Best Volleyball Knee Pads for Girls Review

Girls are encouraged to use knee pads during training and competition. Of course, if you practice beach volleyball, there is no need for knee pads. In all other cases, knee pads will help you maintain the health of your knees. The equipment is needed to protect ligaments and tendons from injury. Volleyball is an active sport during which players can fall to the floor, slide, jump, run, and do other things that can lead to traumas. Such protection is made from light but durable materials that minimize the effects of injuries and trauma consequences.

Knee pads allow you to prove yourself in the best way on the court, without fear of injury. Without proper protection, you can hesitate before slipping on the floor, avoiding touching the ball. This hesitation can cost points to your team. Due to this sports equipment, you can make any movements without a doubt.

Here I have a review of the six best unisex and young women’s volleyball knee pads on the market. Each of them has quite an affordable price providing you a decent level of protection. You can select different models depending on the girl’s age, her position as a player, and the materials you like.

I hope this review will help you find the item that is perfect for training, games, and competitions. The list is based on my consultations in stores, volleyball knee pads reviews from customers and players.

Top 6 Best Volleyball Knee Pads for Girls


The pads for knee protection do an excellent job for your body. Keeping your weight is not easy, and the load on your knee increases when you engage in a challenging sport like volleyball. You should be careful about protecting your kneecaps during the game; for this, you will need knee pads. Let’s look at the 6 best volleyball knee pads we have on the market.

1. Mizuno LR6 — The Firmest Volleyball Knee Pads for Girls

Among the Mizuno brand`s achievements are a technical agreement on clothing for skiing, signed in 1973 with the Olympic companies of France and Italy, and a tourism prize awarded by the Government of France. Since 1979, the brand has conquered the United States. Mizuno is the largest manufacturer and supplier of sports products of almost all kinds. Sports shoes, clothes, and various equipment are very popular among both amateurs and professional athletes from all over the world.

The kneepad has a VS-1 pad, which gives high cushioning in a strong impact area, and the polyester composition is 100% of the material to increase its durability. The equipment contains a pad DF CUT, which provides greater freedom of movement during the match, complete protection of the leg’s lateral, knee, and middle sections. The kneepads don’t slip and keep protecting the player`s knees during the whole game.

Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad is a perfect combination of convenience and modern style. The pads look neatly, unlike a lot of other models that can be bulky. The equipment provides the player with the necessary level of protection. The item includes a mixture of polyester, elastane, and viscose. All of these materials provide flexibility and robustness to the pad. Viscose and elastane make it more pleasant to the skin and “breathing.” A mixture of polyester with other fabrics is effortless to care for, durable, and non-creasing. The material can be machine washed at low temperatures. As for the use of bleach, it is better to read the information on the tag.


  • Thick lining
  • Durability
  • High-level protection
  • No rotation


  • Can squeeze a leg

2. Mizuno Youth T10 Plus — Onesize Knee Protector for Volleyball Players

Mizuno T10 girls volleyball knee pads also provide a high level of protection, including enhanced safety of the patella, central and lateral side even during intense games. The D.F slice in the kit will give you a higher rate of protection if necessary. You can be mobile on the court due to their tight-fitting design. The advanced foam design will prevent you from getting injured if you fall on your knees. This model is made for volleyball players of all ages. The item becomes almost a part of the body, as it does not move on the leg.

Mizuno produces some of the most stylish products on the market, so girls will undoubtedly like how the item looks. The design of the pads is quite elegant. There is the brand logo at the top of the cushions. You can have them in black and white color that suits all types of uniform and shoes. It looks minimalistic and trendy.

As for the materials, these pads also include mixed fabric. There are polyester, spandex, and viscose. Polyester provides the durability of the item, and viscose makes the pads soft and nice to the body. The spandex makes these pads flexible and allows you to move as usual without restraint. Spandex can stretch 5-7 times more than its original size. The material stretches repeatedly, while the structure of the fabric is not deformed.

The knee pads are light and dry quite quickly too. This item suits you if you are looking for maximum protection. The flexibility of the pillows makes them suitable for everyone to wear. They have a total sleeve length of 9 inches, which makes them ideal for other events and games requiring emergency knee protection.


  • The item doesn’t rotate
  • Onesize
  • Affordable price
  • Durability
  • High level of protection


  • Can be bulky for some girls
  • Low breathability

3. HUEGLO Protective Knee Pads — Top Rated Volleyball Knee Pads

This item is provided with thick neoprene and expanded polyethylene. These materials protect and decrease the pain on the occasion of a hit to make it soft for the knee. The improved structure with durable stitching also has water-resistant abilities. This feature lowers the pressure on knee caps that is a significant advantage for the players.

This equipment is made of neoprene that is relatively new material. Due to its unique characteristics, neoprene is considered a multifunctional material. This fabric has several specific properties. Neoprene perfectly retains heat and is waterproof. It is also resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical and chemical damage. Besides, neoprene can withstand the formation of fungi and bacteria. It is a lightweight, flexible, plastic, and durable material that is safe for the skin.

