Best Running Shoes for Bunions Podiatrists Swear By

Running strengthens your whole body, as well as enhances your physical health, and bolsters your mood. However, if you experience foot deformity from bunions, that awful discomfort at the core of your big toe is challenging to disregard. Bunions and marathons aren’t exactly best friends. However, the two can coexist if you stick with the appropriate footwear.

Yep, athletic sneakers that are even slightly stiff can cause agony in terms of that tootsie deformity. Furthermore, bad footwear often leads to other unpleasant health outcomes that can deprive you of your favorite activity. So, where to find the best running shoes for bunions? First and foremost, stick with sports footwear that has enough room for your big toe or soft mesh that’s prone to stretching right where your bony bumps are located.

I’ve searched through a wide array of running shoes and compiled a comprehensive selection of the ones that boast first-rate construction and the most convenient configuration for bunions. Scroll down to find my podiatrist-approved list of 10 good running shoes for bunions (5 for male and 5 for female runners), along with their main characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks. Also, in this post, you’ll find expert advice for living and working out safely with bunions.

Top 9 Best Running Shoes for Bunions: Reviews & Expert Advice

Already Googled the symptoms and causes of bunions? Then you’re aware of the seriousness of the topic. If you’re on the prowl for superb sports footwear for running with bunions, a wide-fitting pair is your best choice. If you have to scrunch your tootsie into a restricted toe section, these types of shoes are far from perfect in terms of bunion running.

Therefore, always focus on sneakers that grant your toes enough room to flex and move without painful rubbing. Keep reading to find my expert-approved reviews of the best running shoes for both male and female jogging lovers with bunions.

1. New Balance Men’s 1540 V2-Running Shoes: Superb Bunion Support for Runners

If bunions have been your trusty companions for some time already, these sneakers for men may be just what the doctor ordered. Upgraded with double density collar foam and flaunting a toe section that’s just spacious enough, these fab honeys are also exceptionally comfy. They boast outstanding support for your special tootsies.

The midsole of these NB sneakers naturally contours your paws and creates a fine cozy fit. And the laces stay firmly tied during the whole day — no need to double knot them. Aside from being a terrific bunion-friendly option, these athletic sneakers are also perfect for those running lovers who experience occasional heel or knee pain, as well as ankle rolls and post-surgery discomfort.

On an additional plus side, since they are true to size, these gems form a soft and comfy fit. You will have a blast sporting them to the gym, on walks, and hikes. To cut a long story short, this awesome footwear might be your best bet. These sneakers are not the cheapest on the scene, that’s a fact, but they’re worth every penny they cost.


  • Comfy and spacious for your trotters;
  • Well-crafted with superb materials;
  • Awesome color combo;
  • Among the best shoes for bunions and wide feet;
  • Manufactured in the U.S.


  • Not the cheapest footwear, but worth every penny.

2. Brooks Men’s Beast 18: Recommended Shoes for Bunions

Offering supreme support and unparalleled efficiency, this heavenly cushioned footwear is created expressly for male running lovers. This all-purpose, long-lasting running footwear is comfy right off the bat. And these sneakers stay comfy all day long, without aggravating your bunion situation. This footwear for running is not the cheapest on the scene; however, it’s definitely worth the price tag.

With their upgraded toe space and the heel that’s just firm enough, these honeys withstand almost anything and will never have your limp back with sore toes after a long marathon.

Overall, this athletic footwear is perfect for overpronators, running fans with bunions and flat feet, as well as larger jogging enthusiasts. These sneakers are manufactured in Vietnam, but they’re very good.


  • Strong and reliable.Give your toes just the right amount of freedom of movement;
  • Long-lasting, flexible, and comfy;
  • Outstanding support and top-level cushioning;
  • Must-buy for big runners with bunions and/or flintstone feet.


  • The laces are too long;
  • Not the most cost-effective sneakers, but worth every penny.

3. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes: Comfy & Reasonably Priced

Are you on the hunt for awesome sports shoes that would combine premium quality with affordability — as well as running and bunions? Take a closer browse through this ultra-light, stretchy, and perfectly-cushioned sneakers for male jogging fans.

These honeys may take a little getting used to, but once you break them in, they are second to none for running with bunions. These Under Armour shoes are just wide enough in the toe-box and wear exceptionally comfy. They are supportive, ultra-light, and temptingly affordable. They excel at expanding your endurance levels.

This athletic footwear is ideal for both everyday use and running with bunions, especially on pavement. As an additional silver lining, these honeys are truly essential for running lovers with wide feet — amazingly comfy! By the way, a lot of women happily purchase these men’s running shoes. Yep, they say the sneakers make you feel like you’re walking barefoot on air.


  • Fit and look awesome;
  • Fantastic, airy cushioning;
  • The colors are great;
  • Ultra-light, breathable, and true to size;
  • Budget-friendly, sturdy, and crafted to last.


  • Bulkier than other footwear of this type, but still very comfy.

