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Best Climbing Helmets to Keep You Protected

Picking the best climbing helmets is perhaps the first thing to start with when choosing mountaineering equipment. The time had long passed when experts argued ...

Best Shoes for Peroneal Tendonitis: Make Your Movements Easier

A common disease that appears because of overtraining or not wearing proper footwear is peroneal tendonitis. In case you have this illness, you should find the ...

Best Running Shoes for Snow: Keep on Running!

It’s rather odd, but some people don’t know that not all sneakers are meant for running in winter. Gearing up with a pair of spring/summer shoes, they go for a ...

Best Camping Tents under 100 – A Comprehensive Review

My name is Alan Fletcher, and I have been in love with mountains for the past 15 years. From the first day, I joined a mountain climbing club, to my last years ...

Best Hiking Backpack under 100 – Why You Need to Make the Right Purchase

Wolfgang Güllich once said that the brain is the most important muscle in climbing. I fully agree with this statement, as I am a mountain junkie who is always ...

Best Walking Shoes for People with Flat Feet: Choosing the Right Shoes

Most people’s feet have an arch. This arch distributes the body’s weight evenly and determines the person’s gait as he or she walks. However, people with flat ...

Best Walking Shoes for Plantars Fasciitis – Best Sporting Experience

I am Alan, a true lover of mountain climbing. Outdoors activities such as hiking and camping are more than a primitive thing to me. It is my experience with ...

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