Best Sand Socks for Beach Volleyball — No More Foot Abuse

Jogging takes up about one-third of my life. I jog every morning, throughout four seasons. But as much as I enjoy a good dash through the neighborhood on a crisp November morning, I also love outdoor sports in summer. Beach volleyball namely.

Once you have the right pair of beach volleyball socks, you absolutely will gain an upper hand over the ‘unsocked’ rivals. And also it’s a good chance to show your good taste for clothing.

Here you’ll find the most affordable options that will last you at least through one season. A few fancier models are also featured for those who combine volleyball with snorkeling. So, here’s my sand socks review with the top 8 picks inside. Enjoy!

Top 8 Best Sand Socks for Beach Volleyball

I know some prefer sand volleyball shoes. It’s a fine choice, no doubt. But I’ve outlined a few downsides about shoes for me:

  • Weight. A pair of good Asics or Mizuno can be about 11.0 ounces or 311 grams. Not a dramatic burden for the trained legs, of course. But even extra 150 grams for each foot can cause more fatigue over the course of a 1-hour game.
  • Speed. I personally find it easier to maneuver on the improvised volleyball court with the socks on. They just provide more freedom.
  • Sensory experience. Just think: we are deprived of the sensory connection with nature all the time! And it just feels nice to safely sense the sun-soaked sand under your feet at least a bit, as you do blocks and passes. I don’t know, it’s just pretty darn refreshing.
  • Compactness. After the game is over, shoes must take a nap inside a shoe bag or a knapsack. And sometimes you just don’t feel like being a caravan camel. Especially after an intensive match.

Shoes have their own upsides. They can prevent certain foot traumas. And also you can’t play indoor volleyball wearing socks. But for a dynamite game on a summer beach, socks are the finest choice. Without further ado, I present my personal best picks.

1. Nordic Essentials Beach Socks: Beach Socks at an Optimal Price

Our hit parade begins with the Nordic Essentials. It’s a peculiar brand that specializes in making beach volleyball footwear and… guitar stands.

Well, I don’t know about their music paraphernalia, but socks from Nordic are a product of quality. We have here a nice lycra blend that guarantees longevity. As well as resistance to wearing out quickly. Something that cotton socks don’t have.

These socks are black, stylish, and unisex. This is certainly footwear you won’t be ashamed to show to your teammates. But you can also pick the blue color if you prefer a more vivid pallet. And also, it’s easier to find them in the pile of other socks.

There’s also some extra foot protection. Your feet will be guarded by a neoprene sole. First, it will block the excessive heat of the beach sand. And as you know, sometimes, especially in July, it turns into a literal frying pan — up to 100 degrees F (37 C). They have to issue warnings from time to time.

Second, your foot skin is insured from small mechanic traumas. Scratches and blisters — they won’t irritate you with Nordic Essentials.

And it’s not just an aesthetic issue. Foot damage, even a small one, can make you temporarily limp. And in some cases, like with people who have diabetes, this can be quite dangerous.

All in all, Nordic Essentials show some impressive results. And at a pretty humble price, I should say. So, if you’re searching for a way to protect your gentle feet from scorching hot sand, sharp rocks, mollusk shells, and save up a buck — here’s the solution.


  • Lycra;
  • Affordable;
  • Neoprene soles;
  • High durability;
  • Stylish design with the brand’s logo.


  • Just two color options.
  • Don’t qualify for snorkeling.

2. Sand Socks for Beach Volleyball: A Pair of Brutal-looking Socks

Our next item is truly versatile footwear. Produced by Sand Socks — a brand from Texas — it offers a pair of brutal-looking socks that seem to withhold any amount of wear and tear.

They are made from 100% lycra. And as you know, it’s a lightweight and elastic material that doesn’t scratch your skin. At the same time, it’s pretty enduring and tough.

So, you don’t have to worry about tearing these socks too quickly and wasting your money in the long run. Sand Socks can last for at least 10 consecutive matches. And I guess more.

