Best Water Shoes for Hiking: Top 15 Models

When hiking, you need to protect your feet from various factors, among which is getting wet. But what to do if there is a river along your hiking route or the weather forecast predicts rain? In this case, special river shoes will come in handy. Water-repellent shoes keep feet dry in any situation.

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Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe,...
Wax impregnation
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HIITAVE Water Shoes for Women, Ladies Aqua Beach...
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Best water shoes for hiking are made of special material that does not absorb moisture. Usually, this fabric is impregnated with wax or other liquid. It increases the shoe’s durability so that you can use them even for work or everyday wear. Below, I have prepared 15 water hiking shoe reviews on the best models for men and women.

Top 15 Best Water Shoes for Hiking

There are various kinds of water shoes, and models for men and women differ in shape, material, comfort level, and purpose. You will feel uncomfortable in shoes if you choose an unsuitable pair. Check out the best shoes for river hiking, also suitable for extreme conditions.

1. Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve — Top Pick for Men

The first item is a high-top water shoe pair for men. These shoes are made of leather, textile, and synthetic materials with wax impregnation. The model is quality-sewn; all the seams have sturdy thread stitching, and the front is protected from bumps and any other mechanical damage. I like these shoes not only because of the wax impregnation but also the anatomical shape of the sole. There is a thick and waterproof insole keeping your feet warm even in cold ambient temperatures or while walking along the river.

This water shoe model measures 12.2 x 7.4 x 4.96 inches and weighs 1.81 pounds. These parameters are quite comfortable for men leading an active lifestyle.

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You won’t have to worry about walking on wet rocks or other dangerous and slippery surfaces, as the sole is well-prepared for such cases here. This model features a special sole pattern that increases traction.

The synthetic material of the sole serves as a durable base that won`t get damaged or cracked even if you wear the shoes for a long time. You may notice the eyelets on the shoes made specifically for easy donning.

The Merrell Footwear manufacturer released this model in 2014, and it is still relevant and in demand among hiking enthusiasts.


  • Reinforced toe area for protection against shock and damage;
  • Wax impregnation;
  • Comfortable lacing.


  • Not found.

2. Hiitave Barefoot Water Shoes — Great for Active Sports

The well-known American company Hiitave produces top shoes for active sports and tourism for men, women, and children. The Hiitave Quick-Dry Barefoot model is one of the best for hiking. It features a small size of 9.8 x 3.7 x 2.1 inches and a lightweight of 14.11 ounces. You can choose your perfect pair from 6 to 11 (standard size).

Among the numerous advantages, I like that the upper of the shoes are made of breathable mesh fabric. This means that your feet will feel comfortable even in hot summer weather. Small holes in the fabric ensure efficient air circulation and ventilation.

I have read a lot of reviews on this model, and many girls appreciate its durable sole. As you have to step on wet slippery rocks walking near waterfalls and streams, this is an essential feature of water hiking shoes. Also, in hiking areas, there may be debris or broken bottles on the ground. The sturdy synthetic sole eliminates cuts even when walking on sharp objects. Pay attention to the shape of the shoe, designed according to the feet’ dimensions. It repeats the foot anatomy, which increases wearing comfort.


  • Anatomically shaped shoe;
  • Breathable material;
  • Durable outsole.


  • The material is too light and thin.

3. Body Glove 3T Barefoot Cinch — Tight Fit for Walking

Looking for lightweight water shoes for hiking, you should check out the Body Glove 3T Barefoot Cinch. These water shoes are made of a soft, hydrophobic material that is used to make diving gear. Note that the toe area has compartments for the toes. It is very comfortable because the shoes fit the feet tightly. It feels like you are barefoot while hiking. This model sole is extra durable so that you can walk on rocks, gravel, and forest paths. I have tested these shoes in the most dangerous places, like along rivers and slippery surfaces. Due to the pronounced tread pattern of the sole, I didn’t slip.

Many experienced hikers appreciate the comfortable shape of these water shoes. There is no heel lift, so walking in them is very comfortable even if you prefer wearing lightweight shoes. The model is intended for water sports and outdoor activities. For example, you can wear it while kayaking, surfing, walking on the beach, in parks, or in the woods.