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes: The Holy Grail of Bunion-Friendly Footwear

These wonderful running shoes boast truly outstanding responsiveness, breathability, versatility, and a consistently good fit. Light on your trotters and cushiony in the comfiest way possible, these honeys feel awesome right out of the box. They look awesome and create unmatched support.

The heel is snug in a comfy way, while the toe section is healthily spacious — that perfect combination for your expanded feet during the longer runs. No slippage, neither to snug nor too loose, these athletic shoes are super comfy for long runs.

Cutting to the chase, if you’re a passionate and even somewhat aggressive runner, these durable, bunion-friendly honeys might be exactly what you need. They are exceptionally supportive and create splendid cushioning that prevents injuries. In other words, this athletic footwear might be just the ticket for you!


  • Cushiony, energizing, and just soft enough;
  • Awesome chic design. Flaunt adaptivity and resilience;
  • Great all-purpose sneakers that can be utilized for running as well as everyday walking;
  • 100% bunion-friendly.


  • May take a little longer to break in than other models;
  • Not the cheapest offer out there, but a lot cheaper than hurting feet.

5. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoes: Your Feet Will Thank You

If you suffer from high arches, wide trotters, bad knees, and/or bunions, these beautifully-designed running sneakers might fit you like a glove. You’ll feel comfortable wearing them all day long, even after a long marathon session. What’s also good about this footwear is that it’s comfy right out of the box, no need to even break them in.

These ASICS are perfect for both running and walking around town. You’ll be impressed by these honey’s durability and exceptional lightness. Your feet won’t get all sweaty in these running shoes, for they’re incredibly breathable. And they’re reasonably priced, too.

These multi-colored beauties are definitely worth your undivided attention. Chances are these sneakers will exceed all your expectations.


  • Lots of space in the front area;
  • Impeccable arch support and cushioning;
  • Attractive girly-girl footwear;
  • A breeze to slide on/off;
  • Among the best running shoes for bunions and high arches.


  • Non-stretchy laces.

6. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13: Shoesational!

Need reliable sports footwear to accommodate your specific type of foot issue or deformity? Ghost 13 by Brooks for men and women may be exactly what you’ve been dreaming about. Despite being a featherweight, these honeys come with unmatched support.

Their seamless forefoot print mesh adds up to these shoes’ breathability, as well as creates a flexible and secure fit. Running in these sneakers truly makes you feel good! Available in a multitude of models, these comfy and just-enough-cushiony sneakers will most likely satisfy your unique tastes and requirements.

Aside from bunions, they address high arches, lower back issues, post-surgery issues, etc. These bad boys are great for regular use both on a treadmill and for casual everyday purposes. Feel free to wear them all day, and you won’t feel any bunion pain or face any other tootsie issues.

So, if you haven’t experienced shoe obsession before, give these honeys a try. Chances are you will fall for these gorgeous sneakers right off the bat and refuse to wear anything else on your trotters! This footwear is not cheap, it’s true, but it’s worth every penny. It feels like heaven on your tootsies.


  • Air-fillable, moldable, sturdy, and extremely reliable;
  • Feature a detachable footbed for more support;
  • Help alleviate and avoid bunion pain;
  • Super comfy shoes that don’t look like your grandma’s;
  • Perfect sneakers for nurses and doctors.


  • May take some time to loosen up.

7. Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoes: Perfect for Running & Day-to-Day Use

Need running sneakers that are so comfy you’ll want them to be a part of your body? Seeking athletic footwear that’s perfect for running and all-day wear? Read more about these fantastic running shoes from Salomon. They’re pure perfection if you’re on the prowl for sneakers for short- to medium-distance jogging sessions.

Boasting unparalleled breathability due to the top-notch forefoot mesh and providing you with friction-resistant foam footbed, these bad boys are sure to make you feel awesome during your short and long-running sessions. Furthermore, you’ll love the super quick and secure lacing these sneakers come with. So, no more untied laces during your active hikes. Impeccable attention to detail!

On an additional plus side, these honeys are comfy even in the summer heat. And they run very true to size. So, if you’re craving top-level running shoes with a really wide toe box and arch support that’s just right; these running sneakers from Salomon may be exactly what you need.

They hug your tootsies in the comfiest way possible, stopping your bunions from growing further and getting worse. They’re perfect for trail running, summer hiking, and casual daily use, definitely worth the money.


  • These sneakers prevent your bunions from worsening;
  • Gorgeous vibrant colors;
  • Keep your feet from overheating;
  • Speedy and comfy lacing system;
  • Your perfect travel/hiking companion.


  • May take some time to loosen up;
  • The color on the screen may slightly differ from the real one.

8. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoes: They Almost Do the Running for You!

Still on the hunt for the most awe-inspiring running sneakers that would make you feel comfy and look beautiful? This all-around fantastic athletic footwear is perfect for working out and running. Tailored to provide tons of support, they excel at lessening your foot pain, whether you have bunions or high arches.

When rummaging the World Wide Web for running footwear to ease your bunion-caused pain, it’s vital to focus on the upper mesh. Fortunately, these honeys come with a stretchy upper mesh that fits the width of your feet in the comfiest way possible. And their stretchy laces are sure to tickle your fancy, too.