The know-how I really like about them is the Velcro addition around the top. This trick prevents the sand from getting inside your socks. Therefore, this annoying feeling of the sand grains torturing and harassing your feet during the game isn’t an issue anymore.

Neoprene soles are also in the package. So, you’ll be well-protected from hot sand, soil, and asphalt. As well as little sharp rocks and pebbles. So, the next time you’re having a vacation in some hot, nice place like Thailand or Ecuador’s Loja, you can take these instead of another pair of sandals.

Sand Socks are okay for snorkeling as well. Most of the volleyball socks can’t handle something like coral beaches. But these guys seem like they can. So, if you’re worried that some grumpy turtle might want to get a taste of your toes — try these.

As for the design, they are unisex. Just be careful about picking the size: usually, you may need half a size less to fit your feet perfectly.

And finally, there’s a color variety I couldn’t even dream of. Apart from the default military design, you can also choose black-&-red, patriotic, pink zebra, marine blue, orange sunset and other coloring.


  • Solid protection;
  • Velcro element;
  • Color variety;
  • Neoprene soles;
  • Good for snorkeling.


  • Some models don’t have the anti-sand protection.

3. Barefoot Quick-Dry Sand Beach Socks by Randy Sun

Our next beach volleyball socks are designed by Randy Sun — a brand that was conceived during a ‘middle-age crisis,’ as the official info states.

True or not, they made a mighty product. The socks are made from polyester, nylon, and elastane blend. That’s something new on our menu! But this material composition is worthwhile nevertheless. It’s elastic and skin-friendly. As well as sturdy and enduring.

As a result, Randy’s socks are a multipurpose solution. They are a perfect pick for mountaineering, hiking, various types of sports, and snorkeling. And sand volleyball is no exception.

Randy Sun socks nicely roll with the punches that they get from the hot sand, rocks, and fierce game action. I can’t tell for how long they last exactly. But after 9 consecutive games, they look and feel pretty okay.

The neoprene soles do a mighty job at protection, as always. Only I need to warn you: they feel somewhat thinner than soles of other brands. Not a tragedy or something, but don’t freak out if you can sense sand or asphalt texture a bit more clearly.

At the same time, the soles tend to be more slippery. So, if you decide to go to the community pool, running around it best be avoided.

As for the design, I prefer light tones (they don’t attract sunlight like the black color does). And Randy Sun’s stuff comes in a variety of colors. Or color cocktails I should rather say. Some remind you of the sunset on a tropical paradise Island. Others resemble a toucan’s whimsical coloring.


  • Sturdy material blend;
  • Protection soles;
  • Various color options;
  • Nice elasticity;
  • Multipurpose.


  • A bit thinner soles.
  • Cheaper models aren’t waterproof.

4. Fun Toes Pairs Beach Socks for Volleyball: Cheap Volleyball Sand Socks

Our next item is a pair of definitely fun volleyball socks. And not just because they have fun in their brand’s name. No, Fun Toes have something else to boast of: lightweight, decent elasticity, and smooth texture.

I assume they are made mostly of lycra with a small addition of some other material. (Maybe nylon). And a classic neoprene sole supports each sock. But there’s also a nifty ankle strap that adjusts how the socks fit. Nobody wants a loose socky amidst a hot match, right?

Despite their relative cheapness, they are full of pleasant surprises. My favorite part is that Fun Toes are water impenetrable.

I wouldn’t go snorkeling/diving wearing socks alone — fins are indispensable for me for better maneuvering. So, I can’t promise you can swim in them worry-free. But, they won’t let wet sand ruin your game. So, if you live in an area where it often rains — like Cali’s Smith River region — Fun Toes can save the day.

If you’re concerned with design issues, they are an average unisex model. Look nice and plain when worn. Besides, you get two colors: black and blue. Not a lavish color palette, but still acceptable for this kind of money.


  • Cheap price;
  • Stretchable & elastic;
  • Ankle strap;
  • Certain water resistance;
  • Two colors to pick from.