The manufacturer has used IDS technology that allows the moisture to evaporate very quickly even if your feet get wet. Therefore, you can wear Body Glove 3T Barefoot Cinch all year round. In the summer, your feet won’t overheat due to the efficient air circulation, and in the winter, comfort will be provided by quick moisture evaporation and heat retention.


  • Low weight and thin sole;
  • Anatomic shape;
  • Durable hydrophobic material.


  • Slippery sole.

4. SOBASO — Unisex Amphibious Hiking Shoes

SOBASO Water Shoes are suitable for both men and women. This model of mesh water shoes is designed for walks, tourism, and active recreation in nature. You will be comfortable walking in the woods, along the beach, strolling in the park, or running on flat terrains in these shoes. There is an extra soft foam material inside, so it is comfortable to wear them even without socks. The rubber sole has a more pronounced texture than aqua socks. Therefore, you can wear this pair even while hiking in the mountains, where there are rocks and other slippery surfaces. You are unlikely to hurt your feet bumping into a branch or sharp gravel if you step on them.

SOBASO Aqua Shoes feature a comfortable and practical lacing system. You do not need to tie the laces every time you put these shoes on. Just tighten the elastic band and secure it. The mesh upper allows air to pass through, so your feet won’t overheat or cool down. However, it’s still better to wear socks.

However, I don’t recommend using these shoes for water activities, as the material is not hydrophobic. It neither repels water nor is impregnated with wax. But you can easily wash these shoes in a washing machine or manually, using some shampoo.


  • Lightweight mesh material;
  • Durable outsole for good traction;
  • Comfortable lacing with elastic bands.


  • The material is not hydrophobic.

5. Merrell All Out Sport Hiking — Lightweight Water Shoes

I have already described one quality model of water shoes from Merrell. This is another option of high-quality shoes for hiking and trekking. It is a combination of mesh material with a durable synthetic sole. There are rubber inserts at the top of the shoes making them more solid and stable. They have a protected toe and heel area, so you can use them even for walking on slippery surfaces.

There is an orthopedic insole manufactured with UniFly technology inside this shoe. Similar technology is used in the production of insoles for athletic sneakers. Therefore, you will feel as much comfort as wearing soft athletic shoes. I find it great because many models of water shoes are very uncomfortable and stiff — but not these ones.

This model features a durable TC5 + Vibram outsole with a shallow protrusion. The shoes weigh only 11 ounces. The fabric is water-repellent, unlike other models of such shoes (for example, from ALEADER or Zhuanglin).


  • The model dries quickly;
  • Durable outsole with padded insole inside;
  • Low weight.


  • Shoe sizes do not meet the standard.

6. SITAILE — Best for Hiking, Sailing, and Fishing

Suitable for both men and women, SITAILE Water Shoes offer a combination of materials selected for the most practicality and comfort. The front area is protected by thick leather, and the upper is manufactured of lightweight mesh material. Due to this, the shoes are durable enough to walk on muddy roads or hiking trails. At the same time, this option is soft and elastic.

Pay attention to the front of these water shoes. The wide toe section is very comfortable, even for large feet. There are special drainage holes in the sole and on the side edges, due to which the shoes dry out very quickly after getting wet. The material has no hydrophobic impregnation, but efficient drying is ensured by synthetic fabrics.

I like that these water shoes are good for hiking, and they come in a variety of designs. Choose your desired color from over 20 options. I have bought several models in different colors for myself and other family members and friends. It is a great choice as a gift or if you like hiking together too.

This shoe model has an unusual insole, which is well-cushioned and features a mesh for air circulation. But you will have to dry the shoes separately, as they absorb a lot of water and can stink if not dried well.


  • Ideal for running, hiking, sailing, and fishing
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Elastic straps instead of the usual laces.


  • The heel could have more protection.

7. L-RUN Athletic — Sports Shoes With Extra Soft Lining Inside

These shoes for hiking provide efficient protection for the toes and have a quality durable sole with holes for circulation. It is a special anatomically-shaped TPR sole. Their material features a hydrophobic coating and dries very quickly. L-RUN Athletic is a quality hiking shoe option that meets most users’ criteria. The option is made of mesh synthetic material without hydrophobic impregnation. This is an advantage because the shoes dry quickly after getting wet, and you can easily wash them in the washing machine.

