Best Windbreaker Jacket: Be Protected Everywhere

I think everyone gets into a situation when the heavy rain or wind starts, and you don’t have an umbrella or jacket. It’s not a pleasure, I bet. That’s why a windbreaker in your backpack is a great option to be ready for all weather. Some people think that such a jacket is heavy. However, the best windbreaker jacket can be packed in your pocket. A good example is a Marmot premium jacket.

This model combines all the features of the best windbreakers. You can wear it with casual clothing as well as take it for outdoor activities. The material is the most important thing in the windbreakers. Marmot jacket fabric is resistant to water and strong wind.

Even if the thunderstorm starts, and you only have this windbreaker in your pocket, don’t worry – you’re protected. Below you will find the windbreaker jacket review and other top options.

Top 8 Best Windbreaker Jackets

It’s much better to feel warm and dry during the rainy weather. Here you will find the best products available on the market.

1. Marmot Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket – Premium Jacket Windbreaker

One of the most trustworthy corporations that produce the equipment for outdoor enthusiasts is the Marmot company. It has been serving for more than forty years. During this time, Marmot has increased its product list and got many standing customers. Now, they offer not only sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks but also reliable hiking and casual clothing.

To fight with water, the jacket is fitted with a hydrophobic Gore-Tex membrane that contains over 9 billion pores per square inch. Such a design reduces internal moisture. A product is made of polyester only, which perfectly resists the external water. At the same time, the jacket has a minimum possible weight.

Polyester is a highly flexible material. If you need to pack your clothing tightly (for example, you’re going on a climbing tour), this jacket is ideal for such a case. The product is also lightweight. So, it doesn’t require much space and weighs a little.

Even if the jacket looks not very warm, thanks to the dual-design, your warmth is kept inside to provide comfortability during rain and low temperatures. It also protects you from the wind and hot sun. In addition, the Marmot jacket is breathable – it is ideal for diverse activities like hiking, climbing, cycling, or anything you like.

This product has a whole zip system. Pit zips allow you to regulate the internal temperature by changing the airflow. Hand pockets also have zips. The pocket on the chest has a water-resistant zipper – you may put your phone there. Also, the drawstring hem will fit your body shape for the best protection.


  • Lightweight and packable;
  • Protects from rain, wind, and other conditions;
  • Provides zipper pockets;
  • Shapes your body tightly;
  • Has several patterns.


  • Not for the winter season.

2. Columbia Women’s Rain Jacket – Best Women’s Windbreaker Jacket

The main goal of the Columbia company is to connect active people with their passions. Columbia is a well-known global corporation. It produces active lifestyle apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories. The innovations it proposes wins many awards – and it’s not a surprise because Columbia uses top-quality materials and works with professionals.

The jacket is made of polyester and nylon combination. The first material is perfect for external protection, and the second one keeps the warmth inside. Also, a windbreaker wears out slowly. As a result, you may use this jacket, not for the one season – it will save its quality with the right supervision.

Even such a simple thing as an everyday jacket requires the proper technology to protect you from the weather conditions. Columbia’s signature, air-permeable protection, is exactly what is needed. It is waterproof and breathable that can cope with the small rain and be saving during the thunderstorm.

This product is so packable that it can fit your hand pocket. Its design is lightweight – you may take it everywhere you need and be protected from the unexpected wind and rain. You can wear it with a storm hood or without. It is also regulated with the drawcord – besides, the pockets have zippers for the highest comfort.


  • Made of polyester and nylon for better protection;
  • Innovative waterproof technology;
  • Packable;
  • Adjustable storm hood.


  • Doesn’t have an internal pocket.

3. Champion Kids Boys Windbreaker Jacket With Hood – Best Kid’s Windbreaker Jacket

Sometimes it may be difficult to choose outdoor clothes for kids – they may don’t like it, or the size may not fit. I know that the Champion company has a lot of experience in this field. It offers a simple design together with advanced technology to let your child feel confident and comfortable.

This jacket is a dual-color windbreaker that has three original patterns to choose from. A kid can wear it with jeans, sweatpants or shorts. It will be a nice addition to a look in the late evening when the weather may become a little cooler. A plus is that the jacket is packable. So, it can lay in the backpack and wait for you to use it.

The windbreaker is fully zipped up. Your children’s ears will be protected thanks to the tight-fitting three-ply hood. However, it is not adjustable, and you can’t regulate it with a drawcord. But overall, the jacket is resistant to wind, heavy rain, UV in the summer, and is very breathable thanks to the polyester structure it is made of. So, you can still play outside when it’s raining.

