Best Yoga Mats for Sports Enthusiasts

Sport is a great way to improve health and keep fit. Probably anyone has heard an old proverb “A sound mind is in a sound body,” and it’s difficult to disagree with it. And, as for me, yoga is an excellent example that it’s possible to do exercises good both for body and mind.

My name is Theresa Makowski, and I adore jogging and yoga. I believe that leading an active lifestyle makes me a happier person. I started jogging when I was a little girl. I remember that running has always been my passion. Also, my friend and I have been attending a yoga class for three years already. We even made some yoga trips to India. Right now, I can say without doubts that yoga is a great pastime, and I want to share my experience with the whole world.

Top-5 Best Yoga Mats for You

Since I’ve been taking yoga classes for such a long time, I’d like to share my thoughts about good yoga mat brands. It’s important to make the right choice if you want to practice yoga without fear of injuring yourself. And right now, you can get acquainted with the best thick yoga mats. Each of them is made of top-quality materials, so you can be sure that you’ll purchase the best yoga mat for non-slip after reading my yoga mats review. Also, I’ll not only help you to choose the best thick yoga mat but provide you with some useful pieces of advice.

Premium Manduka Yoga Mat for True Sport Fans

This company has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for yoga. Its products are popular both with professional yogis and beginners. It offers a variety of high-quality yoga mat sandals, towels, and, of course, yoga mat bags. And Manduka yoga mats can certainly satisfy any person who leads an active lifestyle.

This premium 6-mm thick yoga mat is made of non-toxic materials that are absolutely safe for health and 100% latex-free. Its closed-cell surface guarantees a high protection of the mat from sweat. And this is the best hot yoga mat due to this amazing feature.

And take into account that according to the customer’s review, Manduka yoga mat is slippery for the first few months of use. Also, it’s not recommended to soak, shower, or submerge it in water if you don’t want to damage the mat.

  • Amazing closed-cell surface
  • It provides a high level of density
  • Made of 100% safe materials
  • High Price

Get Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga with Heathyoga

This company is known for its wonderful items for yoga fans. It produces special pants, shorts and, of course, mats. The company offers a variety of different models that can certainly encourage anyone to go in for sport.

And this mat is a perfect choice for people who want to start visiting both classic and hot yoga classes. It’s made of special TPE material that is eco-friendly and prevents slipping. Also, it stands to mention the mat’s Body Alignment System that helps keep you the body in proper alignment. And its 6mm thickness guarantees excellent grip and cushioning. Also, it’s so easy to clean this alignment yoga mat. All that you need to do is to wash it down with a brush and mild soap, rinse it off and wait until it dries out. That’s why it’s an excellent choice for people who don’t know how to clean a yoga mat. Plus, due to amazing features, this model is the best yoga mat for a beginner.

However, take into account that it’s larger than a standard-sized yoga mat. The model’s dimensions are 72x26x0.2 inches. That’s why it may be difficult to transport it.

  • Made of eco-friendly and durable TPE material
  • Designed with Body Alignment System
  • Easy to clean
  • Large size

Forget about Slipping with New Jade Yoga Mat

If you often wonder, “How to stop slipping on my yoga mat?” it’s just the time to check this awesome mat. It’s produced by well-known Jade Yoga. The company is popular with yoga fans and is one of the best brands for yoga mats.

Its products are made of rubber that provides the highest level of traction. This best-rated yoga mat is 3/16 inches thick and guarantees wonderful stability. Additionally, due to the top-quality materials, Jade Yoga mats are extremely durable, and it’s possible to use them for any activity without fear of damaging them. And according to the Jade yoga mat review written by one of the customers, this model isn’t the best choice for hot yoga classes.

Although the mat isn’t made of eco-friendly material, the company plants a tree for every product sold. Right now, Jade Yoga has planted more than one million trees, and it’s not going to stop.

  • It ensures perfect traction and cushion
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Made of environmentally harmful materials

Gaiam Yoga Mat for Professional Yogis

The equipment produced by Gaiam will allow you to enjoy a yoga class and protect you from any injuries. Also, the company produces the best yoga mats for travel. Each model is lightweight and extremely durable, so you can take it wherever you go without any difficulties.