  • Frequent size chart issues.

5. Tilos Sport Skin Socks: As Good as Beach Volleyball Shoes?

Our next item, Tilos Ski Socks, is something that eco-aware folks will approve of. Here’s why: their blend is made from recycled polyester. It’s a polyethylene-based material. So, instead of decomposing for centuries, this plastic will protect your feet — awesome!

The socks are nicely lightweight — something you really need during a rumbustious match. And their anti-sand protection is also praiseworthy: the polyester wraps around your ankles tightly, so no pesky sand grains can make it in.

By far, these are my second best beach socks. They combine solid quality, disgustingly small price, and… coziness. That’s right, they feel so comfy that you can call them ‘beach slippers.’

And this comfiness is complemented with durability. One pair will show a wear pattern only after 5-6 weeks of active playing — impressive.

Besides, Tilos Socks are multipurpose. In case you want to diversify your beach activities, you can use them for snorkeling and even scuba diving. But if you use them as surfing socks — I can’t vouch for them. They do have an ankle strap, but it simply can’t handle the ocean waves.

To sum up. I’m really pleased with Tilos. They won’t let the summer heat deep-fry your feet. They last for a very long time, unlike many competitors. Eco-friendliness is also a part that I favor. So, if you’re looking for a pair of cool volleyball socks at a reasonable price, Tilos might be it.


  • Merciful price range;
  • Made from recycled polyester;
  • Smooth fabric;
  • Heat and wear resistance;
  • Fits for scuba diving.


  • Possible size issues.

6. Seavenger Low-Cut Beach Volleyball Socks: Stylish Adult & Kids Sand Socks

Seavanger volleyball socks are a decent set. They look quite nice with a whole cornucopia of colors. Apart from the stylish black, you will also find pink hearts, blue mosaic, banana yellow, and other intriguing tonalities. A whole optical feast!

When putting on feet, they feel decent as well. In some places, you can definitely feel the stitching. But it’s not much of a deal. As for the rest, they don’t make you clumsy during the game. And your maneuverability will stay unchanged.

They also offer great thermal protection. Scavenger doesn’t let the hot sand scorch you at all. With the cold sand, though… it’s a bit different. These socks will keep your feet isolated for about an hour. Then the combination of cold sand, possibly cold air and sweat will do the deed.

Another nuance you must be aware of: these Seavengers are low-cut. So, after about 35 minutes of playing, you will need to turn them inside out and evict the irksome grains.

Their durability is quite decent as well. But don’t expect these socks to be invincible. They handle regular beach sand on a satisfying level. But rocks, pebbles, and shells — the sand socks’ natural enemies — will put a hole or two in their soles quickly.


  • Affordable;
  • Stylish design;
  • A wealth of colors.
  • Decent fabric and soles;
  • Works for snorkeling.


  • Low-cut;
  • Sole get destroyed by rocks quickly.

7. ShocSox Beach Volleyball Socks: The Best Women Volleyball Socks

Fits like a glove is one of this product’s slogans. And I got to say it’s not a lie! They slip on and off effortlessly. And why do I think they are perfect for women? Well, because of ShocSox rock the snazziest, even a bit psychedelic design I’ve ever seen.

The fabric & sole tandem offers solid quality too. We have here a classic lycra + neoprene combo. The former garners a smooth feel, once you put the socks on. The latter is responsible for thermal isolation.

And ShocSox can actually boast of impressive smoothness. They don’t irritate skin and don’t feel like a burden to your feet. If lightweight, soft, and stretching are the qualities you want your sand socks to have — bingo.

However, durability isn’t their strong side. ShocSox isn’t afraid of regular beach sand. And you can take an enjoyable stroll down a flat asphalt road. But darned rocks seriously threaten its soles.

So, to sum up, these sand socks are great for thermal protection. On a hot day, you don’t need to worry about scorches. On a cold day, your feet will be in warmth. (Until you get sweaty enough). And their intriguing designs are really something — a perfect conversation starter according to the brand.