The L-RUN company specializes in producing shoes for water sports and running. The brand’s lineup is represented by more than 20 models of different formats. During swimming and other activities, the shoes do not create discomfort.

The item measures 9.9 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches and weighs 11.99 ounces. Due to the low weight and compact size, the shoes are comfortable for girls to wear. No need to worry about durability, as the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on this shoe model.

Speaking of the advantages, I would like to highlight that the front of the shoes protects the toes very well, which makes it easier to walk on gravel and stones. It is not necessary to put a sock under these shoes during walking or sports activities. Inside, there is a very soft lining and mesh material. It makes your feet feel soft and comfortable even in the water.


  • The toes and feet are protected by a sturdy sole;
  • Soft lining inside the shoe;
  • Good grip on slippery surfaces.


  • Relatively wide.

8. Hiitave Women — Comfortable Mesh Water Shoes

Hiitave Women Water Shoes are one of the most inexpensive options for your outings. You can choose from several colors, including black, gray, and pink. These shoes are made of mesh material with a reinforced outsole. They are very lightweight, and you are unlikely to feel them on your feet while wearing them. However, they are uncomfortable walking on gravel and rocks, as the design is intended for flatter and less traumatic surfaces.

The shape of these shoes provides a special extension for the toes in the front. This is necessary so that you do not feel constrained. The Solyte technology outsole has several large holes for air. Therefore, your shoes will get wet if you walk in the water in them. But water shoes dry out very quickly, so no need to worry.

There are many reviews about Hiitave Women’s Water Shoes confirming their comfort. Due to the anatomical bedding, even people with foot and leg injuries can wear these shoes. The mesh material is very dense. No sand, debris, or even leeches can enter through the holes. Many customers were satisfied using these shoes for hiking on the river, beach, and forest trails.


  • Anatomical shape;
  • The shoes do not get sand and dirt;
  • Very durable material.


  • Not suitable for walking on sharp rocks.

9. SIMARI Sports — Solid and Durable Water Shoes

As the mesh fabric dries very quickly, manufacturers often use it in the topwater shoe models. A special feature of SIMARI hiking shoes is the use of 92% polyester. The synthetic material is known for its great drying properties; it does not absorb moisture and resists wear and tear. The mesh upper fabric of these shoes is very stretchy and equipped with a soft lining. So you will be comfortable wearing them even without socks while walking on the beach, in the woods, near the river, in the park, or in other locations. The mesh fabric here is Lycra, a stretchy material that wears out very slowly. Even after a year of activewear, the item will be in decent condition (if you clean and dry it properly).

The sole is made of rubber. This is a great advantage because the rubber remains elastic and soft enough at any temperature, which provides good traction. If the sole of these shoes was made of plastic, it would be more rigid and uncomfortable. SIMARI has managed to make this model very light (it weighs less than 10 ounces). Therefore, both men and women can wear these shoes for hiking, especially since there is a wide choice of designs.

The shape of these shoes resembles aqua socks, so you will hardly ever feel them on your feet. I find it very convenient that the lacing here is made of elastic bands, not fabric laces.


  • Very lightweight (9.5 ounces);
  • Rubber outsole for effective traction;
  • Fast-drying because they are made of polyester.


  • They do not keep their shape after extensive wear.

10. FLARUT — Best Anatomical Support for River Hiking

These FLARUT Men’s Sandals are quite rigid due to mesh material, leather, and rubber. The shoes hold their shape efficiently to protect your feet from possible cuts and bumps when walking on rocks or near a river. These sandals are great for those in need of comfortable and casual shoes for hiking, work, and sports. The shoes are made of synthetic materials, so they dry quickly. I have admitted the anatomical support of the sole and foot. The insole inside is also very soft and equipped with holes for air ventilation. Even if you jump from a significant height, you are unlikely to hurt your feet.

There is a special yellow soft rubber insert on the sole. It results in the shoes clinging even to a slippery surface (this is not the case with many other water shoes). The sole is made of TPR material with claws that cling to mud, sand, rocks, wet grass, and other surfaces while hiking.

