Best Running Shoes for High Arches: Expert Recommendations

I am Theresa Makowski, and I am a jogging enthusiast. It is essential to have the right sports footwear for every runner. The shoes are among the vital items that allow for comfortable and productive exercising, jogging, volleyball, and other sports activities. Moreover, the wrong pick of shoes can actually cause some health problems.

However, many beginner and seasoned runners do not know what a high arch is, what causes the high arch, and how to protect themselves from it. The high arch can cause pain in the feet when running or jogging. This slight deformation of bones in feet happens because of an unequal distribution of body weight on the feet. Moreover, the use of uncomfortable, low-quality footwear or the wrong shoe size can contribute to the appearance and progress of this condition.

In case you have high arched feet, it is essential to wear well-cushioned shoes to ensure even distribution of body weight to the feet. Also, the forefoot ball of the cushioned sports shoes should provide ample space for the toes. With these helpful tips in mind, let’s move to the best running shoe for a high arch that I have selected to help you with your search for the right sports footwear for running.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Here are the top 10 running shoes I find the best for people with high arched feet. For each footwear for high arches, I have highlighted the following features:

  • How comfortable the shoes are
  • How well they fit
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Cost

I hope that this review will help you to decide on the best shoe model for running and jogging. Below you can find running shoes for men and women.

1. Asics Gel 6 Running Shoe – Trail Running Shoes for High Arches

The shoe is designed to ensure comfort while running or jogging. This model is fitted with a removable insole. These running shoes are perfectly cushioned to ensure the body weight is well distributed. Thus, they prevent high arch issues and supporting your feet if you have this kind of problem. I should note that this footwear is among the best running shoes for men`s high arches.

The extra cushioning of the women’s shoes beats the coziness in the male version. Asics running shoes for high arches provide perfect high arch and ankle support. They are flat-bottomed and offer optimal stability, and the rubber sole allows running on any terrain and prevents slips with well-designed trails on the sole. These women’s shoes are, by all means, the best women’s running shoe for high arches.

This footwear perfectly absorbs the impact with the ground, thus, allowing a nice running experience. It is a perfect fit for male and female runners who have high arched feet. A wide variety of colors to pick from comes as a plus. What is more, this model sells at an affordable cost. It is one of the best running shoes for high arches and pronation that will last you for a long.

2. Brooks Glycerin 15 – The Best Brooks Running Shoe for High Arches

Brooks manufacturer is renowned for the exceptional quality and comfort of their shoes. This model beats many brands and comes at a relatively low price. The footwear is perfectly cushioned to ensure you feel the least impact when jogging or running in these shoes.

They are crafted to provide maximal comfort and neutral ankle support. If you have been looking for footwear for your ankle support as well, Brooks Glycerin 15 shoes are good running shoes for high arches.

Internal fabric lining is the added feature of the shoes. The footwear is meshed, thus, breathable for comfortable running.

The item comes with non-removable insoles, but the shoes are perfectly cushioned. Thus, this model is still one of the best-cushioned running shoes for high arches, and you won’t need to purchase extra insoles wearing this pair.

Also, I find this model the best running shoes for high arches and overpronation with a steady rubber sole. The trails on the sole make it suitable for any terrain. It is a shoe worth every penny spent. Pain because of high arches will be a thing of the past with this footwear.

3. Adidas Originals Solar Glide – A Great Footwear for Runners with High Arches

This footwear is made of textile. The shoe offers optimal cushioning and great ankle support. This footwear is durable and perfectly crafted to ensure you enjoy your running routine.

The tongue is well-padded to allow minimal disturbance when running. The flat and well-trailed rubber sole provides optimal traction and stability no matter the terrain you are running on. Adidas Originals Solar Glide shoes are good running shoes for the high arch with the only con of the non-removable insole.

The women’s pair is for some reason cheaper than the men’s one. I think it is the best women’s running shoes for high arches because both quality and comfort have not been compromised.

