Best Shoes for Grass Volleyball: Where to Find?

Volleyball is a great way to spend time with your friends or family. But if you don’t have suitable shoes, the game may be unpleasant. Not once I wanted to quit volleyball just because I didn’t feel comfortable and couldn’t enjoy it. I think many of you had such an experience.

You may also feel like volleyball is not for you because you’re not fast or flexible enough. However, the shoes play a significant role and can make you more dynamic. Volleyball should make you encouraged but not disappointed because all the game you were thinking about the shoes.

I have spent a lot of time before I found the right footwear. I have prepared a grass volleyball shoe review to help you find the best shoes for grass volleyball. Sometimes it’s hard to do this on the first try.

But I will tell you what shoes you need to avoid and which footwear is ideal for grass volleyball. Sport is my passion, and maybe grass volleyball will become your favorite activity. So let’s choose the shoes!

Top 6 Best Shoes for Grass Volleyball

To find the perfect sports shoes enable you to play for hours and enjoy it. Grass volleyball shoes have some requirements, and not always the standard walking shoes are suitable for this sport game. The footwear we’re looking for should have a simple design.

The reason is the outdoor volleyball shoes need to be lightweight and flexible. But the most important aspect is the strong outsole. Cushioning and cooling systems likewise will be a big plus. Let’s explore a few qualitative examples.

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes for Grass

Men’s volleyball shoes should be strong and lightweight. Besides, they should have a cooling system. Without it, you will feel tired in a short time, and it’s not what you need when a game only starts. To make your game more exciting, I have compiled the most popular and durable models here.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 – The Best Outdoor Volleyball Shoes

The ASIC founders have contributed to the development of a healthy society by creating high-quality shoes for every occasion. Nowadays, the sport has become more than just a game – it brings the world together. The ASICS products are popular not only in Japan: athletes around the globe use their reliable shoes.

These shoes may become your support during every activity: walking, jogging, baseball, or volleyball. It feels as if they were your feet’s continuance. One of the most essential factors in shoes’ production is the material.

Therefore, ASICS manufactured this footwear with the Trusstic System Technology that reduces its weight but doesn’t affect the shoe structure. You won’t feel the shoes on your feet because they are lightweight. This feature makes them ideal for grass volleyball.

Mesh covers the shoes and allows your feet to breathe. When you have a dynamic activity, this feature reduces the body heat, and you can play more comfortably and longer. The rear and forefoot cushioning systems make you feel like you are walking on the sand. The footbed is very soft. Foam-padded tongue and collar provide additional support. That’s what keep shoes tightly on the feet and allow your moves to be more smooth. When the shoes fit perfectly, you can entirely commit yourself to the game.

The gum outsole contains more natural rubber. It makes a shoe more lightweight and flexible to follow your dynamic moves. Also, these shoes have traditional lacing closure. Due to this feature, you can adjust your optimal fit. ASICS has taken into account individual feet specifics and implemented the idea in these shoes. Try them on, and you will understand the efforts put into this model.


  • Lightweight;
  • Allows your feet to breathe;
  • Foam-padded tongue and collar;
  • Traditional lacing closure.


  • Not waterproof.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT –The Best Shoes for Grass Volleyball with Soft and Reliable Outsole

When you play volleyball, it is essential to wear shoes with a strong sole. After jumping, you need substantial support to avoid injuries. It should be solid but elastic.

The rubber ASICS uses is an ideal material. This model also features cushioning systems that allow you to move in different directions through the gait cycle. That means you can run and change your feet position faster. Without this feature, you may end up moving like a turtle on the court.

The synthetic material makes the shoes more flexible and lightweight. Trusstic System Technology (we’ve heard about it before) reduces the weight several times but keeps the shoe integrity. You won’t rip these shoes apart, even if you try. It’s an essential feature for grass volleyball because you play on solid ground and might damage the footwear while jumping.

As I have noted before, the outsole should be strong enough to make your landing softer. These shoes contain natural rubber. It is several times more flexible and long-lasting, and it will be hard to frazzle this material. Also, the midsole construction is unique.

It combines bounce back and cushioning features that make shoes exceptionally durable. When you look at the photo, you may not notice these technologies. But, I can assure you, when you wear these shoes – you will feel their softness.


  • The item features cushioning and bounce-back systems;
  • Lightweight;
  • Allows you to run freely;
  • It has a solid outsole.


  • Made of the synthetic material.

Adidas Men’s Crazyflight X – Recommended Volleyball Shoes for Grass

Footwear for outdoor activities needs to be simple, comfortable, and fast. The world-known Adidas company offers only products that suit these characteristics. When you wear soft and comfortable shoes, it changes the way you play volleyball. Adidas claims: through sport, we have the power to change lives. They strive to be the best sports company in the world and provide footwear people feel confident in.

These shoes’ name speaks for itself. If you want to perform a spectacular flight during the game, Adidas footwear is what you need. On the one hand, if you jump high in volleyball – you will win. Or at least you will have an opportunity to move freely and have more fun.

