Best Women’s Running Pants: Make Your Run Comfortable

Someone likes to go jogging in the early morning; someone prefers in the evening – but all the runners strive to feel better and healthier. Not only the right shoes but also the pants play a big role. When you run, your movements should be confident and light. Some materials don’t allow your body to breathe – it doesn’t make jogging healthy at all.

The secret of the convenient running pants is the fabric. It should be flexible but strong enough not to wear out quickly. The design also defines whether the trousers are suitable or not. The best women’s running pants support you and repeat the shape of your legs. Iuga high waist pants with pockets have exactly such features. They are a top pick on the market now – so let’s discover more about this model and other offers.

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Top 8 Best Women’s Running Pants

You may be surprised how one pair of pants could change the way your running goes. But it should be the right model to allow you to see the difference.

1. Iuga High Waist Pants with Pockets – Best Running Pants for Women

The combination of the function and fashion is a short description of the Iuga pants. Running clothing should allow your body to breathe and be flexible and supportive enough to make your movements smooth and easy. This product is made of non-see-through fabric. Although it is strong, it is also stretchy and soft – the superior compression will give you confidence while running.

It’s not convenient to do sport with the bum bag or with your phone in hand. That’s why Iuga has made the functional pockets. These high waist pants have two side pockets where you can put your smartphone or keys. Also, there is a hidden waistband pocket. If you take some small stuff while running, they are perfect for this case.

Iuga running trousers shape your body so that they can suit mostly anybody. Besides, they offer diverse colors and prints – you can choose a simple black design or try the bright striped one. The size table will help you to define which one is for you.

  • Soft and stretchy material;
  • Convenient pockets;
  • High-waist design;
  • Provide superior compression;
  • Have diverse colors.
  • Some patterns are more expensive.

2. Asics Women’s Pants – Durable Women’s Running Leggings

The pants usually wear out quickly – but it’s not about this ASICS model. They will be a great fit if you search for the ladies running pants that will serve for a long time. High-quality polyester is what makes the leggings durable. The pants are also made of spandex that provides flexibility and creates reliable seams.

ASICS manufacturer knows what women need for running, so it makes the hydrology fabric. When your body moves fast, it tries to keep a stable temperature. That’s why you sweat while doing sport. These pants have the pores that allow warmth to go outside and give you airiness during the run.

Among other features, there are side pockets on the two sides. You can put everything you want to take for jogging there. It won’t bother you – the pockets have a comfortable design. Also, there is an ankle zipper. You can regulate the tightness due to your leg shape and preferences.

  • Long-lasting material;
  • Stretchy;
  • Keep your body cool;
  • Have convenient side pockets and ankle zippers.
  • Not a high waist design;
  • Only one color is available.

3. Fengbay 2 Pack High Waist Pants – 2-Pack Women’s Running Tights

Sometimes you want to have two or even three pants pairs to wear them due to your mood or training type. Fengbay offers a nice pack of running leggings. There are diverse colors, patterns, and different sizes – you may choose the long or short variant. Both models are a 4-way stretch. That means nothing will burden your movements while you’re jogging.

The material is non-see-through and removes the moisture from your body. It is perfect for any sports activity. Besides running, you can also do yoga, fitness, or just wear them with casual clothing. All your stuff may be placed in the outside pocket. Also, there is an inner waistband pocket – it is perfect for keys or credit cards.

My friend Monica (you can find her blogging at has been running in these pants for some time, so I asked for her feedback:

“This model is excellent for running because it shapes your body curves and creates compression that improves blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue. Also, the seams won’t cause chafing. The leggings have interlock closures all over the length. So, you can wear them for long training, and you will have a feeling of comfort and confidence throughout the whole running session.”

  • 4-way stretch and non-see-through material;
  • Diverse patterns;
  • Two outside and one inner pocket;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Don’t cause chafing.
  • Sold only in a pack of 2.

4. Under Armour Women’s Capri Leggings – Women’s Compression Leggings for Running in Summer

The feeling of lightness is highly important if we talk about jogging. It depends on the type of pants’ material. Under Armour‘s women’s running capris are made of a lightweight combination of polyester and elastane that doesn’t weigh you down. Also, it dries fast and absorbs sweat. You will be able to move as freely as you like, thanks to the 4-way stretch design.

Chafing is a common problem of low-quality pants – these women’s running leggings have flatlock seams that will protect your skin from irritation. Among other features is a super-soft elastic waistband. It repeats your body curves and sits perfectly on your hips. This model is perfect for the summer evening running. However, it doesn’t have pockets.

