Best Walking Shoes for People with Flat Feet: Choosing the Right Shoes

Most people’s feet have an arch. This arch distributes the body’s weight evenly and determines the person’s gait as he or she walks. However, people with flat feet do not have this arch. Their entire foot rests on the ground when they stand.

The absence of this arch results in an uneven distribution of weight. It may also lead to further problems, including muscle and joint pains and even back pains. The excessive pressure on the foot can cause one to over-pronate (twist the foot muscle inward) as they walk, and may eventually result in plantar fasciitis (chronic heel pain). Flat feet usually become a nuisance when one tries to walk, run, or take part in most sports.

How do I know all this, you may ask? Well, I am a mountain junkie. My name is Alan Fletcher, and I have been climbing for almost 15 years, not only because I love it but also because it has been my profession. I have been a climbing guide all over the world and dealt with various sports as well.

Since ending my career, I have dedicated my time to writing this blog, hoping that my experience will help other people. Today, I will tell you all about taking part in sports with flat feet. Below, I have reviewed ten walking shoes for flat feet that can be useful for you.

Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Reviewed

People with flat feet can enjoy taking part in various sports if wearing the right shoes. Since walking is an easy way to keep fit, it is one of the most common sports. Here is a list of the best shoes for walking with flat feet.

1. New Balance MW411V2 – The Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

When doing a job that requires lots of walking, you will definitely feel the pain of having flat feet. Thus, you need a shoe that is well-cushioned with enough arch support to ensure your posture is okay throughout.

The New Balance men’s shoes offer three great qualities that anyone with flat feet would pay good money for. First of all, they are very lightweight. Walking in these shoes will remind you of a fairy prancing from cloud to cloud – that’s how light they are.

They are also well-cushioned on the inside, reducing the chances of too much friction after walking lit. The best quality of these shoes is that they fit very well. They are true to size. It comes as no surprise that they are one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The only thing I would criticize about the New Balance shoes is their arches. Although the shoe has a decent arch for foot support, too much standing pushes the arch down and causes it to collapse. This might be problematic as it leaves your foot without the required support. However, for the price this shoe goes for, I would say it is a fair bargain, especially if you are buying it solely for walking.

2. Vionic Women’s Walker – Great Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Women

Looking for the best walking shoes for flat feet women? The Vionic brand is associated with great shoes that offer plenty of support for all sports activities. Although their products are more on the expensive side, they are worth every penny you spend on them.

The Vionic women’s walker shoes are no different. They have great sizing options, which allow you to choose the specific width and length of the shoe. If you have a high arch, bunions, or a wide foot, you will buy a great fit that can accommodate these issues.

These shoes are also great for overpronation as they align the feet and reduce back and hip pain while walking. This is partly due to their rigid sole that prevents your foot from stretching out. Because of these reasons, the Vionic items qualify as one of the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation. Also, these shoes have a really cute design that will look good to wear.

On the flip side, there are concerns about how fast the sole would wear out. I assume that its rigid design may contribute to the quick wearing out of the front part of the sole, but still, these shoes will last you long. In my opinion, the comfort these shoes provide makes buying them worth it.

3. Propet Men’s Stability Walker – Comfortable Shoes for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet and an awkward gait, you might want to check out these walking shoes from Propet. I know how challenging it can be to go from store to store, trying on many different shoes and still not getting the right fit. These shoes are made with a high insole for stability, and this design makes them have a small fit.

I recommend going for a size up from what you would normally order to ensure a perfect fit. When you buy the right size, you will notice that there is plenty of toe space, excellent interior padding that does not crowd the inside, and a durable leather exterior that is equally good to look at. Propet really makes great walking shoes for flat feet.

Unfortunately, the tongue of this shoe is not made of leather. It is made of a rubber material that wears and tears easily within a short period. This means that your shoes will not be looking as good as new for a long time. Other than that, the price of these shoes is affordable, and given their quality, I would say it is a fair bargain.

4. New Balance Men’s Suede 928V3 – One of the Best Solutions for Overpronation

This is the third version of New Balance men’s shoes, a brand that has been recommended by podiatrists as the best walking shoes for overpronation and flat feet. It is perfect for people who are overweight and would love to start walking daily.

It creates good stability and has an arch that also deals with flat feet. Because it is very stable, it aligns the foot, preventing excessive twisting and uneven gait while walking. While new, they may take some time to break in, but once it is done, they fit snugly.

The suede exterior of the shoes is very easy to clean. All you have to do is to wipe them with some water. Of course, you can polish your shoes every once in a while. This model is relatively long-lasting as it can be worn for up to a year with proper maintenance.

A few features of these shoes are the reason they are not as good as the model mentioned above. These shoes have a shorter tongue that you must pull out for comfort, the arches are a bit high and reduce room for the foot in the shoes. Therefore, the top of your foot might feel a little squeezed after wearing it for a long. Despite these shortcomings, the shoe is a decent buy for anyone with flat feet.