The grippy rubber outsole that supports red-hot reactions is what makes these shoes suitable for volleyball. Your feet will be cool, thanks to the upper mesh. A unique material construction makes the footwear breathable but waterproof.

Adidas footwear has a responsive Boost midsole. It allows you to feel how much energy you should put in while jumping. The outsole delivers an excellent grip on the court.

You will feel like the shoes are your feet’s continuance that doesn’t limit your moves but makes them smoother. The lace closure keeps the shoes tightly. Due to this feature, you will feel confident while playing.


  • Breathable;
  • Allows high jumping;
  • Boost midsole;
  • Lace closure for the perfect fit.


  • Somewhat heavy.

Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes for Grass

It is sometimes hard to find durable shoes with good design. Women’s volleyball footwear differs a little from the men’s options. They are more lightweight, have thinner outsole, and sometimes more bright designs.

However, the outsole should be strong enough, and you can easily buy low-quality shoes if you don’t know the specifics of the item. Therefore, I provide you with the three best women’s volleyball shoe models that will look complement every stylish sports suit.

Adidas Women’s Ligra 6 Volleyball Shoe – Lightweight Volleyball Shoes for Grass

In terms of sports footwear, what is inside is more important than what is outside. Adidas Ligra shoes have a simple design but comfortable and durable construction.

The black color is ideal for grass volleyball. You can dirty your footwear during the game, and when the shoes are dark, it’s much easier to clean them. The lace closure is also black. Thus, the design is simple but stylish.

This model is created to fit every foot type. The shoes are flexible and take the shape of your feet in height, length, and width. Thanks to this, they fit tightly. So, you won’t lose one shoe accidentally during the game. An upper mesh makes the shoes more dynamic and breathable that will help you play for a long.

When your feet become hot, it is harder to run and jump. A mesh has reinforced loopholes that allow heat to go through footwear. It also has a synthetic overlay. Such a design protects the shoes from damage and makes it more durable.

Adidas makes the outsole using Adiwear technology. A sturdy rubber allows making a thin shoe bottom. You may think that such a construction is not durable, but it’s the opposite. It helps you to feel the ground. When you feel the land bends, you can make an ideal jump, and as a result – a perfect ball hit. One shoe pair can change the quality of the game.


  • The shoes are dark in color, which makes them stylish and easier to clean.
  • They fit every foot type;
  • Mesh with the reinforced loopholes;
  • Protecting synthetic overlay;
  • Strong outsole.


  • Heavier than other models.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z WOMS BK-PK – The Best Shoes for Outdoor Volleyball

Mizuno company is known for the high quality of its products and outstanding service. They also put efforts to spread the idea of sport, thus motivating athletes.

Mizuno’s goal is to show people that they can lead a prosperous and healthy lifestyle. The company’s grass volleyball shoes are one of the best because of its durability and fashionable design.

Volleyball footwear should be stable because when you move continuously, it is not comfortable if the forefoot is unstable. That’s why Mizuno has created the dynamotion groove design that keeps your feet stable and increases flexibility. You will be able to control every single move in their shoes.

Don’t worry about the possible injuries – parallel wave technology disperses a shock while you’re landing through the whole sole. When you’re playing volleyball, safety is crucial, and a simple rubber construction can change the game quality. Also, the extra grade rubber outsole provides high traction to the land and smoother landing. It means your jumps will become lighter.


  • Stable construction;
  • Parallel wave technology;
  • Provides high land traction;
  • The outsole is made of extra rubber.


  • Massive.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z3 – Girls Volleyball Shoes for Grass

Mizuno shoes are made of synthetic material because it is elastic and durable. Besides the basement, the outsole is also made of synthetic material. It has a parallel wave construction.

This feature makes your landing a lot easier and brings you more satisfaction while jumping. Also, the bottom of this model is the anatomical cup insole. It is strong and provides the highest protection during the game.

The dynamotion fit that Mizuno offers makes these shoes comfortable. Your feet will feel cool in them. The reason is the footwear is covered with the air mesh that features an innovative Mizuno cooling system. Air ventilation is highly effective thanks to the big holes. Shoes are lightweight, so you won’t even feel them on your feet.


  • Has an anatomical cup insole;
  • The outsole is parallel-wave;
  • Lightweight;
  • A cooling system.


  • Not flexible enough.

Things You Should Know About Grass Volleyball Shoes

volleyball on the grass

If you want to start your sport “career” with grass volleyball, there are essential factors to consider. It’s better to choose the right shoes from the beginning and enjoy the game without any discomfort. That’s why you need to know the difference between volleyball shoes and the models intended for other types of sport.

Do people wear tennis shoes when playing volleyball on grass?

Good shoes should protect you from injures. So what type of shoe is best for volleyball on the grass? Sometimes people wear one shoe pair for any case. If you feel comfortable in your tennis shoes, why not play volleyball in them? I mean, it is suitable to wear high-quality footwear for grass volleyball, even if it is not for volleyball specifically. There are pluses and minuses for this.