  • Lightweight material;
  • Dry fast;
  • 4-way stretch design;
  • Flatlock seams that reduce chafing;
  • Super-soft elastic waistband.
  • No pockets.

5. Ewedoos Pants for Women with Pockets – Flexible Ladies Running Leggings

Among the models I have described, this pair is very stretched. It’s because 20% of the fabric is spandex – this material makes the leggings breathable and flexible. Such a design is exactly what you need for convenient running. It also removes the moisture from your body. This feature reduces skin irritation if you jog for a longer time.

Some people complain that it’s not comfortable to put their phone and other essentials inside the pockets. However, it depends on the construction of the pants. Ewedoss leggings for women have two side pockets located on the right height, so your stuff won’t bother you during running. The leggings create medium compression. They won’t be too tight, but they will give you the needed support.

  • Highly stretchy;
  • Remove the moisture from your body;
  • Have two pockets;
  • Support you during running.
  • No inner pocket;
  • The material is not very strong.

6. Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar Track Pant – Best Running Tights Women Choose for Cold Weather

Adidas track pants are highly elastic – it’s because they’re made of the premium polyester that allows your body to move freely. Also, they snug your hips tightly. So, the trousers won’t slip down during running. You may choose from several colors: standard black or gray, and red, blue, pink. All the models are machine washable. Also, you can easily wear them for other training or everyday look.

  • Elastic material;
  • Several colors are available;
  • Machine washable.
  • Expensive;
  • No pockets.

7. Champion Women’s Jogger – Soft Running Pants for Women

If you often return the clothing back because it doesn’t fit you, I recommend trying these running pants. They have bands on the ankle and waist. You can regulate the latter using the cord to find the perfect fit that won’t tight you. Trousers are highly soft because they are made of the cotton and polyester combination.

The front pockets allow you to take small stuff with you. You can choose from many patterns – almost thirty options that will suit any style. If your trousers become dirty, you can put them in the washing machine. But you should adjust the right temperature to avoid damage.

  • Adjustable waist cord;
  • Have two front pockets;
  • Highly soft;
  • Machine washable.
  • The material is not very breathable.

8. Lingswallow High Waist Pants – Affordable Running Leggings

You can feel confident with these pants, thanks to the non-see-through material. Also, it stretches to 4 ways. The design makes the trousers supportive, reduces chafing, and rubbing, which are the common running problems. What is more important – the fabric is breathable.

The pants shape your body and provide high waist support. However, the compression is not excessive so that you can move freely. Also, the model has side and inner pockets. Many people wear them with casual clothes – the item is also perfect for other sports activities.

  • Breathable and soft fabric;
  • Non-see-through design;
  • Reduce chafing and rubbing;
  • Shape your body;
  • Have an inner pocket.
  • Not machine washable.

How to Choose the Best Running Pants: The Word of Advice

Champion Women's JoggerI want to help you purchase the leggings that will serve you for a long time. So, here are my recommendations for you.

What material is the best for running pants?

Due to my experience, the best fabric is a combination of polyester and cortex. The cotton is soft, but it can wear out quickly. You should also search for a breathable and flexible model. As we are talking about running, try to find the design that reduces chafing – the flatlock seams provide this perfectly.

What type of running pants should I choose?

It doesn’t matter what length you choose – it depends on your preferences and the season you want to wear the pants. You should consider the material and design. They have to be supportive but without large compression. The clothing aerodynamics affects the running speed a lot – so the lighter the pants are, the easier it will be for you to exercise.

Why women wear compression pants for running?

The excessively free pants may bother you during jogging. Also, the right compression pants absorb moisture and improve blood circulation. I recommend you to choose the high waist trousers. You will feel much more confident and convenient.

Why should I wear running pants for running?

Not only suitable shoes make your jogging better and healthier. The high-quality pants will make your movements lighter and give you the needed support. Also, the pockets are designed in the best way. So, the best women’s running pants provide jogging safety and, together with the right shoes, prevent the common running injuries.

Run Better – Reach Your Goals Faster!

The details are essential in our life – the best pants for running can completely change your sports attitude. Luckily, nowadays, there are many reliable models. The Iuga high waist pants with pockets are the top pick on the market – they have all the features you need. Also, you may choose from different colors.

Do you like jogging? What running pants do you wear? Or maybe you’re a beginner, and you don’t know how to start? Please, leave your comments below.

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