Best Volleyball Shorts: Top Women’s Models & FAQ

It may sound surprising to you, but wearing the right shorts while playing volleyball may affect your performance. This seemingly simple piece of gear means a lot to your confidence on the court, to the comfort of movement, and, as a result, to your ability to concentrate.

In this article, I gathered the best volleyball shorts that are suitable for playing on either a casual or professional level. I bought and tested each of the 10 products. They’re all good, but I did my best to make the selection as broad as possible to match different likings. In the end, you will find a FAQ section with answers to some of the most bothering questions.

Top Pick
Under Armour Girls On The Court 4" Shorts,Black...
4-inch long (no bun-hugging)
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Mizuno Victory 3.5" Inseam Volleyball Shorts Black...
Available in 6 colors
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BALEAF Women's 5" Biker Shorts High Waist Yoga...
Available in several lengths
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STRETCH IS COMFORT Girl's Nylon Booty Shorts Black...
20% spandex adds up flexibility
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ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts - Premium Buttery...
Over 300 colors available
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Top 10 Volleyball Shorts Reviews

These are the reviews of the most well-made and comfortable shorts for women who play volleyball. I reviewed each model in a short form but included all the aspects you would like to ask about.

1. Under Armour Girls 4-Inch – Top Women’s Volleyball Shorts

Under Armour is a young Baltimore sportswear brand that’s mainly focused on producing apparel for professional athletes rather than for the mass market. It’s an official uniform and gear supplier of 19 sports teams and many famous athletes.

These 4-inch shorts by the brand are my favorite amongst all models on the listing. First of all, they’re not ‘bun-huggers’ that so many players dislike. Four inches fell just right and not too short. The cloth composition includes only synthetic materials – 87% polyester and 13% elastane. Both materials provide excellent breathability, wick sweat instantly, and dry really quickly, so you won’t feel inconvenient during a tough match. The waistband is wide and holds the shorts firmly on your waist.


  • Wide medium-height waistband;
  • 4-inch long (no bun-hugging);
  • Highly breathable;
  • Wick sweat and dry quickly;
  • Modest price.


  • Only black and blue colors are available.

2. Mizuno Victory 3.5″ – Excellent Medium-Length Athletic Shorts

Mizuno is a famous volleyball equipment supplier from Japan. They have one of the largest market shares in the market for volleyball equipment. This family brand has been making equipment since 1907!

Victory series shorts have a convenient 3.5’’ inseam and a unique design that minimizes bunching. The low-rise fit feels just great due to the wide waistband and the flatlock gusset. The fabric consists of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which work together just right, providing the needed flexibility, sweat absorption, and breathability.


  • Polyester + spandex fabric is flexible and breathable;
  • Unique low-rise design;
  • Available in 6 colors;
  • Excellent look.


  • Some retailers sell them for quite a high price.

3. BALEAF Women’s 8″ /5″ /2″ High Waist – Best Universal Shorts

I understand that not all of you would like to wear standard shorts, or you may need something more universal. That’s why I included this model by Baleaf in my listing. The brand was found only in 2015, but it already provides some of the best products for athletes.

If you’re looking for a classic fit, you may pick Baleaf’s 2’’, 3’’, and 4’’ shorts or be more casual and take a 5’’ or even an 8’’ model. That’s a great offer for taller girls who don’t feel good enough in standard-length shorts. The fabric includes 87% polyester and 13% spandex, which offer great breathability and stretch easily. The gusseted crotch adds up flexibility.


  • Available in several lengths;
  • Polyester + spandex;
  • Provide full freedom of movement;
  • Casual-style pockets;
  • Seams don’t chafe.


  • Pockets are useless when you play.

4. Stretch Is Comfort Nylon Spandex Shorts – Excellent 2’’ Volleyball Spandex Shorts

Stretch Is Comfort brand is more popular amongst US dancers than athletes, but its designers make outfits with flexibility and comfort in mind, so the performance in these shorts is very high.

The elastic fabric of this model includes 20% spandex and 80% nylon, so it’s very convenient and deals with moisture without problems. Dancing and gymnastics require as much movement as volleyball, so the durability is also excellent. I also like that you can order these shorts in a large variety of sizes and colors for kids and adults.


  • Affordable, high-quality shorts;
  • Universal 2’’ design;
  • 20% spandex adds up flexibility;
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors.


  • Low waist fit isn’t for everyone.

5. ALWAYS Women Volleyball Shorts – Good High-Waist Short Volleyball Shorts

I don’t know much about this brand as it’s quite small, and I found its products only on Amazon, but the quality is worthy. This model of short pants is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so it’s very flexible and doesn’t cut into. Due to high waste, they are kept in place firmly and add up confidence. What’s more, these universal shorts are available in over 300 (300, Carl!) colors!


  • Over 300 colors available;
  • Universal fit;
  • High waist;
  • Flexible and breathable.


  • Only 2’’ length;
  • It’s a size small. Take one size up.