Another point you have to pay attention to is the ultra-cushion foam of high-density. It provides significant comfort while landing on surfaces like brick, earth, or cement. The straps are very flexible and don’t stick to the skin. They fit almost every size. A butterfly shape cut-off of these girl’s and women’s knee pads gives you freedom of movement and maneuverability. The adjustable straps of these pads make them extremely easy to use and regulate for knees of any size.

The design is quite simple and nice. The item doesn’t look like a bulky shell or medieval plate. These pads are black with an orange logo. As for the care, I highly recommend the hand wash with a mild soap.


  • Lightweight model
  • Easy to care
  • Flexibility
  • High level of protection


  • The straps Velcro can be a bit small
  • Relatively expensive

4. Knee Pads with High Shock Absorbing Cushion — Long Volleyball Knee Pads

The Roxy brand was founded in 1990 as the women’s sports line for the Quiksilver brand. The products of the brand are ideal for those who lead an energetic lifestyle. Roxy offers clothes, shoes, and accessories of bold colors, exciting styles, and exquisite details.

Roxy Basketball Volleyball Knee Pads provide superior protection. There are two-layer tiles, an NRB cushion with advanced armor, bound for maximum knee protection. Its shock-absorbing pad decreases the impact on the ground and keeps the player in an upward clamber when you are about to make. It is very soft due to the matte inner lining on the knee sleeves. Furthermore, these elastic knee pads are protective because they remain in place during training or competition. A knee pad that completely covers the knee provides the most protection.

Ergonomic modern design gives a player a wide range of motion, freedom, and comfort, especially in the knee area. You can purchase this model in classic black color with a logo on the top of the pad or in attractive grey-blue color with the same logo.

This volleyball knee equipment is designed to play for several hours, and you can quickly move with it on your knees or get up and walk without the item falling off. You will enjoy it’s lightweight and convenient to wear. Besides, bamboo nylon is essential for maintaining temperature and relaxation, as well as providing breathable knitted supports in the joint. Nylon practically does not tear. It dries quickly and is not picky about washing conditions. It is also quite challenging to dent this material.


  • Maximum knee protection
  • Durable
  • Soft inner lining
  • Flexibility


  • A new item can have a strong odor

5. ASICS Unisex — Stylish Professional Volleyball Knee Pads

ASICS has been manufacturing and selling goods for sports for over 60 years. The center of the company is the Sports Research Institute in Japan, which employs about 100 engineers, scientists, and researchers. ASICS converts the latest developments into highly functional items with a stunning design. The company takes the leading positions in sales in Europe.

These pads have a stylish and engaging design. They are produced in black and white colors with the logo in the center. These colors will not spoil the overall look no matter what color your team uniform is. However, they have more advantages than just design. If the stuffing is the main thing for you, then this model will also complement your taste. In this equipment, a double-density lining that provides durable protection is more reliable than many other brands.

With antibacterial properties, these low-profile ASICS Ace retain odor and bacteria during your games. These properties minimize the chance of having itching or skin irritation. At 6 inches, they are not the most extended knee pads, but they help you stay flexible while playing. Made of cotton, rubber, and nylon, they have the necessary elasticity. However, they don’t rotate or slip during hard games.

The model is designed for long-term use. Due to their wear resistance, you can use the pads in any activity where they may come in handy. Even though they are intended for juniors, adults with appropriate parameters can also use them. ASICS will appeal to you if you are looking for a durable, lightweight model that won’t stop you from moving. At the same time, one of the main advantages is that you can easily wash the protective pads in a washing machine. However, avoid washing at high temperatures, as nylon may become deformed, being a material susceptible to heat.


  • Lightweight item
  • Washing machine care
  • Flexibility
  • Reliable protection


  • No larger size
  • Can be short for some girls

6. ASICS Unisex Volleyball Slider Knee Pads — Good Volleyball Knee Pads for Everybody

ASICS pays priority attention to promoting its brand through participation in major sporting events on all continents, and by sponsoring teams and federations of the first-level. ASICS is the official supplier of equipment for the Athletics Federations of Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Slovenia, South Korea, New Zealand, as well as the Triathlon Federations of Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.

These ASICS knee pads present proper protection at an affordable price. They also are convenient and stylish. As for the materials, there is a well-balanced combination of fibers. You do not need to worry about different sizes as the combination of polyester, rubber, and nylon gives you enough flexibility and fit. This combination of materials provides the strength and durability of the fabric. Besides, it can remove excess heat and moisture outside, maintaining a stable body temperature. The wide cuff fits the joint evenly, firmly fixing the protection.

The thick cushion gives the protection the volleyball player wants during long training sessions and games. Contour pads have cut in the correct places, helping them stay in the right place and preserve the knees even during side falls on the court. As players fall, twist, bounce, and run, the contours don’t let the item move.