Tennis and volleyball imply similar body moves. But the shoes differ a little. If you’re a tennis player, your footwear support should concentrate on foot backside. Playing tennis doesn’t require a lot of running or jumping, but the moves need to be sharp.

When a ball serves is too high, you need to walk back quickly to make a kick. Tennis shoes have a strong backward outsole part. For volleyball, the cushioning midsole is more important as you need your jumps to be more springy.

The next difference is the weight of an item. Volleyball shoes are known to be lightweight to allow you to feel the land under your feet. Tennis footwear is a little heavier, though not massive. Tennis sneakers have a thicker outsole when the volleyball variant is made of rubber material. A gum is flexible, so you need a thin layer of it, which makes volleyball shoes lightweight but strong.

When you play outside, especially in summer, you will be hot for sure. If your feet are cold, you won’t suffer from the heat so much. It’s a good way to trick your brain.

The mesh volleyball shoes have to keep your feet ventilated. On the contrary, tennis footwear construction rarely includes a cooling system. However, the sturdy design of tennis shoes is more durable, and many athletes prefer it.

Now, let’s finally observe the advantages of wearing tennis shoes for grass volleyball. The main plus lies in the word “grass”. Most of the volleyball shoes have a specific outsole design for playing at the wood court. A grass surface is not that smooth as the playground. You may need the stronger sole when you play outside to make your moves more dynamic and don’t feel every pebble on the ground. As people play tennis on the grass court, tennis shoes are ideal for grass volleyball.

If you have a pair of tennis shoes, you can play volleyball in them. However, I recommend searching for volleyball shoes because they are more lightweight and have a cooling mesh. Try to choose a model with a strong outsole; it will be the best variant. In the current market, you can find high-quality footwear at a low price. You may consider the items on this list as all of them are of high quality.

What the difference between running and volleyball shoes?

When tennis and volleyball shoes are quite similar, the running shoes have the opposite design. It is better not to play volleyball in running footwear. Running shoes are intentionally made to be heavy – in this case, your feet will be stable enough for continuous movement. You don’t jump or make sharp moves while running. So you don’t need lightweight shoes. And this is the most significant difference between running and volleyball footwear. Playing grass volleyball requires light sneakers to run and jump freely.

Besides, the sole differs a lot. Supporting the heel is the goal of running shoes. It’s your preventive measure from injures and a guarantee of the health-improving run. Grass volleyball also requires a thoughtful shoe design to make a game safe. The cushioning system is specific for these two shoe models. Running shoes are softer at the heel part while the volleyball version has a cushion for the toes and a stronger midsole. A hard landing is a frequent thing for volleyball. If you wear running shoes while playing, you won’t have essential support for jumps.

Both shoe models have a rubber outsole. But the volleyball shoe sole consists of extra rubber that is more natural. The reason is this gum is more elastic to support the moves in different directions to improve the volleyball game technique. Traditional rubber that is used to manufacture the running shoes is not that flexible. In addition, it is thicker, which does not match volleyball.

How to choose grass volleyball shoes?

Here are some tips about what shoes are good for volleyball on the grass. It’s challenging to buy perfect shoes without trying them on first. However, volleyball sneakers are flexible, so it’s not a problem. Just read the description carefully and follow my recommendations.

First of all, the main material should be lightweight. In most cases, it is synthetic, and such fabrics are elastic and durable. Moreover, you can wash them in the washing machine. If you find the partly synthetic variant, it will be even better because such a design makes you feel cooler.

All volleyball shoes have a gum outsole. This feature is a must-have as you need a flexible and thin sole to move freely and play longer. An extra rubber that has more natural materials will make you feel less tired during the game. Traditional rubber is not an option for volleyball shoe construction.

The best grass volleyball shoes should feature a substantial cushioning system. When you make high jumps, it may be painful to land on the hard sole. Search for the shoes with a cushion for the toes and soft midsole. A thick outsole is uncomfortable, especially for grass volleyball, because you won’t feel the contact with the land.

Volleyball requires a lot of effort, and your feet will warm quickly. Choose the footwear with a mesh to avoid this and make your game more pleasant. A mesh should have medium holes that will make it more durable. Also, it will be a bonus if the shoes have a synthetic overlay that will protect the mesh from damage.

There is one more recommendation. In grass volleyball, you should consider the possibility of unexpected rain, and as a result – the swamp formation. Your shoes can become dirty. That’s why the dark material will be the best decision. It’s much easier to clean, and the shoes will serve you for a long.

Let’s Recap!

girl serves the ball

Grass volleyball requires convenient shoes. As you see, they differ a little from other shoe types. The models I have provided are the top pick on the market, and such companies as ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas are reliable manufacturers you can trust.

ASICS is known thanks to its durable constructions when Adidas makes more breathable shoes, and Mizuno provides wave parallel technology for high jumps. When you buy shoes, remember to read the description carefully and don’t hurry up to choose. Do you have some other advice about how to find the best shoes for volleyball? It will be a pleasure for me to read it in the comments below.

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