For wide bunion feet, I also recommend skipping the first lacing hole. It’s going to aid the shoes in creating the perfect painless fit for your tootsies. As a matter of fact, a lot of medical professionals who are on their feet all day long opt for these wonderfully comfortable shoes. Yep, they’re that good.


  • Gorgeous colors and no break-in time needed;
  • Outstanding cushioning and support;
  • Great to wear both with or without socks;
  • Featherweight and perfectly balanced;
  • Excellent for both power walking and jogging.


  • The sizing may be slightly off;
  • Some runners find the toe section tighter compared to the earlier version of Mizuno running shoes.

9. New Balance Women’s w940v3 Running Shoes: Great Solution for Wide Feet With Bunions

Wide toes, bunions, bad knees… These and many other issues are addressed by these brilliant running sneakers. The fit is spot-on, the toe box is spacious enough, and the soles are comfortably cushioned without adding any excessive heaviness to the sneakers.

These honeys are marvelous for running, cardio workouts, and just casual everyday walking. They’re sturdy, moderately featherweight, and great at preventing you from pronating. These NB bad boys will give you all the support you need (and some more) while preventing that discouraging bunion-fueled discomfort.

Furthermore, wide running shoes often look clunky. However, that’s not the case with these gorgeous NB bad boys. This footwear looks sophisticatedly slim and makes you feel great when both walking and running. Such a unique combination of perks! It’s breathtaking how much nicer a runner enthusiast’s life can get with the right pair of running sneakers.


  • Moldy mesh-like top that prevents your tootsies from cramping;
  • Quick-drying fabric;
  • Great arch support;
  • Come in two width variations: wide and extra-wide;
  • Run true to size.


  • Not the cheapest footwear on the scene;
  • On the heavier side compared to the earlier versions (but still pretty lightweight).

Best Sneakers for Bunion Pain: Answering Your FAQ

Still, have questions left about the comfiest footwear for bunion pain relief? Need more information on running with bunions? Wondering what to do about bunions to prevent them from getting worse? Browse through my answers to some of your most frequently asked questions below and enjoy getting all enlightened.
Deeper knowledge equals your health in this particular matter. Should you have more questions on the topic, you’re welcome to ask them in the comment box below. I’ll address them as soon as possible.

What running shoes are comfy for bunions?

If you’re wondering what to look for in perfectly bunion-friendly sneakers for running, here’s the answer. Focus on such vital parameters as top-level fit, unmatched arch support, spacious front section, and sufficient forefoot cushioning.

Can I run if I have bunions?

Sure, why not. The fact that you happen to have developed bunions doesn’t mean that you have to live without your favorite activities. Just make sure you stick with the most suitable running footwear that saves your tootsie deformity from becoming even bigger and doesn’t cause pain.

Can running make bunions worse?

There are cases when running aggravates bunions. That’s why opting for the best bunion-friendly sneakers is paramount. If you stick with the right pair for your tootsies, you will forget about that non-stop friction of the bunion against the side of your footwear.

How can I prevent my bunions from getting worse?

You’re going to need surgery if you’re aimed at complete bunion eradication. If you want to stop them from worsening, make sure you heed this advice.

First, opting for the right footwear is a must. Buy sneakers towards the end of the day, for that’s when your trotters are the biggest. The most appropriate shoes are comfy right off the bat, without the highly discomforting break-in time.

Second, use toe separators. Practice soaking your trotters in warm water with magnesium sulfate to diminish excessive swelling. Lift your feet as you sit down to reduce swelling. Make sure you rest your tootsies a couple of times a day. Massage them and practice bunion exercises for pain relief and prevention.

Is walking barefoot good for bunions?

Aside from finding the best bunion-friendly running footwear, walking barefoot is another way to prevent your lumpy bumps from getting worse. It strengthens your tootsie muscles and adds up to your feet finding their most natural position.

A lot of healthcare pros recommend utilizing specialized orthopedic inserts (insoles). However, the fact that they can aid you in solving your trotter issue is not 100% science-backed.

What should I do if my bunion hurts while I’m running?

First and foremost, get professional help. Consult a good podiatrist to talk the issue through with them. Your doctor will examine your full medical history and take x-rays. This will greatly assist in determining how bad your bunion problem is, as well as finding the most appropriate and potentially effective treatment and prevention strategies for your situation.

Your bunion isn’t going away on its own. So make sure you act wisely if you want to prevent it from worsening further.

Cutting to the Chase: The Importance of the Right Footwear

Now that you realize how vital sticking with the most suitable bunion-friendly running footwear is, you’re mentally equipped and 100% ready to make the right choice. So, what about your tootsies? Are they special, too?

If you’re here, then the problem of bunions is more than familiar to you, right? What do you do to prevent them from growing further and causing more discomfort? What’s your favorite bunion-soothing athletic footwear? Do you have favorite sneakers?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic in the comment box below. Speak up and get the discussion going with your fellow sprint or marathon lovers. Your two cents are important.

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