What is the Difference Between Indoor Outdoor Soccer Cleats – Buyer’s Guide

Soccer is the most popular sport both for men and women in the world. When you are playing or watching soccer, you can’t help but notice all of the different types of soccer cleats that are around. Some of them are very basic. Others are high-tech and very different.

Soccer players may be required to play on different surfaces and thus should wear different kinds of soccer cleats for each surface. There are many surfaces used for soccer games these days, including artificial turf, grass, and indoor turf. So, it is important for soccer players to buy the right kind of cleats for the different surfaces.

This article will answer a few of the questions that you might have about indoor and outdoor cleats. So, what is the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer cleats?

Indoor vs Outdoor Soccer Cleats – What Should You Buy

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Indoor and outdoor soccer cleats are two different types of soccer cleats. They differ in terms of their design, purpose, and characteristics.


The main difference between indoor and outdoor soccer shoes is their use. Indoor models are designed to be used on hard surfaces such as artificial grass and indoor hard court. Meanwhile, ones are designed to be used on natural grass.


Indoor soccer cleats have a hard and thin soleplate. This design is suitable for hard surfaces since it will provide excellent traction on the hardcourt. The hard surface also means low friction. As a result, indoor soccer cleats can move faster.

While indoor soccer cleats are designed to be used on a hard surface, outdoor soccer cleats are designed to be used on natural grass. That is what you should keep in mind while choosing soccer shoes for indoor and outdoor playing.

The soleplate of outdoor soccer cleats is made of soft material such as rubber. This material helps to absorb the impact as you run on the natural grass. The soleplate also has a cleat pattern, which will provide excellent traction on the surface.


Indoor soccer shoes have a tighter and more lightweight upper. This allows you to have the flexibility to play on a hard surface. The surface also requires you to have a tighter shoe. It is because the ball will bounce higher due to the hard surface.

Outdoor soccer shoes come with a more flexible and lightweight upper. This is because they are often used on grass. The natural grass is soft and provides little friction. As a result, outdoor soccer shoes don’t require a hard and tight upper which indoor models should have.

Types of Outdoor Soccer Shoes

Hard-ground shoes are specifically designed for playing on hard, compacted surfaces. Soft-ground shoes are designed for outdoor play on grass.

Hard-ground ones are usually heavier, have more studs, and have a firmer stud contact area than soft-ground shoes in order to reduce the amount of soil that is brought into the shoe with each step. Many players prefer hard-ground shoes for indoor play because the firmer stud contact area gives the player more control on the smooth surface.

Soft-ground shoes are lighter and have more of a “spongy” stud contact area. They also have a larger stud contact area in order to prevent the studs from penetrating the grass. Many players prefer soft-ground shoes for outdoor play because they provide better traction on grass, and the larger stud contact area reduces the amount of soil that is brought into the shoe with each step.

Futsal vs Indoor Soccer Shoes – What’s the Difference?

Futsal is a form of indoor soccer played on a smaller field (standard futsal field is 20×40 meters), and it is played with a smaller, heavier, less bouncy ball than the one used in outdoor soccer. Futsal is played with five players per team on a field that has no lines, no goals, no boards, no stands, and no walls.

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So, what is the difference between futsal and soccer shoes? Futsal and indoor soccer shoes are both designed for indoor play. They are the same, except futsal shoes are typically a bit lighter. They are also smaller than indoor soccer shoes and are designed to help you play the game of futsal. They are designed to give you the traction, stability, and comfort you need to play the game.

Why Do You Need Special Shoes?

Soccer players are undoubtedly the most passionate athletes in the world, but the sport itself can be pretty brutal, especially for the feet. That’s because the shoes used during play are made out of hard, often plastic-based synthetic leather. They’re designed to withstand the rigors of the game, but they’re not exactly the most comfortable options for kicking around the house.

That’s why soccer players the world over have started wearing indoor soccer shoes. They’re essentially the same as regular cleats, but they have a softer outer sole, which makes them ideal for indoor play.


It’s important to consider your environment when deciding whether indoor or outdoor soccer cleats will work best for you. If you want to play both indoors and outdoors, it’s best to invest in a pair of all-weather soccer cleats. And remember that the most important thing is to choose the shoes that will fit your game.

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