  • Classy design;
  • Good thermal protection;
  • Lightweight;
  • Comfy & cozy;
  • Not that pricey.


  • Soles can get holes.

8. BPS ‘Storm Sock’ Beach Socks: The Cheapest Volleyball Socks Ever

Last but not least, we have BPS Beach Socks. It’s really a pick for those who are on a budget, as a pair of these costs around 10 bucks max. But even for that humble price, you get something useful.

First of all, BPS is nice for moving. They don’t impede your moves during the play. And the soles are thick enough to protect you from the heated sand, corals, shells, and other beach rubbish.

So, if you want a cheap solution for beach volleyball and occasional walks — BPS will do fine. But I highly recommend you abstain from going scuba diving with them. (Unless you also put the diving flippers on).

After interacting with the ocean, their lycra becomes somewhat soggy. As a result, they will constantly slip off of your ankles, which is super annoying.

But if you stay a ‘land mammal’ while wearing them, you’ll be okay. They have a Velcro element that keeps the socks protected from the sand grains. Their neoprene soles are a tad thinner than usual. But they still guard your feet and, at the same time, allow more sensory feedback from walking.


  • An abundance of colors;
  • Low-cut models included;
  • Elastic & soft lycra;
  • Very low price;
  • Decent thermal isolation.


  • Not for diving.


playing volleyball on the beach

And now a few tips on how to pick a pair of socks that won’t let you down. And also, some useful guidelines on how to maintain the volleyball footwear so it won’t deteriorate after one month of use.

How to wash sand socks?

Okay, most of the beach socks are made of the same materials: neoprene, nylon, lycra (spandex), etc. Here’s how you wash them:

By hand. Rinse them under tap thoroughly. Both inside and out. No need to apply soap, just be pedantic and wash out all possible salt grains — they may damage lycra. As you’re done, air dries them avoiding sunlight. (Otherwise, they will shrink).

Machine. Select the gentle cycle and apply a bit of soap. When finished, it’s air drying only!

What to pay attention to while choosing volleyball sand socks?

I personally focus on these nuances:

  • Materials. Lycra is the best for me. But other blends based on polyester or nylon will do too.
  • Soles. I guess the market belongs to the neoprene soles. Just pay attention to their thickness level. The fatter the neoprene layer is, the longer your socks will faithfully serve you. And the trauma risk will be minimized.
  • Ankle strap. Not every model has one, so I suggest you pay attention to it.
  • Size. For whatever reason, it’s a perpetual mess with socks sizes. But if you stick to lycra, you can always go with a smaller size risk-free: it has an amazing stretchable capacity. (Up to 500 times!)
  • Velcro element. As you already know, it doesn’t let the beach sand get inside the socks.

Design is an aesthetic, not a practical element, so I put it to the very end. But hey, if you don’t like the way you look in those socks, then skip ‘em.

What materials are the best for beach volleyball socks?

As I’ve said, I prefer lycra. It’s soft, elastic, water-resistant, breathable, and lightweight. Neoprene is the regular sole material, so you don’t get choice freedom with it.

What do beach volleyball players wear?

Whatever makes them feel comfy, of course! However, if you’re a bit competitive, you can mimic the pro athlete’s outfits. That means no baggy clothes, sandals, and so on. Spandex clothes could be a great choice. As for the rest, a regular t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sand socks will do the trick.

Wrap Your Feet with Comfort

That sums up my today’s reviews. I hope you’ve found a product that suits your needs, budget, and longing for beach volleyball — the best summer sport ever!

Just pay attention to the materials — they must combine durability, lightweight, thermal protection, and resistance to water and mechanical impact. As well as stylish design, of course. Stay athletic, healthy, and glamorous!

Do you prefer playing beach volleyball barefoot or with socks/shoes on? Which brand is your favorite? Have your playing improved thanks to the cozy beach socks? Tell us in the comments!

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