It is quite easy to take care of this windbreaker. The material makes it water-repellent, so it will hardly get dirty during the rain or when your child plays outside. You may put it in the washing machine. The jacket doesn’t lose the color, but you need to set the low temperature to save the fabric structure.


  • Fits casual clothes perfectly;
  • Fully zipped up;
  • Resistant to wind, water, UV;
  • Three-ply hood.


  • The hood is not removable and regulated.

4. Adidas Men’s Alphaskin Tiro Windbreaker – Men’s Lightweight Windbreaker

A few people know that when Adidas started production, it had less than fifty workers. Nowadays, it’s a global company that has thousands of workers around the whole world. They have achieved such a success because their main goal was to provide quality products without any exceptions. You may choose various accessories or suitable clothes for your jacket among the Adidas assortment.

Many windbreakers are very heavy, and sometimes, they don’t even protect from the wind. The weight of the jacket doesn’t determine its quality. This Adidas clothing is the most lightweight in today’s review – it is perfect for everyday morning running, cycling, walking with your dog.

The jacket fits tightly at the bottom to protect your body from the airflow. However, the polyester is breathable – so, you won’t feel too hot while doing the activity. It also has a mesh lining. Such a design is reliable and hardly gets damaged. Among other features are zipped pockets and a hood.

Your hands will also be warm thanks to the long sleeves. In addition, they have elastic cuffs – water or wind won’t reach you. When you need to wash the jacket, you may put it in the machine. Remember to choose an option ‘for outdoor clothes’ and adjust the low temperature.


  • Hardly-wearing material;
  • Reliable design;
  • Lightweight;
  • Machine washable.


  • Too expensive.

5. Nike Windrunner Jacket – Black – Breathable Windbreaker Shell Jacket

Nike produces professional clothes and equipment for athletes around the world. Companie’s founders believe: if you have a body, you’re an athlete. And their mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to everyone. That’s why their products are all different and have a unique design.

A warm jacket is a perfect choice for the chilly weather – when the sun comes up, you may carry it in your hands, and when the wind appears, you may zip to the top and feel comfortable. Nike windbreaker is designed for the cold weather in early autumn. It has a mesh inside that keeps your warmth and, at the same time, makes the clothing breathable.

The jacket has an original windbreaker design, thanks to the chevron on the chest. It is available in two colors. The standard grey style is great for the morning running under the rain, and a slightly brighter blue option will look ideally with casual jeans. Also, you may put your phone in the zipped pockets and not worry about them getting wet. Ribbed cuffs will protect your arm from the cool airflow.


  • Has a classic windbreaker design;
  • Perfect for cold weather;
  • Zipped pockets;
  • Ribbed cuffs to keep you warm.


  • Only two patterns to choose from.

6. The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket – Backpacking Rain Jacket for a Relaxed Fit

People who like to take a hike to know that the weather may change in an hour. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable jacket inside your backpack. The North Face company manufactures diverse equipment for sportsmen. It tries to make the products affordable for everyone and uses high-quality technologies and materials.

Among the fabrics for windbreaker jackets with hood, nylon is one of the most durable options. This windbreaker has a seam-sealed DryVent shell. Inside, the jacket is supplied with the lining mesh. As I have noted before, such a design provides a good airflow but keeps you protected from wind and water.

It has all features you need for safe traveling. The hood is adjustable to make the jacket more convenient if the sun appears. You may regulate it with the drawcords – there is another pair to control the fit at the waist too. Elastic cuffs shape your hands. This way, you will feel much warmer, and there won’t be water in your sleeves.

The additional features include the secure-zip pockets. Here your money and phone will be safe during hiking. The jacket is lightweight and packable, however, it weighs more than other models I have described. Even so, this option will be a nice choice for camping.


  • Durable waterproof material;
  • Zipped pockets;
  • Adjustable hood and elastic cuffs;
  • Perfect for outdoor activity.


  • Weighs more than other models.

7. Champion Men’s Packable 1/4 zip Jacket – Compact Ultralight Windbreaker

A jacket which you can put in your pocket will be useful everywhere. It will be suitable for the summer evenings, or late spring morning cycles. The windbreaker is made of polyester. So, it is highly lightweight and resistant to water and wind – the strong rain won’t damage it. In addition, you may wash it in the washing machine.