4. Asics Gel-Kinsei 6 – The Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet High Arches

From what I’ve seen, every other runner with high arched feet wears this Asics running shoe for a high arch. This exceptional model provides a great combination of comfortability and durability that is rare to find. This synthetic and meshed pair offers superior cushioning and ensures optimal stability.

Both men’s and women’s shoes offer maximum wearing comfort and durability. The design is another plus, making the model the best running shoes for high arches women.

Kinsei 6 is a favorite model of my close friend Sean (you can find him blogging about various DIY projects and tools at and he’s been wearing it for quite some time, so I decided to ask his feedback:

“The footwear delivers a perfect fit with a well-designed rubber sole that allows absorbing the impact with the ground. The item is lightweight, so you can do long runs without getting tired in this pair. I’ve been running in these for 6 months everyday and it seems like it’s the best shoes I’ve ever tried.”

I highly recommend you to purchase this model for an exceptional running experience. The shoes can appear pricy at first, but the quality and durability of this model made it one of the favorite options for runners with high arches.

5. Brooks Ghost 10 – Running Shoes for Narrow Feet and High Arch

If you are wondering what running shoes are best for high arches, here is a great answer to all your queries. This footwear is designed with a removable insole for enhanced comfort. A wide variety of colors present to pick from makes finding a perfect pair easy. These shoes are known as one of the best running shoes for men`s high arches.

As I have already mentioned, this model with a replaceable insole, so you can put in some additional cushioning or a supportive insole. It is lightweight to ensure you can run a considerable distance easily, which defines the best running shoes for women with high arches.

Also, Brooks Ghost 10 model ranks among the best running shoes for high arches and heel pain. It offers excellent arch support and optimal cushioning for its price.

6. Salomon X-Mission – Another Great Trail Shoes to Note

I want to note that this running shoe has ample toe space for premium comfort. A comfortable lace system makes the shoes easy to put on and off. A rubber sole is designed to allow comfortable jogging and running.

You can choose a stylish pair from a wide variety of colors available enables. Salomon men’s and women’s running shoes for high arches will last you years because the manufacturer has ensured optimal wearing comfort of every runner.

If you have been looking for the best women’s running shoes for high arches and supination, take a look at this footwear. It is fitted with a comfortable insole that is replaceable, so you can use your supporting sole if needed. The only challenge with this pair is the way the shoe doesn’t provide a great fit compared to other models.

7. Hoka One – Top Running Shoes for High Arches

From the variety of colors available to the affordable cost, there are many reasons you should consider purchasing this pair. Hoka One shoes are durable and provide a perfect gripping rubber sole that ensures stability no matter the surface you are running on.

Ample space at the forefront adds to the wearing comfort of this model. Also, the shoe has a uniquely designed shoe. It is synthetic and meshed to ensure your feet are well-supported.

These best running shoes for the high arch are lightweight and won’t tire you even during a long run. With the ultra-light rubber sole, these running shoes for the high arch are the perfect footwear for any athlete. Also, the model is breathable which also adds to the great features of this footwear.

Hoka One shoes deliver an even bodyweight distribution across the feet to ensure minimal chance for a sprain. So, if you have been in search of comfortable women’s running shoes for high arches, this model is worth its cost.

8. Mizuno’s Wave Creation 19 – Good Running Shoe for High Arches

The soft liner making the interior of the footwear provides extra cushioning. Besides that, you can customize the shoes with an insole to your liking because this model has a removable insole. The shoes come at an affordable cost, meaning you can purchase this pair even being on a budget.

These running shoes for women’s high arch have a modernized wave geometry and shape to ensure durability and comfortable cushioning. Also, these shoes are stylish, and they are available in many colors. The only con is the way the forefoot is narrow, so this model may be uncomfortable for some runners. Its heel is a bit wide, and this leads to the pair being not a perfect fit for everyone.

The shoes are made of a stretchable material to fit the feet well, and this footwear is breathable. Thus, if you need a pair of shoes with wide heels, opt for this well-cushioned model.

