Best Running Shoes for Snow: Keep on Running!

It’s rather odd, but some people don’t know that not all sneakers are meant for running in winter. Gearing up with a pair of spring/summer shoes, they go for a run and then wonder why the shoes start falling to pieces after jogging in the snow. Why? Because certain footwear is designed to endure specific weather conditions.

Multiple times, I have been asked about how to find the best running shoes for snow that will suit sprinters in the cold. Finding a reliable pair means that the sole can withhold the goo of winter, the tongue doesn’t get stuffed with snow while running, and the toe cap stays put despite the wetness.

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I have spent enough time surfing the Web to realize that you need three things to buy a pair of shoes for running in snow to serve you well. First, you need a size (add half a size on top just to be 100% positive); second, you need a sturdy material (leather and suede won’t pass the trial); finally, you need an excellent brand. But don’t worry, you don’t need to search for the right running shoe. I’ve got a few selected options prepared.

Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Snow:

Now that we know that there is good footwear online, and acquiring it is not a miracle but a matter of effort, it’s time to consider some options. I have spent a good deal of time opting between various brands and designs to find the best winter running shoes, which are lightweight, comfortable, and affordable, to follow my own winter running tips. Provided with the pros and cons for each, making up your mind should get easier and not so overwhelming. Well, let’s get it started!

1. Top Pick: New Balance Men’s 481v2 Trail Running Shoe — Best Running Shoes for Snow

New Balance Men's 481v2 Trail Running Shoe
New Balance is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals.

New Balance is all about quality and comfort, whether you are walking on a sunny August day or plowing through 4 inches of snow. The company has designed this model to be perfectly suitable for running in winter despite the moisture. Sturdy and lightweight, the model 481v2 is a great option for people who care both about their health and style while going on foot.

You can choose from different sizes ranging from 7 and up to 15 to fit right in. The model is a blend of synthetics (¾) and mesh (¼), which is just the job for doing sports or activities that require a lot of walking and, consequently, cause pressure on the sole. The choice of material is justified by superb waterproof properties, which prevent the water and dampness from getting inside.

Meanwhile, the inner sole is completely EVA. It facilitates stepping and applying pressure so that the foot bones don’t get injured or get squeezed in avid running. While the inner sole is bouncy, it maintains its shape throughout the long years of service. All of this makes the model a pair of durable winter athletic shoes to enjoy.


  • Lightweight;
  • Breathable;
  • EVA inner sole for comfort;
  • Great thermal insulation.


  • Some sizes are out of stock.

2. Altra Men’s Lone Peak 4 Low RSM Shoe — Best Winter Trail Running Shoes

The winter comes with many discomforts, like accidental sliding, icy downhills, and arresting snow. These shoes have excellent traction to prevent sliding and falling by gripping the snow below and holding to it firmly. Still stylish and extremely light, the pair just seems perfect for jogging, running, or sporting in the snow.

Created for wet and dangerous surfaces, the bottom consists of a two-layered sole. The lower one is completely covered with tractions of different sizes to provide a full grip slick surface. The inner traction is designed to resemble a human foot to mimic your walking habits and, consequently, make each step firm and steady.

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Although it’s designed for wetness and slickness, the product is more than just a snow running shoe pair. It retains warmth and provides nice air circulation to adjust to outer weather conditions. This prevents sweating and simplifies maintenance, let alone its complete water-resistance and gripping rubber sole. Besides, the product is machine-washable and doesn’t lose its shape.


  • Perfect for icy snow;
  • Warm and insulated;
  • Suitable for climbing;
  • Doesn’t cause pressure to the toes.


  • Pricey.

3. Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes — Comfortable Winter Jogging Shoes

If you are worried about finding a proper size online, then Brooks has got you covered. The company specializes in designing hybrid footwear, which fits people with minor foot deformities. With the release of the Ghost 12 model, there are around 30 size and color options to choose from, designed for sports, training, and everyday activities.

The model is a combination of synthetics and mesh, which makes the shoe body pleasant to the touch and doesn’t give off that synthetic screeching. Thanks to the inner cushioning, the pair feels natural and weightless on the feet without being hefty. The lacing is located a little higher than in normal models to allow for adjustments and finding an easy fit that feels comfortable without any extra pressure.

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Brooks also cares for creating men’s winter running shoes, which are as versatile as they are comfortable. Stable and balanced, the toe cap is a little tilted to keep the toes in a resting position. Besides, the footwear is suitable for both indoor and outdoor training, jogging, sprinting, and other sports activities.


  • Comes in a great variety of sizes and colors;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • No excessive warmth;
  • Has extra padding for fitting well.


  • Can be a little narrow at the midfoot for some people.

4. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 CS Trail Runner — Best Warm Running Shoes for Snow

For those of you who are into extreme climbing during the wintertime, Salomon can be the best option. Completely made of synthetics, the pair is very durable to tears, rips, and scuffing. Also, the model has an elevation on the foot arch to make putting on rather easy and secure the foot inside without wobbling.