You will get large front pockets where your hands will also be protected from water. The micro poplin polyester hood perfectly protects you from the wind thanks to the drawcords. You may regulate its size due to your head shape or preferences. The jacket has a pull on closure. However, it also has a small zip on the top – so, you can move it due to the weather outside.

Most windbreakers get dirty easily after the heavy rain. As this model is made of high-quality polyester, it is resistant to water, so it doesn’t absorb it together with the dirt. In any case, you may put the jacket into the washing machine. Remember to set the low temperature because the fabric may wear out.


  • Has a compact size;
  • Hood is regulated;
  • Pull-on closure to keep you warm;
  • Machine washable.


  • The hood is not removable;
  • Pockets are not zipped.

8. Trailside Supply Co. Lightweight Packable Jacket – Affordable Thin Windbreaker

If you like having several pockets in your jacket, I think this model can be suitable for you. Except for the standard side pockets, it also has a chest and the mesh inner ones – all of them are zipped and large, so you can carry a lot of stuff with you. The windbreaker can be easily packed. You just need to compress it in the side pocket – ideal for putting it in your backpack or car.

The product is made mostly of polyester, but it also has a nylon shell. It’s not provided to make the jacket stylish but to make it more resistant to water and more durable. You may put the windbreaker into the washing machine. Don’t worry about the zip-up closure because it won’t affect the jacket’s look during the washing.

This model doesn’t have a hood to protect your head from the rain. However, it is perfect to wear with casual clothing as well as a sporty one. The jacket closes up to your chin. So, you will feel warm and wind preserved in this jacket anyway.


  • Has many zipped pockets;
  • Affordable price;
  • Has a nylon shell;
  • Machine washable.


  • Hoodless.

Everything You Need to Know About the Windbreakers

To help you choose the best windproof jacket for you, I have collected several common questions. So let’s discover more about the good windbreakers.

What are windbreakers for?

The heavy rain or strong wind may start spontaneously. It’s not convenient to carry an umbrella with you everywhere, especially when you’re going cycling or hiking. So, a reliable windbreaker is about the weather and clothing. You may put it in your backpack or even pocket. When the rain begins, you will be ready and your body, head, and hands will be protected.

When you’re choosing a windbreaker, you should consider what type you need. If you’re going deep in the mountains, the jacket should have a hood and be warm. For casual wearing, it can be thin and lightweight. Additional features are chosen due to your preferences.

What material are windbreakers made of?

Of course, the windbreaker needs to protect you from the wind and water. That’s why the manufacturers choose waterproof materials. However, they also should be breathable. When you’re cycling or hiking, you should feel comfortable – that’s why the jacket with a relaxed fit is the best option for any case.

Most reliable windbreakers are made of quality polyester. It is easy to take care of and completely repels the water. Some models are made of nylon. This fabric is more durable but it makes the windbreaker a little heavier. Some providers combine various windbreaker jacket material types.

What is the difference between a windbreaker and a rain jacket?

Some people say that there is no difference between a windbreaker and a rain jacket. Actually, they’re made for one purpose but they differ a little in the design. The windbreaker is lightweight and packable. It is perfect for the warm weather and usually doesn’t protect in late autumn. Choosing the right jacket for every weather type is your outdoor safety.

Rain jackets are like the coolest windbreakers. So, it’s better to wear them when the weather becomes colder. They are usually longer than windbreakers and made of different materials. However, they’re not packable at all, and it’s not convenient to take them for hiking or other outdoor activity.

How to clean a windbreaker jacket?

Those windbreakers, made of polyester, are machine washable. Even if the manufacturer doesn’t mention this, you may put the jacket into the washer. But sometimes the provider recommends not putting the windbreaker into the machine. Of course, some materials may get damaged.

In this case, you can give the jacket to the dry-cleaner. But it’s not necessary if you just want to freshen up your windbreaker. You may just apply the spot cleaning. As the windbreaker is water-resistant, you should not worry that you may destroy the jacket. But still – most windbreakers are machine washable.

Be Ready for Any Weather With the Best Windbreaker Jackets

I think hiking and cycling with a windbreaker in your backpack is a great choice – you don’t know how the weather will change. But the jacket should be reliable. Among those products I have described, Marmot is one of the best options. It fits any body shape and doesn’t take a lot of space. You may also consider other jackets on the list – choose the one you think will be the most suitable for you.

Do you wear a windbreaker frequently? What brand do you prefer? Do you have other recommendations? Please, share your comments in the section below.

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