Zero Drop Shoes: Should You Buy Them?

The positive effects of running are undisputed – not only does it allow you to stay fit but also keeps you happy, thanks to the endorphin hormone. I jog a lot, and my social circle is made up of athletic people who dabble in various sports. Therefore, I have had experience with all sorts of running gear. Shoes are a critical success factor. With the right shoes, you will have a more productive experience.

You must have heard about the zero drop shoe. It is the latest invention on the market, sold by sport savvy brands. Running shoes have evolved over the years, with each new design lauded as the best for runners. So, I understand why you may have so many questions about these shoes. What are they? Will they enhance your performance on the track? What about their comfort? I have answers to these and more queries related to zero-drop trail running shoes.

Zero Drop Running Shoes: Get Your Answers Here

Finding the best zero drop running shoes is almost impossible if you do not understand the science behind this design. It is important to start from the basics before narrowing down your options and settling on a particular pair.

What Are Zero Drop Shoes?

These are the shoes that have been designed with close to no toe-heel drop. In simple terms, these shoes are flat, with no heel to ensure that you run as though you were barefoot. The essence of this design is for the shoes to have minimal interference with your running gait and posture. Remember, the very first runners went barefoot. This shoe design takes us back to those days, with a little extra comfort. A combination of good gait and extra convenience sounds like music to the ears of any person who is often on the track.

Zero drop running shoes 2017 were among the earliest on the market, and there has been a little variation in the design since then. However, this shoe design is not only for running shoes. There are zero-drop dress shoes that offer comfort as you go about daily business. They consider people who walk or stand for long hours, as well as those with certain foot deformations that would need extra foot care.

Womens zero drop dress shoes are quite popular and have been around for much longer. Most zero drop casual shoes are not designed for rigorous activity and can only serve for ordinary tasks.

Zero Drop Shoes Benefits and Limitations

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As they allow your foot to walk naturally, these shoes are beneficial in many ways. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a pair:

They Encourage the Right Gait

Traditional running shoes have no level soles, and they force you to land on your heel. However, the zero-drop design eliminates the drop and helps you to land on your forefoot, which reduces fatigue and prevents injury.

They Give a Natural Feel for Added Comfort

If you enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with running in minimalist shoes, then you will love the zero-drop design. These shoes give you a solid connection with the ground and are perfect for anyone who struggles with stability. Trail running shoes zero drop leverage on this quality.

They Are Lightweight

As they have less material in their sole, they are much lighter to wear in comparison with other designs. The effect of this weight reduction is huge. It decreases stress on your joints and back and eventually lessens fatigue.

They Build Stamina

While wearing a zero-drop running shoe, your feet will not rely on support from the sole. This improves stamina, and you will find that your stability develops as well.

They Reduce Injury Risks

With zero drop training shoes, you can maintain the body’s natural stance and encourage aligned movement. Therefore, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.


Depending on your arch, you might need to wear traditional running shoes to correct your gait. If you are a male and have flat feet, choosing zero drop shoes men’s collections offer nowadays, might make your situation worse by causing overpronation. Overpronation is the rolling of the foot outward as it strikes the ground. This will result in knee pain and discomfort while you run. In such a case, you will need shoes with more stability support than is provided by zero-drop hiking shoes.

Long-Term Effects of Wearing Shoes with Zero Drop Design

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It was conducted a two-year study to examine the aspect of duration in terms of wearing this kind of shoes. It measured the long-term effects of zero drop shoes for women and came with the following results:

  • The arch of the foot was slightly raised. This was attributed to the added strength the foot had gained over the two years.
  • The feet were more naturally aligned – the increased foot strength had improved the feet’s alignment and appearance.
  • The runner experienced less foot-related injuries.

When used well, a zero drop hiking shoe can have a positive impact on your running experience. The key to getting the most out of such shoes is transitioning gradually from traditional designs. You cannot go straight from wearing shoes with thick soles to wearing even the best pair of zero drop shoes men could ever find, despite it being the qualitative model from a reliable brand. The following tips help you to transition safely:

  • Foot acclimation – slowly decrease the sole size to ensure your feet can handle it. You should start with traditional running shoes, decreasing the size until you are ready for the minimalist designs. This process may take weeks or months.
  • Practice gradually – start out with short distances to test your stability and comfort.
  • Choose proper terrains – while starting out, do not go for rough terrains as this may hurt your feet. You should take on flat and firm surfaces until you have fully transitioned to the flat shoes.
  • Exercise caution – always listen to your body and ensure you are as comfortable as possible in the shoes. It is advisable to occasionally switch up and run in the traditional sneaker type of shoes to give your feet a break, especially if you are a jogging addict like me.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Zero Drop Training Shoes?

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The benefit of zero drop shoes can be felt only in case you buy the right pair. When shopping for such shoe designs, you should consider the following factors:


This determines how much heat and humidity the shoe will let out to keep your feet cool and dry. If you live in an area with a warm climate, you would possibly want a shoe with a very breathable upper portion. This ensures your comfort while running in humid weather.


Such shoe designs often have minimal cushioning. If you are prone to injuries, you should consider zero-drop Nike shoes and others that will protect your foot. They have extra cushioning on the sides to offer more support.


Whereas all zero drop shoes have a thin sole, there are some that provide more protection. Altra zero drop shoes are a perfect example. They complement your gait and guarantee added stability.


After spending a handsome amount of money on these shoes, you want them to last long. The shoe material, lacing system, and quality of the outsole are all indicators of how long the shoe will last. Any sections that look flimsy are bound not to give out after minimal use.

Shoe Fit

Considering the time it will take you to transition to a flat shoe, you should make size allowances. Also, you have to consider that you cannot run in these shoes on every trail, every day. Think about buying one size up to ensure it fits right when the time comes.

Most zero drop shoes women fit you can purchase are of small size, so you might also want to consider this. You should look out for brands that make special sizes for wide feet.


Don’t all of us want to look stylish while going out for a run? You should examine your style and choose shoes that you look good in. Thankfully, most brands have a variety to pick from.

Wrapping Up

Zero drop shoes women and men may be interested in are beneficial for many reasons. They improve both posture and gait, helping you to get a better running experience. When used for a long time, they have proved to enhance foot alignment and build up strength. However, one must transition from using traditional running shoes to wearing the zero-drop design gradually. This will allow the feet to acclimate and run comfortably in various terrains.

It is obvious that this shoe design is a must-have. What was your experience with zero drop shoes casual? Did you have a successful transition from ordinary sneakers to minimalist designs? Please let me know all these things in the comment section below. I look forward to answering any questions you may have about zero drop kid shoe designs.

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