5. Easy Spirit Women’s Shoes – Nice Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Easy Spirit is a great choice for those who want the best walking shoes for women with flat feet that are wide and lightweight. Designed to accommodate a wide range of foot widths, the Easy Spirit fits true to size. You do not have to make any size allowances when going for these models.

The Easy Spirit shoes have extra padding on the inside for added comfort. Thanks to this padding, there is no friction or tight spots in the shoe. The arch is moderate but firm and comfortable enough to make these shoes one of the best walking shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. All the leather exterior of these punter shoes can be wiped using a wet cloth when it comes to cleaning. As a bonus, these shoes look pretty stylish.

One feature of the Easy Spirit models that take away from their quality is that they are not waterproof. Going for a walk in the rain, or even in the snow, is not a good idea while wearing these shoes as they might leak through. However, if you do not intend on using them in the rainy season, these walking shoes for flat feet women are a good buy.

6. Saucony ST2 Walking Shoe – The Best Walking Shoes for Women’s Flat Feet

Saucony is known for the great heel support its shoes often have. The ST2 model is no different, and it has the added advantage of fitting really well on wide feet.

I give this shoe an A-plus when it comes to comfort and stability. These are the two qualities that anyone with flat feet would value in a shoe. However, I would advise that you purchase a size up since its fit is on the small side.

7. Spira Women’s Classic Leather Walking Shoe – Durable Flat Foot Shoes for Walking

When dealing with conditions such as flat feet, getting a perfect shoe can prove to be a difficult task. Most times, you want a shoe that can be modified to suit you. Do you have corrective insoles that you would want to use in place of the original ones? The Spira shoe’s insoles can be removed and replaced with whichever you find comfortable. This alone makes it one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

Spira shoes are also very cushioned to provide maximum support and prevent pains associated with standing or walking for long periods. They have springs that also make their soles a bit high, which might be a good thing for those women who don’t mind appearing a little taller.

One downside to these shoes is that their width may not be sufficient. They have a set of options in terms of width, but they fit really snugly around the widest part of the foot and would require that you order a size up.

8. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes – A Velcro Strap Model

If you aren’t a fan of laced shoes, this Velcro strap version of the Addiction series will suit you perfectly. The straps also come in handy if you cannot quite bend over for long to lace up your shoes. The inner parts of this shoe are well-padded for extra comfort, and it also has a wide fit for people who cannot wear regular-sized shoes.

Unfortunately, the soles of this shoe become quite slick after some time and would require some repair to return the grip. What is good, by using a waterproof spray, you can make this shoe waterproof and good enough for a walk in the rainy season.

Also, because the arch is not as supportive as I would like it to be, I would advise that you buy some supportive insoles for extra comfort. This would make the Addiction model one of the best walking tennis shoes for flat feet.

9. Instride Newport Women’s Shoe – The Great Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Unlike most walking shoes that have extra padding for comfort, these extra-depth walkers rely on layers of insoles to provide the much-needed cushioning. These insoles can be removed to adjust the depth to your liking or to insert corrective insoles. Thanks to the leather exterior, cleaning them is a breeze since all you have to do is wipe them down.

One visible feature that makes these almost as good as Adidas walking shoes for flat feet is the sturdy rubber sole. One can be sure that the sole will not wear out in a few months. I have noted that Instride also has a strap version of these shoes for women who would rather not lace up every other time.

The appearance of the shoe is not as attractive as that of Nike walking shoes for flat feet, but if you are looking for something functional and affordable, I would definitely recommend you to get a pair of these Instride women’s walkers. It is worth going not for a brand but for real quality.

10. An Additional Option of Asics Men’s GEL-Foundation Walker – The Best Walking Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Although it is currently sold out on Amazon, this shoe deserves an honorable mention because of how durable it is. It protects you from sore feet after a long walk while also maintaining comfort and looking very good.

The top of the shoe is made of a solid leathery material, unlike the mesh used in most walking shoes. The gel on the inside of the shoe acts as a great cushion that supports the fallen arch and distributes weight evenly while walking.

9 out of 10 times I see my buddy Gerald (he’s also blogging about plumbing at, by the way, he’s an excellent plumber), I see him wearing this pair. That’s why I decided to ask for his feedback:

“My only criticism is that Asics has a small fit that requires you to order a size up for comfort. Otherwise, I have nothing but good comments about this gel foundation walker. There is plenty to be said about such good walking shoes for flat feet, and I sincerely hope that this product will be back in stock soon.”

Common Questions About Flat Feet Shoes Answered

Are you unsure about the best flat feet shoes to purchase? Do you want to know more about flat feet? Wondering whether you can get a remedy? Here are the answers to all the questions you may have about this condition.

What are the types of foot deformities?