What is more, the mats are made of non-toxic materials, so be sure they won’t damage your health. Besides, there is a variety of designs and colors. It’s even possible to purchase Gaiam mat as a present for a true yogi. Moreover, the pleasant fact is that this best traveling yoga mat goes with a free yoga lesson that will encourage you to start training just right after receiving the mat.

  • Ideal for travelers
  • Amazing durability
  • It goes with a free downloadable yoga workout
  • High price

Choose BalanceFrom to Purchase the Best Professional Yoga Mat

Last but not least, this mat is an ideal choice for people who adore yoga and exercising. It’s designed with a double-sided non-slip surface that provides a high level of slip resistance. Choosing it, you can be sure that you’re safe during your yoga class. Moreover, the mat is really easy to wash, so in case you wonder how to clean your yoga mat, this is your choice.

The great news is that the item goes with a free mat strap. What is more, every BalanceFrom product is covered by a 2-year warranty. However, take into consideration that this top-rated yoga mat is large, and it may be difficult to store it or take on a trip.

  • Easy to wash
  • It guarantees reliable slipping protection
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty
  • Large size

Popular Questions and Useful Tips

person rolling yoga mat

In case if you wonder, “But where can I buy a yoga mat?”, you definitely should visit a special sporting goods store. There you can ask a consultant for help and choose the model that will satisfy all your needs. At the same time, you always can purchase the best non-slip yoga mat on the Internet. Plus, don’t forget to select a yoga mat bag while buying the equipment for yoga classes. It’s an irreplaceable item for any yogi. In addition, it’ll be a great idea to purchase sandals yoga mat that can help you prevent slips and falls while training. And make sure that you’ve chosen the best yoga mat strap for your mat. It’ll be especially useful if you want to take your yoga equipment on the trip.

Sometimes people ask me what color yoga mat to buy. As for me, you should purchase a blue yoga mat, because this color helps to relax and concentrate your energy. And I don’t recommend buying a square yoga mat, because such a shape isn’t the best choice for yoga classes. However, everything depends on you and your preferences.

Besides, some people often face the question, “What yoga mat is right for me?”. Although it’s difficult to answer it, because everything depends on a person, I think that you should take into account the type of yoga class you’re going to attend. Make sure that the mat you’ve selected meets all the requirements. But still, bear in mind that the best thickness for yoga mats is 6mm. Usually, thick yoga mats guarantee the best density and slipping protection. That’s why you should always check the thickness yoga mat before the purchasing.

At the same time, I know that many yogis don’t know how to clean a yoga mat. Keep calm because anyone can cope with this task. All that you need is just a soft brush, mild soap, and your hands. And, don’t forget to wait till it dries out. I think this is the best answer to the question, “What is the best way to clean a yoga mat?”. Additionally, please, if you wonder how to clean a yoga mat in a washing machine, you should bear in mind that it’s not recommended to wash your mat in it.


As you can see, it’s complicated to choose the best yoga mat. Moreover, it’s even impossible to select the best brand for yoga mats, because each company tries to provide its customers only with the best products. That’s why I strongly recommend you get acquainted with each mat from the list before making the final decision.

Also, recently, I’ve read some yoga mats reviews written by other yogis, where the models described above were included. Furthermore, you can find thousands of positive comments written by satisfied customers that acknowledge that these models definitely worth their money. Take into account that it may be really useful to read yoga mat reviews if you don’t want to spend your money on low-quality equipment. For example, you can get acquainted with the reviews of the best yoga mats 2017 or, maybe, find out information about the best yoga mat 2018. Search for the information on what models were popular several years ago.

Also, I’d like to admit that there are other famous companies that produce high-quality yoga mats. One of them is B Yoga. This company provides mats for everyday use. Each Yoga B mat is made of top-quality rubber that guarantees excellent grip and support. One of its models even was acknowledged to be the best yoga mat 2017. And it’s not a wonder, because B Yoga mat meets the needs of any yogi. If you are not satisfied with the models from the review above, you definitely should check the best yoga mats non slip produced by this company.

I hope that my review will stand you in good stead. If you have already bought or tried out one of the yoga mats from my review, please, don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

Also, tell more about your yoga experience or give the readers and me some useful pieces of advice that can help to choose the best yoga mat thick. I’ll be glad to read your yoga mat review if you have such one.

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