As a pair of outdoor winter running shoes, they are made for swiftness and easiness of movements. The outer sole is equipped with tractions pointed in the opposite direction to your walking. This allows for snow-gripping to fix the feet firmly, preventing sliding or stumbling. With a height of not more than 1.2 inches, there is no excessive elevation, which can often lead to twisting the ankle.

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The textile is completely waterproof and embedded with a mesh, which protects the inside from particles, dust, and mud. Of course, there are EVA inserts that provide a little elevation, making your food sit on the footbed more comfortably. Weighing less than 11oz, you can barely feel the footwear, which is perfect for sprinting and jogging under any weather conditions.


  • Sturdy and durable;
  • Solid outer sole preventing scuffing and ripping;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Comfortable in any weather.


  • The strings get tangled.

5. Icebug Women’s NewRun BUGrip Running Shoe — Best Running Shoes for Ice and Snow

People who like to jog all year round will find this model simply ideal. Stylish and slick, the shoe sits nicely on your feet without any extra rubbing. On top of this, the product is extremely sustainable and made of recyclable fabric, preventing the pollution of the environment with plastic or toxic rubber.

These insulated running shoes have a mesh with a layer of textiles under it. There is no membrane, which normally comes to an additional 3-4oz of weight. Thanks to the wide collar and movable tongue, it’s easy to slip into the footwear without struggling or even using a shoehorn.

Of course, the sole is equipped with tractions that help you keep a steady and balanced pace. The hill is a little amortized to provide a soft and smooth landing, whether you are walking on a snowy trail or jumping in a pile of snow. While similar winter jogging shoes use a lot of synthetics to keep warmth, this model has extra paddings to generate the heat from friction.


  • Ultralightweight;
  • Effortless to fit in;
  • Thermal protection;
  • Spacious toe cap.


  • Too low for 5-inch snow layers or higher.

6. Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Running — Best Insulated Running Shoes

Acclaimed by many reviews, this Salomon W model is made to be a little roomy to provide the comfort your feet deserve. Designed for the winter season and early spring, the pair is perfectly suitable for running in deep, heavy snow. Also, the footwear is covered in a highly water-resistant coating to prevent even the slightest moisture from getting inside.

With a size range wider than usual, you get to choose the specific shoe size you feel most comfortable in (5 to 12). The shaft is somewhat elongated to protect the ankle from the snow and water and sits tightly on the ankle. By using the string-laces, you can secure each shoe on your foot individually, depending on your unique arch measurements.

These running shoes with traction give you two options. You can pick a bulkier one, which is great for deep-snow running, and a slimmer one, which suits light runs best. Whichever you choose, make sure to take care of the toe cap spikes, which help a lot while plowing through the snow.


  • Comes in two options;
  • Durable string-laces;
  • Thick insole;
  • Great thermal insulation.


  • The plastic fixture is a little tight.

7. Saucony Men’s Peregrine Ice+ Running Shoe — Great Waterproof Winter Running Shoes

In case you are still looking for even a firmer grip, here are the best running shoes for ice and snow. The shoes come in both men’s and women’s models and have a variety of sizes to ensure safety while climbing or running. Also, it’s made of a textile blend, which improves the model’s overall sturdiness and water-resistance.

Utilizing the Arctic Grip technology, the tractions come in handy both on ice and snow. By getting stuck to a surface, your movements are completely steady without any wobbling. On top of this, the slick grip ridges help you move faster regardless of the temperature or other weather conditions.

When on, the pair sits comfortably and causes no pressure to the arch, neither does it grip the hill. With the overall weight of 10oz, jogging, walking, and climbing get easy and natural. Also, don’t forget to tie the laces and hide them inside next to the tongue to prevent the snow from getting stuck near the ankle.


  • Perfect tractions for climbing;
  • Reduced weight;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Anti-dust mesh.


  • Somewhat hot.


ALTRA Men's Lone Peak 4 LowDo you still have some more questions left about finding the best snow running shoes? Take a look here!

What are the most important features of snow running shoes?

There are two deciding factors. First, it’s the material. Normally, you would want your shoes to be a combination of synthetics and mesh, which ensure lightness and air circulation, with warm insoles. Second, you need firm and thick tractions. The patterns provide a grip and remain steady on icy surfaces.

Do winter running shoes have to be waterproof?

Yes, and it’s very important. If the footwear is susceptible to water, then the glue and feeble material can get dissolved, leading to a disaster.

Can I wear boots for running during winter?

Of course, you can, but would you? Not only is it uncomfortable and decelerating but it’s also harmful to your sole and ankle bones.

How to waterproof running shoes for winter?

You try applying commercial water-resistant sprays and coatings, but, honestly, they are no good. It’s practically impossible to prevent water from getting inside the shoes unless they are designed against it.

Run and Jog Despite the Weather Outside

Cold or not, jogging is a habit worth the effort. Running in the cold is less comfortable and somewhat impeded unless you have proper footwear on. If you like to jog occasionally, you will need slim and waterproof winter running shoes, whereas winter hiking safety requires sturdier, more durable footwear.

Anyway, I hope you have found the article useful and already made up your mind. Have you? What kind of footwear have you used before? Tell me what you think below!

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