The most common foot deformities are flat foot (the arch of the foot collapses), plantar fasciitis (chronic heel pain), over-pronation, and under-pronation, among others.

What causes overpronation and under pronation?

Pronation is the foot’s natural way of moving inward as one walks. When one’s foot rolls excessively inward, it is said to overpronate. When one’s foot rolls outward with each step, it is said to under pronate.

Underpronation is much less common than overpronation. Both conditions cause discomfort, which can only be managed by wearing the right footwear.

These conditions are caused by the lack of an arch under the foot or a very high arch. It can also be caused by having muscles that are too tight or too loose around the foot.

What are the symptoms of over and under-pronation?

Over-pronation is seen when the foot pushes off the ground and rolls inward, while under-pronation is observed when the foot pushes off the ground and rolls excessively outward.

Is there a cure for flat feet?

There is no cure for this condition. However, the symptoms can be reduced using arch supports and wearing good walking shoes for flat feet.

How can I identify comfortable walking shoes for flat feet?

You must look for shoes with a supportive arch, that is firm enough to withstand the weight when you walk or stand for long periods. These shoes must also accommodate wide feet as most people with flat feet are also wide-footed. Finally, the best shoes for walking on flat feet must be breathable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Final Thoughts on the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Wide Feet

Although a flat foot is a deformity that does not have a corrective procedure, it is possible to experience enough comfort to do regular day-to-day activities and some sports to stay fit with the proper shoe. This is why I have reviewed the best walking shoe for flat feet to help you in selecting the right footwear.

Whether you prefer the New Balance MW411V2 with moderate arch support, the Vionic Walker with padded insoles, or the Propet Stability Walker with a high arch, my advice is to ensure you walk in a comfortable shoe that fits well and relieves the pressure from your heels, hips, and back. This way, you can be able to live a normal, active life even with this deformity.

Have you learned anything new from this article? Have you chosen a shoe model for yourself from the reviewed items? I hope that this review has been of benefit to you. If you want to share your experience, ask questions, or give some feedback, please do so in the comments. I look forward to hearing your opinions on getting good walking shoes for flat feet.

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  1. Dear Alan, thank you for paying attention to this problem! Flat feet are a real pain in the neck, especially when you love to walk. Walking is my favorite activity. But usually, I end up in pain, no matter what shoes I wear. Can you suggest me best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation that will look good on me? Note! I want to stay attractive no matter what I do.

    • Thank you for your question, Naomi! Truth to be told, it is not an easy task to find stylish shoes that are perfect for flat feet. But I specifically mentioned a few options which I find great looking. Pay attention to the Vionic Women’s Walker, for example. They look compact and posh. And Spira walking classic leather shoes are not only adorable but extremely comfortable.

  2. Hey Alan! I need your personal recommendations on best walking shoes for wide feet for men. I don’t need any fancy shoes, but I still want them to look normal. Shoes must be durable and affordable. And of course, I don’t want to feel the pain after walking a few miles. If you have something red on your mind, please, reconsider. Hopeful for your quick response.


    • Hey-hey, Bobby! Ha-ha, I will not recommend you any red shoes, I promise, no matter how popular this color is nowadays. Don’t worry, I heard you. I would have never bought something too expensive and of a poor quality myself. It looks to me you are describing Propet Men’s Stability Walker here. They are reliable and comfy. Yet, pay attention to the rubber tongue.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the article. You don’t even know how grateful I am for your review of these walking shoes. I have chronic pain in my heel and hate to walk. But my doctor prescribed me to go for a walk at least once a day. And you know what? I followed your recommendations and bought Spira shoes for plantar fasciitis. I believe it is called Spira Women’s Classic Leather Shoe here. No pain at all!

  4. Reply
    Robert Dietrich 17.02.2020 at 22:02

    I can’t agree with you more when you mention New Balance men’s suede as a great help for the overpronation. It is not an ad, and no one pays me right now, but I must confess that I love New Balance. And I did not even know that this model is considered to be one of the most comfortable walking shoes for overpronation. You know, I just wore them, because I loved the model, color, material…

  5. Hello! Thanks for this informative piece! Please tell me which of the listed shoes has the best supporting properties? I need supportive walking shoes for flat feet.

    • Hi! Thank you for reading me, I`m glad to help you. The Vionic Women’s Walker is the best option if you are looking for a shoe that fits flat-toed women. They have a reasonably comfortable sole and insole. It helps to relieve back and hip pain when walking. The outsole prevents the foot from stretching and keeps it in a comfortable position.

  6. I wanted to share my joy and recommend one of the described models. I`ve bought sneakers, New Balance MW411V2. These walking shoes for flat feet overpronators are very comfortable to walk. My feet feel quite pleased. I`ve got used to the high sole pretty quickly. The foot does not dangle, and I feel stable. I have worn them slowly, first walking on short distances, then farther. There were no blisters or rubbing.

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