Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters: Experience-Based Guide & Top Picks

Hi! I’m glad to see you on my sports-dedicated blog. In this article, I want to share my experience in selecting the right volleyball shoes for hitters. At college, I tried to play at all positions, but I’ve been mainly practicing the hitter position since then. Playing in different positions, I’ve noticed that my feet work differently, depending on the patterns I perform. I’ve tested various options, including my favorite jogging shoes before I figured out what are the best volleyball shoes for hitters and what features differentiate them from all other models.

So what sets shoes for hitters apart from other athletic footwear? Good volleyball shoes for hitters must be soft enough for frequent jumping and provide steadiness for precision. To achieve these characteristics, manufacturers use gum rubber instead of synthetics. This provides better traction on courts. Mesh parts of upper sections make them a lot lighter and more breathable. Finally, the midsole of volleyball footwear has to support the ball of your feet to ensure stability and secure lateral movement.

Finally, good shoes should be convenient for you. The right athletic footwear is a deposit into your future wins and faster progress with minimal risk of trauma.

Top Pick for Man
ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes, 7,...
ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic FlyteFoam Mid Top...
Top Pick for Woman
Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5-W Volleyball Shoe,...
ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes, 10,...
Excellent air circulationPerfect traction indoorsPerfect traction indoors
Perfect traction indoors
Comfortable cushioning
High-quality stitching
Top Pick for Man
ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes, 7,...
Excellent air circulationPerfect traction indoorsPerfect traction indoors
Top Pick for Woman
Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5-W Volleyball Shoe,...
Comfortable cushioning

Top 8 Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

Volleyball Team

Here is the list of my favorite volleyball shoes, which is based on my own intensive user experience and user rating on major marketplaces, and thematic platforms. I compared my own expertise to the reviews of other proactive players to make sure that I’m not in the minority of lucky users who enjoyed an item from a failure shoe line.

Best Men’s

Men’s athletic shoes are usually provided in larger sizes. Men’s US size is 1.5 bigger than women’s. Although some models look totally the same, they always include different midsole materials and wider heel support.

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes – Best Rated Volleyball Shoes for Hitters​

ASICS is a famous Japanese brand that gave birth to the early retail spots of Nike Corporation. Today, it’s one of the largest, and the most rapidly growing sports footwear corporation in the world.

Gel-Rocket 9 is the best-selling volleyball footwear for many reasons. This model combines all the best features and solves all the problems of the previous generations, taking your performance on a new level. The weight of a single shoe is just 11 oz, which makes it feel very lightweight. This result is achieved with the Trusstic System technology that allows the manufacturer to produce lighter shoe parts without making the structure of each material less sturdy.

Due to the prevalence of the natural gum rubber component of the outsole, the traction of this model is perfect. The inner sole and cushioning are designed with shock absorption elements, which reduce the probability of trauma and provides enough stability to your feet. The forefoot is also protected by the GEL cushioning system, which ensures perfect stability independently from your current position in the cycle. The outsole consists of 3 main parts that provide flexibility to the middle parts of your feet, elasticity to heels, and excellent traction without negative effects on mobility.

Although this model looks rather closed, it has a breathable toe, tongue, and middle part. The air pumps in and out as you run and jump, preventing your feet from sweating.

This is the freshest ASICS model for volleyball. It was first manufactured in Q1 2020, so you can be sure to obtain the latest athletic technologies. It’s one of the best hitter footwear models for men ever. Besides, it has a highly competitive price tag. There are no flaws except for the paint on the red model. It’s very easy to scuff it and rather difficult to bring the color back without professional help. If you are a professional player who does intense training, you may also want a custom insole, which is normal.

The bike is designed to allow the rider maximum comfort by giving him an upright posture. This is not only great for your bike, but it will enable you to exercise more joints and muscles. It has large 27-inch wheels that fit perfectly into the frame of the bike, so it is not awkward riding it. It has a steel frame that allows it to be more steady for riding, but I wouldn’t take it on a rough road.

