Volleyball Knee Pads: Your Best Protection During the Game

You may not know about the specialized equipment and clothing for volleyball when you have just started playing it. Just in some time, you can disclose the possibility to wear the volleyball knee pads and feel much more confident and protected. If you’re hearing about them for the first time, it’s not a problem. Today, I will tell you a lot about them.

Knee pads are not only a stylish addition to your volleyball accessories. They are required if you want to play professionally. It’s because the knee bone and joints can get injured during the game easily. Wearing cushions is the simplest way to take care of your health and prevent unwanted sprains. But you should remember that knee pads should be extra-fine and trustworthy.

Buyer’s Guide on Volleyball Knee Pads

There are so many various knee pads on the market, and you should know which type is the most suitable for you. Here you will find the knee pads description and a comprehensive guide on how to choose them.

What are the volleyball knee pads?

When playing volleyball, you don’t interact with other players so close. However, some well-played kicks may require deep squatting. Sometimes, you can fall on your knees. Such situations may cause strain or even injuries – that’s why you need the appropriate protection.

Volleyball knee pads are the protective cushions that give your additional support during the game. In most cases, they have a similar design but can differ in materials. Also, some of them have a more high-grade cushioning system. You can also wear them for running or cycling – these tools are multi-featured, so they will come into play in many sports training.

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Knee pads don’t only protect you from injuries but also make your game more comfortable. However, you need to choose a suitable design and material according to your characteristics. You will find more about it in the sections below.

Why is it significant to wear them?

If you play volleyball professionally or quite frequently attend the volleyball club, knee pads are a must. They are designed to guard your knee joints. In your body, these parts have to cope with the high pressure, especially when you’re jumping or squatting during the game.

At first, your knees keep as stable as they can. But when you play for a longer time, the kneecap bone can wear out and get an underlying risk for strains. It may affect your volleyball career. What is more – it can even affect the way you live if we talk about serious injuries. They may cause chronic pain and other consequences. So, the most significant reason to wear knee pads is to follow the volleyball safety rules.

Another reason for wearing the cushions is to make your game more comfortable. The knee pads will give you extra support and keep your knees stable when you’re moving in a harsh way. It may reduce the possible painful feeling after playing. So, you will enjoy it more and get better results.

Some people think that knee pads can make them less flexible during the game. However, the right knee pads are lightweight and stretchy. You won’t really feel any discomfort while wearing them. Moreover, they will open you the new opportunities to receive an attack faster and fall on your knees with less pain.

Why should you purchase quality knee pads?

As I have noted before, volleyball knee injuries and sprains may kick you out of the court for some days or even weeks. Also, there is a risk to get a more severe injury that will stop your volleyball playing. So, you don’t need low-quality knee pads. They won’t actually bring you any benefit or even cause unnecessary distress.

Sporting knee pads can have too many cushions, or, on the contrary, they may be too flat. If you’re an aggressive player, you have to consider the design with tough and strong padding for the best knee protection. In case you’re a beginner, I recommend choosing a lightweight option with soft cushions and a simpler design. Such knee pads won’t disturb you during the game.

The material is usually the factor that defines whether the knee pads are high-quality or not. However, most professional cushions are made of a combination of fabrics. That’s why you should understand which type of material you prefer according to your gameplay type. Also, quality knee pads are those that fit your legs perfectly. Below, you will find a more detailed description of how to choose the material and size.

Where and how to use knee pads?

The volleyball knee pads are mostly designed for court playing. That means they are perfect for the wood surface. However, you can use them when you’re playing outside on the grass or even on sand (don’t forget about the safety while playing on the beach). I recommend using them every time you play.

You may think that knee pads are necessary only when you feel pain after a game or if you play frequently. But you don’t know how and when you can sprain your joints. Volleyball is an unexpected game. So, put on the knee pads every time you go for the training or decide to play a little with friends. Also, the knee pads are perfect for hiking and mountain cycling. You can try them when playing football, rugby, or other team games. A lot of people purchase exactly the volleyball knee pads because they are affordable and protect the knees perfectly.

It’s not complicated to wear knee pads. You should remember that there are right and left knee pads. It’s significant to use them properly because they fit the specific knee shape of each leg. Don’t leave the wet pads after the play in your bag. It may damage the fabrics and reduce the protection level.

The cushions absorb body oils, sweat, and a lot of dust. It’s not a pleasure to play in dirty knee pads. So, you should wash them delicately with soapy water after each game, or at least two times a month. It’s better not to put them into the washing machine. The cushions may lose their shape – because of this, they become less comfortable and supportive.

