Detailed Manual to Volleyball Scoring

Volleyball is not just fascinating but also a fast and competitive sport. The audience has to pay attention to each move on the field. Once you turn away, you will be wondering how the team received extra points in volleyball.

How Does Volleyball Scoring Work?

The volleyball scoring system is advanced, and it scales the players’ skills. You can’t rest during the game, not even for a second, due to the high-intensity level. Each game is scored in 1-point increments. Each time a team sends the ball over the net to the competitor’s field, it wins 1 point. Points are calculated to the set. You need to win a specific number of sets to win the match. Yet, if you think this system is a piece of cake, wait a second. According to the volleyball score rules, you have two ways of winning the points and different playing structures for tracking them.

Each set in volleyball has its own number of points that must be scored. The first team that reaches the number wins. The team that wins more sets is the final winner. However, the number of sets might differ. If you are a member of the youth team, you can bring your friends to victory by getting limited volleyball point numbers, unlike in professional sports. Every set in the youth group requires 10 points, while in the Olympics and other professional competitions, you need 25 points. Points are given to those who win the rally. The two types of scoring are used:

  • Rally scoring starts from the serve when both teams are trying to send the ball to the opposite team’s territory. It is an individual play. The volleyball rally scoring requires the team that receives the point to be the last one to return the ball over the net.
  • Side-out scoring. This is an old system. If the team won the serve from the rivals, it was called side-out. Yet, this system is rarely practiced nowadays.

What Is Rally Scoring in Volleyball?

Let’s talk more about the most popular scoring type of game. This volleyball game score option is well-known around the world. Each rally is rewarded with a point to the team that wins. If your team fails the serve, the point goes to their competitors. If the team is not in the rotation during the serve, the play will end, and the competitors will have the point.

This system is quick and even more exciting. Those who win the rally gain points and start the serve in the next set. If you feel that it is not fair to award another team with a point just because your team failed to serve, you are not the only one. Still, the rules are valid, so you’d better not miss them. Many people complain that the rally scoring turned the game into a highly competitive one when the audience expresses joy when the opposite team fails. It doesn’t look fair since the team that wins did nothing. The system is harder to appreciate by parents of young players who came to cheer them and have to watch wishes from another side to lose.

Once you lose the point, you also lose the serve. Now competitors have an advantage and start to serve. You may not even begin the set if your rivals lose. The pause in the game results in a point to the opposite team.

What Is Side-Out Scoring?

If you are looking for how to score in volleyball alternatively, you probably will not miss side-out scoring. This type was popular even before the rally system. However, it is still practiced in some cases, especially in youth or amateur games.

The major difference is that during side-out scoring, you need to serve and have to win the whole rally to receive a point. The game can be played without scores if the team’s trade turns into losing and serving announced rallies. You need to win in 2, so you may keep playing for a long time. Tournaments implemented the rule of 17 points in total back when the system was popular. It meant that you had to win in 2 or gain 17 points in the first place.

What Is the Volleyball Scoring Sheet?

The volleyball score sheets keep the scores intact and help the judge to know which team is winning. It simply records the points. Apart from that, the scorekeeper, who is the chosen person trusted to calculate the points, has to track the rotation of players during the game, notice delays and sanctions afterward, timeouts, penalties, substitutions if there are any, and even the side switches. This person records the time when the game starts and when it ends.

The scoring sheet is the document in which the information about the game is kept. You can apply to this form if you believe that the game was judged unfairly. The report is later kept by the administration.

Calculate and Track the Points Easily

You can learn the scoring system if you know where to start. Think about the most preferable way to calculate points for your particular game. If you do it for fun, you can decide on it together with the opposite team.

Have you ever used any of these systems? Which system do you like the most? Express your thoughts in the comments.

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