This model has a bump stop at the front and back. Thus, you will be protected from accidental hits.


  • Protective bumpers on the front and back;
  • Soft insole with anatomical support;
  • Sturdy shape with foot support.


  • Increased weight of 1.78 lbs.

11. ALEADER Women’s — Breathable Hiking Shoes

These ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoes resemble athletic sneakers. They are made of synthetic fabric and polymer soles. As I have already underlined, synthetic fabrics practically do not absorb moisture and dry very quickly, so you will not feel discomfort even while walking near the river or other places near the water. There are only three colors available. You can choose the shoes in gray/aqua, purple, and black/red.

This shoe pair has all the benefits of comfortable athletic sneakers. There are side elements for foot support and stability. In the middle of the rubber sole, there is a special soft area that makes it easier to bend the shoe. This makes running more effortless and walking very soft, smooth, and comfortable. Despite the low weight of 11 ounces, this model does a good job of protecting your toes and heels from any possible impact and injury.

Cleansport NXT technology keeps the inner lining and insole dry at all times, thus neutralizing unpleasant odor even after extensive wear. Such technology is rarely used in water shoes, but the manufacturer has applied it here. The inner insole is very easy to remove so you can wash it by hand or in the washing machine. It is made of EVA material, typical for the manufacturing of sports sneakers.

These shoes are vegan-friendly because no animal materials are used for their production. Quality synthetic materials neither cause allergic reactions nor affect the skin. I`ve read dozens of reviews from customers who chose this model, and the majority are happy with their choice.


  • Eco and vegan friendly;
  • Provide efficient support for feet while walking;
  • The synthetic material keeps the inside of the shoes clean;
  • Comfort and softness.


  • Long drying time.

12. RAX Men’s — Sports Shoes of Soft EVA Material

These comfortable RAX men’s sneakers can replace your water shoes, as they dry very quickly due to the synthetic materials. The mesh fabric allows the air to pass through, thanks to which the shoes entirely dry in just 1-2 hours after getting wet. The model is multi-purpose, so you can play sports, run, or walk in these shoes. It is perfect for hiking in the mountains or walking near the river or a slippery road. To my mind, the black option emphasizes the masculine style, but you can choose another color if your tastes differ. RAX offers several color varieties, including blue and orange.

Despite the many technological innovations and high levels of comfort, these sneakers have a reasonable price. So you can be sure that you will get maximum comfort and practicality for a loyal price.

The double-slip drainage is located on the side edges. Thus, the water rolls down the shoes and does not penetrate inside. The triangular notches on the sole also contribute to this feature. The water is diverted from the sneakers and does not get inside even when walking on puddles or wet surfaces.

Though the insole features large holes, there is still efficient anatomical support. I have paid attention to the thickened sole. The brand has used EVA material for the midsole of this model. There are many polygonal protrusions to improve stability on slippery surfaces.

I like these sneakers because of their lightweight (1.1 pounds) and comfort. You can run on asphalt and a slippery hiking trail with even comfort in them.


  • Comfortable sneakers for hiking, running, and walking;
  • Soft EVA material of the outsole;
  • Mesh material for fast drying.


  • The insole is poorly glued to the sole.

13. UBFEN Barefoot — Unisex Model with Various Designs

UBFEN produces inexpensive shoes for hiking and sports. Their sneakers with quick-drying technology are very popular among experienced hikers. This shoe model is very lightweight, less than 5.7 ounces. This is a new model, first introduced in 2019. Since then, there have been many positive reviews about the UBFEN Quick-Dry Barefoot Water Shoes.

You won’t feel any difference between this pair of shoes and athletic sneakers. UBFEN Water Shoes are very soft and comfortable to walk in, and they dry fast. The upper is very soft, so you can easily fold the shoes into a bag as they do not take up much space. The sneakers are made of a stretchy fabric that does not absorb water. It is a specially-designed synthetic mesh. Due to the elasticity, you can put the shoes on and take them off quickly without dealing with laces. Due to the absence of holes in their surface, the sand and other particles do not get inside. This is convenient if you often walk on the beach or on dusty roads.

