Can You Customize Adidas Soccer Cleats? Main Possibilities

To make the game even more enjoyable, you can wear cleats created by your model. Can you customize Adidas soccer cleats? While the MiAdidas platform was closed till further notice, don’t get upset too quickly. There are numerous alternatives and ways to personalize cleats for your sports activities. If you want to make a lucky pair of shoes, you can still do it. Find your perfect Adidas boots, look for the inspiration you may need on the Internet, or create something completely unique, ask professionals for help, and enjoy the results.

If you love sports and play soccer, you may want your outfit to stand out, regardless of choosing colors and symbols of your team or just specific meaning for your design. While you may not have any problems with T-shirts, shorts, and even socks, soccer cleat customization is not the easiest thing to do due to the smooth surface and hard materials. Originally, boots were not made to become an art; they were created to protect your feet and improve your performance on the field. However, there is nothing impossible when it comes to customizing your boots, no matter the materials they are made from. All you need is to decide on the changes you want to make and the pictures you want to see on the cleats.

Guide to Soccer Сleats Customization

If you are not good at painting, don’t try to make it on your own. There are multiple companies with professional designers that offer their services. On the contrary, if you are good at art, why not try to paint the cleats by yourself?

MiAdidas Online Platform

Since 2019, it is impossible to use Mi Adidas soccer cleats customization. This service was shut down by the Adidas Company. Despite the fact that the platform had been popular, developers decided to discontinue it. Instead, starting from 2000, a customizable soccer cleats option is available on the Adidas website. You can personalize the shoes with a wide color palette. You can also add the silhouettes of Superstar, Ultra Boost, and Stan Smith. Moreover, you can create your own design using the templates offered on the website.

The Adidas company still plans to turn MiAdidas into one of the tools on their official website. You will receive a wider choice of tools, a bigger color palette, and professional assistance if you need it. The exact dates are yet unknown.

Alternatives to MiAdidas

How to customize soccer cleats when the MiAdidas option is no longer available? It is simple: you can use a wide range of other services. People can custom soccer cleats through the websites that were created specifically for this purpose. They usually offer complete customization of your sports uniform and are widely used among amateur sportsmen and sports teams. The most popular orders are the names and numbers of sportsmen on the uniforms. More advanced design soccer cleats are decorated with logos and flags. Sometimes players ask for paintings with their favorite sports celebrities. All you need is to choose soccer cleats you want to customize.

Options for Your Cleats

The history of sports’ shoes customization goes back to the Roman Empire when Roman legionnaires decorated their caligae. Nowadays, all you have to do is open the website and compare the prices at similar stores.

There are many alternative solutions of how to customize cleats without MiAdidas. Before you start customization on one of the numerous platforms on the Internet, you have to find out all your possibilities. Decide which type of soccer cleats you want to customize:

  • Firm ground boots are the best for surfaces with natural grass. They have conical and bladed studs. These boots are easy to paint;
  • Soft ground cleats are perfect to wear in rainy weather. The studs are removable. This type must be painted with a specific water-resistant paint and covered with several layers of protection;
  • Futsal boots are for indoors. You can also wear them on the street;
  • Artificial ground cleats have studs for artificial grass;
  • Turf field boots have a bottom from rubber.

“Don’ts” of Customization

You can’t change some things even if you decide to make your own cleat. For example, you can’t remove important parts of the boot. Keep in mind, that customization serves mainly as an aesthetic attraction and does not change original features. You can put yourself in danger, trying to change the design of the boot unless you are professional or know how to repair soccer cleats.

Customizable Brands

Since shoe customization is on-demand now, many famous brands offer new opportunities for customers. New Balance, Vans, Nike, Puma, and many other developers offer soccer cleats for customization. On average, they offer white and black shoes to customize. From time to time, artists and athletes announce their collaboration with sports brands, creating limited customized shoes.


Do I Need Customized Shoes?

Unique cleats may boost your productivity on the field, increasing your confidence. This is the perfect way to underline your personality and show it to other players. You may even confuse or distract your rivals by wearing customized cleats. Despite the fact that MiAdidas is no longer there, check out numerous offers from other companies. If you are great at painting, you can try making your own design and painting your boots. But if you have doubts about it, ask for professional help. Share your thoughts about the customization of soccer cleats. Have you tried it? What would you paint on your shoes?

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