These cuts also let the patella to move naturally. Due to the pads’ construction, they do not burst easily, no matter how intensively you use them.


  • Unisex model
  • They don’t rotate or slip
  • The item doesn’t interfere with natural movements
  • Durability


  • No wicking fabric

Everything You Need to Know about the Knee Pads

Choosing equipment is not an easy task. The knee pads should not only protect you but also be comfortable. Here you will find answers to the questions that you can have before you buy a pair.

How do volleyball girls wear knee pads?

Knee pads should be worn just below the patella or cover only the lower part of the kneecap. So, when you pull them on, you stop — just below the patella or slightly covering the patella’s bottom. It is essential to wear the equipment correctly so that they soften the blow and do not slip as you fall.

Is it safe to play volleyball without pads?

It’s not safe to play without knee pads, because you can get trauma. The goal of volleyball knee pads is to protect you from meniscus and knee injuries. They also protect the knee from burns and scratches while playing volleyball. The pads reduce injuries. During the game of volleyball, you have to move a lot, fall, and jump. One of your drops can lead to a knee injury. Such kind of equipment can prevent you from damaging your patella, next to your existing muscle and ligament.

How should volleyball knee pads fit?

When you try on knee pads, a good rule of thumb is that they should fit your legs` shape and should not be too loose. The pads should feel tight but not too close. Otherwise, the protection will interfere with your movements, possibly block the blood flow, and provoke itching. It’s best if you feel free and forget about your equipment, acting as you want.

How to wash volleyball knee pads?

The way you have to wash your knee pads depends on the materials. Many models are machine washable. If you are afraid that the pads will lose elasticity or decrease, wash them by hand with soap. You should be especially careful if there is cotton in the mix of fabrics. Do not use a dryer if you don’t see the permission to use it on the tag instructions.

Regarding the frequency of washing, you can do it once a week. If you have several pairs of equipment, you can wash the used pads after each training. You can wash them with other parts of your form. The materials of such equipment are quite lasting, so the washing doesn’t impact them.

How can I prevent my volleyball knee pads from slipping?

To prevent slipping of your pads, you will need sports tape. Fasten the tape under the knee and wear the pads then. It should prevent slipping so you can concentrate on the game and move naturally.

How to determine the size of the knee pad?

The circumference of the knee determines the size of the elastic knee pad. Each manufacturer develops products according to individual tables, so you should study the available information before buying it. In some cases, the knee`s circumference corresponds to two sizes, as it is at the junction. To determine the circumference, measure the knee in the central part of the patella in a standing position. Sometimes it is additionally required to measure a shin and hips. The knee pad of a broader model must capture the leg.

Do not buy a knee pad during an exacerbation of the disease, as the knee swells. Otherwise, after the swelling subsides, a smaller product will be required. An exception is the universal knee pad with a volume adjustment function.

What are the best volleyball knee pads materials?

For the manufacture of knee pads, modern lightweight materials are used. As a rule, brands choose mixed fabrics and polymers. These kinds of materials are easy-to-care and durable, which is significant for regular training. The filling can be made of foam inside the knee pads. The outer material is a particular fabric that dries quickly so that the sweat does not absorb, but evaporates.

High-density cushion pads are shock absorbers in the event of a fall. They protect the knee from injury and force from the collision. Besides, the contour design on most parts of the items provides extra protection. Some coatings have a particular fabric that helps to slip, withstanding any hits on the floor.

What are knee pads suitable for beginners?

You need extra protection if you are a beginner. The reason is that the newcomers don’t have enough experience in jumping and landing on your feet and diving. The external layer of the protector should be firm, without cracks and cuts. As for the inner part, it should be soft, shock-absorbent, and convenient. Some models also have antibacterial properties that also can be a great advantage for beginners. The first pieces of equipment have to be lightweight, not to disturb you while playing. The bulky models can make your body heavier and slow you down.

How my position determines the pads I need?

The position of the players resolves the kneecaps they need. Some of them need extra filling and a cushion, as they have to dive a lot. Front players need additional knee protection as they fall a lot and bounce to the diggings, while flexibility is the main thing for the back players as they have to be quick and mobile when reaching the ball.

Jump and Win with Comfortable Protection

I have reviewed the top six best knee pads on the market. You can buy them at an affordable price and get pads of high-level protection. The majority of items are made of mixed fabric, which is easy to use and care for. Furthermore, the mixed materials are more durable and reliable. You can hand wash them or use your washing machine. It would be best to look at the instructions to choose the right method, especially if we’re talking about the use of bleach or dryer.

When choosing your pair, you need to consider not only the size but also the position you play. The position determines the properties your knee pads should have. The knee pads should fit snugly on the leg, but not pinch the skin and not interfere with natural movements. Internal material should also provide a good volleyball experience with its softness. Please, share your practice of using volleyball pads. Do you have any favorites? You are welcome to leave your comments in the section below.

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