikes include a flat handlebar, 700C stand wheel size, and upright riding position for the user.

How are hybrid bikes measured?

In most cases, finding the best hybrid bike involves ensuring that it is the right size for you. The fact that it will be used for various purposes means that you should feel comfortable while riding it. This can be determined by measuring the frame size, which is the stretch between the crank’s center to the top of the seat tube. This distance is measured in inches. Use this size, your height in inches, and a hybrid bike sizing chart to pick a suitable option.

How fast can hybrid bikes go?

The speed of a hybrid bike is mainly influenced by several factors. Among them is whether you have used the best tire for hybrid bikes. They influence not only the stability but also your speed. Other factors include the number of gears at your disposal and the comfort of your seat as it will influence your pedaling. However, for the best hybrid bike under 1000, it can reach an average of 12-15 mph.

Can I put mountain bike tires on a hybrid bike?

According to technical characteristics, it may end up damaging your bike. However, for those that like customizing their bikes and have the right skills to do it, the wheels can be changed under certain conditions. Ensure that you check issues such as making sure the brakes will work well with new tires and also ensure that the size can comfortably fit the hybrid bike frame.

Can I ride a hybrid bike on trails?

The best brand for hybrid bikes has been designed to handle minimum to medium levels of off-roading. This means that certain of their attributes, such as the tire size, cannot adequately handle rough trails.

Can I change the handlebars on my hybrid bike?

Yes, they can be changed. The only important thing to note is that they should only be changed by an experienced professional.

Why You Should Get One of These Amazing Bikes

Based on this analysis, it is obvious that a hybrid bike can be regarded as an innovative bridge between road and mountain bicycle needs. The basic attributes that define this bike, such as the positioning of the handlebar, the brakes, the wide range of gear shifts, and also the wheel sizes, make it an ideal choice for those seeking a multi-purpose bike. The bicycle has also been designed to meet the unique needs of both the female and male genders.

Moreover, its affordability ensures that you can find even the best hybrid bike for under 200 on the market. The low cost should by no means be mistaken for a compromise in quality. Based on the reviews, it is also evident that its innovative design features make it a suitable choice even for beginner riders. It has also proven to be an ideal choice, especially for those that are looking for an affordable ride. So, based on the review, which of the best hybrid bike do you want to buy? What other features do you look for when buying a hybrid bike?

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  1. Hi, thanks to the author for the article, everything is very detailed and precise. Please tell me which hybrid bikes for trail riding do you recommend? I want to go somewhere closer to nature without worry, but I think my current bike is suitable only for a trip to the store around the city.

    • Hi, happy to help. From the items above, the most suitable is the Schwinn GTX Comfort. It is really stable and durable, and also the most versatile one. With this bike, you will be comfortable both outdoors and in the city. It’s a pleasure to ride this bike, and I highly recommend it.

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