6. Cadmus Women’s 5″ /2″ High Waist – Excellent Short & Long Volleyball Shorts

Cadmus is another small brand that matched my requirements. The 85% polyester plus 15% spandex fabric feels flexible, dries quickly, and looks very good in all sizes from XS to XXL. Other convenience features include a gusseted crotch for easier movement and flatlock seams that don’t chafe at all. It’s a good choice for any sports and perfectly matches volleyball requirements.


  • 2’’ and 5’’ models available in different colors;
  • Hidden waistband pocket;
  • Good air circulation;
  • High-quality seams.


  • Quite expensive for a small brand like this.

7. Tough Mode Apparel 3″ Volleyball Shorts – Compression Shorts With Best Prints

Tough Mode Apparel is a small family brand from Irvine that makes high-quality compression shorts of polyester and nylon. They have a nice matt finish along with high breathability and wicking make it very comfortable to play in these shorts. The exciting part is that you can choose from a variety of creative, high-quality prints without logos if you want a more casual style.


  • Very attractive prints;
  • Nice matt finish;
  • Excellent compression;
  • Thick and flexible, no see-through fabric.


  • Only 3’’ length is available.

8. G Gradual Women’s Spandex Compression Shorts – Nice Printed-Belt Option

G Gradual offers high-quality 3’’ shorts with a wide belt that has a large brand’s logo print all over it. The waistband is very elastic, so it provides a personalized fit from XS to XL sizes. The fabric is made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, so it breathes really well and wicks moisture effectively. The tailoring is very similar to Cadmus shorts, but the waistbelt is thinner and a bit higher.


  • Highly elastic waistband;
  • Stylish print all over the waist;
  • 4-needle stretch for increased durability;
  • Nice color range.


  • Not everyone likes logos.

9. Neleus Women’s Workout Compression Shorts – High-Quality Long Shorts

Neleus is another young brand (founded in 2008) that makes excellent goods for athletes. I first bought shorts by the brand during the wholesale. I wanted a pink top, but it was in the sale only together with the shorts. Fortunately, they appeared to be really good when I wore them for one of the games. The fabric includes 15% spandex, so the flexibility is very high. They’re no-seethrough, hold tight, and wick moisture good enough. I only think that the price could be a bit lower for a small brand like this.


  • High-quality stitching;
  • Wick moisture well;
  • Wide and adaptive waistbelt;
  • Polyester plus spandex.


  • A bit overpriced;
  • Only 8’’ version is available.

10. Heathyoga Workout Shorts – Best Budget Option

These short pants are designed by yogis for yoga practices, but they also have just the right length, appearance, and performance for volleyball. They are available in a variety of colors and 5’’-8’’ versions, so people with different physiques can wear them and feel confident. The extra-high waistband controls the tummy, while thick 4-way stretches hold the parts tightly, providing great durability.


  • All sizes available;
  • Solid stitching;
  • 25% spandex for extra elasticity;
  • Gusseted crotch.


  • Two-side pockets are useless during the game.

Volleyball Shorts FAQ

Girl play volleyball at Under Armour Volleyball Shorts

Many readers ask me similar questions in the comments every now and then. I picked 3 most frequently asked of them related to volleyball shorts to answer them once and for all and save you time.

Why are volleyball shorts so short?

The length and tightness of modern women’s volleyball shorts can be explained by such factors as:

  • Comfort – volleyball involves constant high-amplitude leg movement, which feels really good if you wear short shorts;
  • Exposure protection – due to tightness, the risk of exposure is zero. You can dive and fall without problems. There’s also no need to tighten them up all the time.

Actually, there’s no official opinion on that, and many people consider the difference between tight women shorts and relatively loose long men’s volleyball shorts strange. Generally, female players, including me, are satisfied with the comfort of short and tight spandex shorts, as well as men, enjoy their loose models. I think it’s a historical issue, and no one can remember the roots.

What kind of shorts do volleyball players wear?

For example, NCAA rules say that volleyball players should wear athletic shorts that don’t have pockets, belts, zips, zippers, clips, pouches, loops, buttons, buckles, or snaps. Some organizations may also prohibit wearing spandex shorts, but that’s a rear case. If you’re a casual player, small pockets without zips or snaps are allowed as well as different prints. Long volleyball pants aren’t used as they may affect performance.

What length are volleyball shorts?

Depending on your team and region, the length of inseams of women’s shorts varies from 2 to 4 inches. Men’s shorts are usually from 7 to 9 inches long and have to be a bit lose but not too baggy.

Feel Sporty

Girl in Mizuno Victory Shorts Black

Wearing the right athletic shorts for volleyball, you will feel more confident and concentrate on the game better. The fashion of volleyball outfits has already become permanent, so you’re required to follow it to match your team and sport discipline’s identity. And don’t forget to do the right warm-up to enhance jumping performance.

Have you already played volleyball in professional athletic shorts? Which brand did you choose? Why are you willing to try a new one? Let’s discuss the topic in the comments below! You can also ask me any questions about particular shorts models and brands if you feel like you still lack some information.

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