Usually, the high-quality knee pads keep their features during one year of usage. If you’re playing not so frequently, it can be two years. After that time, you should change the pair. Remember that during the year of playing, your gameplay may change, so you might need the knee pads with other characteristics. Therefore, don’t hurry up to buy the same cushions even if they were perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new but consider the factors on how to choose the quality ones.

Knee pads materials

The materials for the knee pads should be lightweight but, at the same time, sturdy enough to keep your knee bones stable. It’s quite challenging to find the fabric that will suit such characteristics. That’s why manufacturers combine diverse materials. Such a way of producing knee pads allows them to create a cushion that will be comfortable but, at the same time, protect effectively.

Polyester is used in most knee pads for volleyball. It weighs a little and is highly stretching, which creates the carcass for the cushions. It should take neither more nor less than 40-50% of the knee protector for volleyball. Such a design makes the product lighter. You will be able to move freely without any discomfort and make the dives and jumps as quickly as you need.

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Such synthetic materials as nylon and rayon are suitable for sporting knee pads. They are breathable, so the cushions won’t cause heating during the play. Also, they are quite elastic. You may also consider the products made of rubber or gel volleyball knee pads. But they are most fitting for the professionals.

The knee pads that comprise cotton are soft and comfortable. They reduce the pain from falling on your knees effectively. However, they are less stretching and give you worse injury protection, so they are more suitable for beginners. Also, you can choose the cotton knee pads if you don’t like the massive cushions on your legs.

How to measure knee roundness and choose knee pads size?

Most manufacturers will ask you to make the three main measurements. The knee pad type doesn’t only depend on the knee bone roundness. There are full-knee and low-profile knee pads. Most professional players choose the first ones. Such a design covers a larger leg area and gives you a higher protection level. However, some people feel inconvenient in full-knee pads. So, if you don’t play aggressively, you can choose the low-profile cushions.

Both types need you to measure your knee circumference. You may use the tape measure or the piece of string, which you can then put on a ruler and determine your length. Then, you should take the measurements under your knee. If you’re looking for full-knee pads, you should measure around your calf. In another case, find the roundness 3-4 inches under the knee.

You should measure the circumference behind your knee as well. For the full-knee cushions, you need to take 5-7 inches from your knee. And, if you will purchase the low profile ones, it’s better to take the dimensions 2-4 inches from the knee. Then you should find the table with the sizes. Here you will discover your one; however, try to use the table, which your manufacturer offers because they can differ.

FAQ About Volleyball Knee Pads

Here you may find some other tips that will help you completely understand the knee pads specifics.

What knee pads are best for volleyball?

There are as many knee pad types as gameplay varieties. You should search not only for the top-quality cushions but also for the design that will be perfect for the way you move on the court. You need to consider the material, weight, and length of the knee pads. Also, there are girl volleyball knee pads, the models designed specifically for the men, and the unisex ones – they differ a lot. The best way you can define whether the knee pads are good for you or not is by trying them on. If you feel comfortable, and your movements are free, this pair is a suitable choice.

The pads should cover only the knee or a larger area?

If you’re a professional player, you should wear the full-knee pads that cover your knee and the joints behind and below it. However, not for all players, such a design is great. For some people, it can be a bother during the game. It all depends on your preferences. So, you need to try diverse knee pads kinds before you purchase them. But remember that full-knee pads give you more proper protection.

Why do volleyball players wear knee pads?

The main reason for wearing volleyball knee pads is to protect knees from injuries. Also, a lot of people use them because it is quite cozy. The cushions keep your knees more stable, and that’s why you feel less pain during the game and after it.

Do professional volleyball players wear knee pads?

Mostly all the professional players wear knee pads. It is even more significant for them to do this because they play more aggressively, and the possibility to get an injury increases several times. There are diverse knee pad types for newcomers and experts. But if you know that you will play volleyball for a long time, you can buy professional ones with no doubt.

Should the padding be heavy or lightweight?

There is no perfect weight for the knee pads because everybody has its specifics, and every player should try and understand what is more commodious for them. I can say that the men’s volleyball knee pads are heavier. Women’s volleyball knee pads may weigh less but it doesn’t mean they don’t protect well. However, if you choose a model that is too tight, it might be inconvenient for you to make the harsh movements or deep dives. So try to purchase the knee pads with medium weight and cushions.

Wear Pads to Keep Your Knees Safe

It’s really challenging to avoid falling into sport. However, you don’t need to limit your movements and think about possible injuries all the time. It’s much better to wear the proper protection. Today’s guide was created to help you while purchasing quality knee pads. Remember that your safety and comfort should go first, and you don’t need to compromise.

Have you played volleyball for a long time? Do you wear knee pads? Are they helpful for you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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