This affordable shoe pair is good for walking, volleyball, kayaking, surfing, and other sports activities. But don’t wear them for walking on sharp gravel and rocks, as the sole is a bit slippery. But despite this tiny limitation, the shoes are very lightweight and comfortable. I could hardly feel them on!


  • Elastic material;
  • The shoes take a little space in the bag when folded;
  • More than 20 designs to choose from.


  • Slippery outsole.

14. Zhuanglin Women’s — Quick-Drying Water Hiking Shoes

These Zhuanglin shoes are made of 90% synthetic fabric. Several special technologies used here make wearing the shoes more comfortable. The Solyte midsole material cushions and softens footstep very well. The ComforDry insole has an anatomic shape. You can engage in any kind of recreation and sports in these sneakers, including kayaking, hiking, volleyball, etc. The manufacturer offers more than 25 colors to choose from, including bright.
Overall, this model combines the comfort of casual sneakers and the practicality of water shoes.

The manufacturer of these shoes does not specify warranty conditions, but you do not have to worry about reliability and practicality. The shoes are made of durable material. The sole has drainage holes for faster drying.

This shoe model has a size of 9.6 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches and very light weight of 8.01 ounces. You can choose from sizes 6 to 11 (for women).


  • A lot of bright colors;
  • Mesh fabric and anatomical insole;
  • Low weight and compact size.


  • The glue-like smell may seem unpleasant.

15. Mishansha — Water Hiking Shoes from Spandex

Mishansha water shoes have spandex and rubber sole. It is a practical combination of materials that ensures efficient air circulation inside the shoes and the durability of the sole. The peculiarity of this model is the mesh material. Lycra is very flexible and resistant to aggressive surfaces you may face while on a hike. You can wear this pair even in the sea, and the high salt content will not harm its durable material.

I have found it very convenient to put these water shoes on and fix them comfortably and quickly due to the elastic laces. You do not need to tie anything. Just tighten the laces to a comfortable condition.

Both men and women can benefit from these shoes, as the manufacturer offers a wide choice of colors. The shoes have the dimensions of 10.8 x 4 x 2.6 inches and weigh 8.78 ounces.


  • Resist salty water;
  • Comfortable lace-up closure;
  • Anatomic and breathable insole.


  • Uncomfortable open heel.

FAQ on Water Shoes for Hiking

hiitave Women Water Shoes

If you still have questions about water shoes, you should check out the answers to the most common ones. I have tried to convey my own experience of using water shoes in the answers. Hopingly, you will find it helpful.

What are water shoes?

Water shoes are a type of shoes used for hiking and extreme sports where you risk getting your feet wet (e.g., kayaking). Do not confuse water shoes and aqua socks, in which you can swim and dive. Water shoes are made of fabric and leather. The material is impregnated with water-repellent compounds, so your feet stay dry even if you walk in a deep river or step in puddles.

How to wash water shoes?

Use specialized, suitable cleaners to wash your water shoes. If you cannot buy special shampoos and soaps for wetsuits, use a sponge with baking soda. You can also just clean the shoes with a sponge and soap if they are not heavily dirty. Wash water shoes in the washing machine but only in the delicate mode.

What are the best water shoes for hiking?

There are many comfortable and practical models of water shoes. If you choose the models for hiking in the woods or on rough roads, then opt for those made of thicker materials and with closed toes. Take into account that the sole should be thick enough so that you can comfortably walk even on the rocks without hurting your feet.

Choose Comfy Models for Hiking, Walking, and Everyday Wear

Amphibious hiking shoes are a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts. How could hikers ever cope without such shoes? With a perfect pair, you can go hiking in the rain, walk-in puddles, kayaking, and stroll near a waterfall without fear to get your feet wet. Water hiking shoes are made of material with special hydrophobic impregnation.

I’ve tried the most popular models of these shoes, and they really worked! I stepped in mud and puddles, but the shoes stayed dry and clean. The best models of water shoes have a sturdy sole and anatomical insole. They are comfortable walking at any time of year. At least one pair of such shoes will contribute to a pleasant hiking experience.

Have you worn waterproof shoes before? What models do you prefer? Leave your questions in the comments; I am highly interested in your opinion.

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