9. New Balance V3 – Comfortable Shoes with High Arch Support for Running

The footwear is another affordable option to consider. Also, this New Balance V3 model is one of the most comfortable sports shoes for high arched runners on the market. The foam interior is designed for maximum comfort. Also, this shoe absorbs the impact with the ground well to reduce any chance of pain when running. Both men’s and women’s models give a perfect fit.

The insole is removable, so you can use any insole for these shoes. However, this model is perfectly cushioned, so you may not need to remove the original insole. The shoe is synthetic with a rubber sole that offers excellent traction with any surface.

In my opinion, this model is one of the best running shoes for women with high arches. Also, I want to note that the women’s pair is available in a variety of colors that puts you in an excellent position to pick the one that suits you.

10. Nikes Air Zoom Pegasus – Nike Running Shoes for High Arches

The pair is meshed to ensure it is an ideal fit for men and women. The model is breathable and stretches to fit the feet correctly. The pair conforms to the shape of your foot to ensure a perfect fit. It contains a rubber sole that offers maximum traction.

The fabric sole entirely absorbs every impact with the ground to ensure maximum comfort when running. The shoes are, therefore, ideal for running or jogging on any surface. Also, it is worth noting that the upper side has a wide forefoot for premium comfort.

The cost is relatively high, but the quality and durability of the footwear beat the price. However, women’s shoes come at a lower price than the male version. A wide assortment of colors is available, so you can pick the perfect model for you.

Helpful Information on High Arches

After reviewing the best running shoes for people with high arches, I want to note a few things about high arched feet. Also, here are some tips on how to identify that you need shoes for high arches.

What is a high arched foot?

This condition, also known as a cavus foot, is when one has an extreme amount of body weight placed on the ball and heel only when walking or standing. It can appear at any age, on one foot, or both feet.

What are the causes of high arched feet?

It can be caused by a medical condition such as stroke or muscular dystrophy, and some people are born with this problem. Also, if the body weight isn’t evenly distributed to the foot, then you are at high risk of experiencing the issue.

How do you know you have high arched feet?

If the condition is not innate, noticing the symptoms at the beginning is hard. But as it progresses, the high arch becomes visible. Also, you may experience pain when walking, slight sprains, or plantar fasciitis.

How to diagnose?

The easiest way to identify a high arch is to stand with your wet feet on a piece of paper. The narrowness of the heel and ball of each foot are the things you should be looking at to know if you have high arched feet. A normal foot will level, and there will be a broad gap between the ball and heel. You can check how a normal footprint looks like and compare yours with the picture.

Closing Remarks for Best Shoes for High Arch

As I wrap up my detailed review on the best running shoes for a high arch, I hope you have already decided on the right sports shoes for running. I have selected all the shoes described above based on how well and comfortably the shoes fit, their quality, durability, and cost. Also, you can wear most of the products for indoor activities, too, and this presents a chance to get a multi-functional pair.
To maximize your comfort and take proper care of your feet, look for footwear with internal fabrication. Also, it should have a removable insole as you can change it to meet your liking and prescriptions. Also, it is important to choose a lightweight model so that you can cover a considerable distance without getting tired. When picking between a quality shoe and a cheap one, remember that you can’t skimp on your health. Thus, you must wear high-quality footwear, especially if you have a problem with high arches.
What running shoes do you wear? What running shoes for high arches among the reviewed grabbed your attention? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the article. I used to wear Asics sneakers, which fit me well, but they were completely worn out. Please advise running shoe inserts for high arches. I will be very grateful.

    • Hello, El_Loriel! I think the Brooks Ghost 10 – Running Shoes have the perfect insoles for your feet. They are suitable for any surface, and you will not feel discomfort while running. The shoes are cushioned thanks to the soft insole. Plus, this model has ankle support to keep you safe from sprains and other unpleasant incidents while running.

  2. Hi, Theresa. Thanks for your review! I could not find suitable sneakers for running. It was not comfortable enough in all my previous shoes. I have purchased an Asics Gel 6 Running Shoe. It fits well, and I feel nothing but comfort during my jogging. After running, I also don’t feel heaviness in my feet. These running shoes for high arch feet fit the shape of my foot perfectly. I`d like to recommend them to everyone.

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