The 7-speed Shimano drivetrain allows you to find the right gear for a smooth ride easily. It also features a twist shifter for added help so you can ride more comfortably. The handles, a seat, and excellent grips make it a comfortable bike to ride. It is an affordable model, so if you are on a tight budget, you will be happy with this particular purchase.


  • The weight of one shoe is just 11 oz ;
  • Natural gum rubber outsole;
  • Excellent air circulation;
  • Released in 2020;
  • Not overpriced.


  • The red color is easy to scuff.

2. ASICS Men’s Netburner Ballistic Volleyball Shoes – Professional Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

Netburner Ballistic FF MT is a more professional solution for hitters. It combines patented premium synthetic and natural materials by ASICS in order to provide high resistance to hard shock on all types of indoor and hard outdoor courts.

The sock liner of this model is made of Ortholite that provides enhanced moisture management. Besides, around 35% of the shoe is made of breathable mesh that gains extra cushioning and boosts moisture evaporation. By the way, the sock liner is removable and has universal fastening, which lets you attach prescribed medical orthotic parts without difficulties.

Now to the sole. The outsole is made of the signature half-synthetic half-natural rubber that provides perfect traction on all hardcourt systems both indoors and outdoors. Similar to Gel-Rocket 9, this sole doesn’t leave marks and adds up to the elasticity of the shoe. The midsole is also based on the patented FlyteFoam Midsole Technology, which enhances the bounce back and responsiveness of the entire product. The density of the material is very high, but it doesn’t reduce the overall flexibility.

In addition, this design features an extra-long tongue and a bit longer laces which provide better ankle support. This feature doesn’t constrain your movements due to the soft cushioning of the inner part.

These shoes are slightly heavier than Gel-Rocket 9 because they’re taller, but the difference isn’t tangible. Though, the overall feeling is a bit different because of the shape. It’s a worthy solution for both professionals and beginners who want a solution that meets all the vollayball standards.


  • Lightweight model;
  • Tall enough for ankle support;
  • Triple sole design;
  • Perfect traction indoors;
  • Extra durable stitching.


  • Maybe not high enough for tall people.

3. Adidas Men’s Stabil X Volleyball Shoe – Simple & Responsive

As one of the oldest sports clothing brands in the world, Adidas couldn’t neglect the vollayball niche. Their design is unique as usual too. These lightweight shoes have almost nothing in common with the previous 2 models. The first thing I noticed, is the high amount of rubber parts instead of fiber. For example, the heel support is made of 2 unique elements. One sturdy rubber element works as a stabilizer, while the second provides spring-like action for a better bounce back.

The sole design includes 3 layers. The outsole is made of natural rubber to ensure a powerful grip, while the midsole consists of resilient synthetic foam that protects your heel and ball from shocks. Finally, the top sole provides extra stability and makes side movement safer.

The design of this footwear is rather similar to a sock due to the upper part which is made of durable mesh with thin soft cushioning. Such a shape doesn’t provide ankle support but makes it much easier for your feet to move from side to side. For some players, this feature is a blessing, while others claim that it’s a bit more dangerous. To my mind, everything depends on your anatomy. As a keen runner, I know that 2 athletes of the same size can feel differently in the same footwear. I think that you have to try these shoes if you don’t feel free enough in shoes that are taller and stronger on your ankle. It’s also a good choice if you are lacking midfoot stability.


  • Durable rubberized sides;
  • Flexible natural sole;
  • Lightweight materials;
  • Abrasion-resistant upper.


  • The soft top doesn’t support the ankle.

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Voltage Indoor Court Shoe – Japanese Trendsetters

Mizuno is another Japanese sportswear brand that has been amongst top sports manufacturers in Japan and worldwide for over 110 years. Similar to ASICS and Adidas, this company established trends and improves trends for sportswear on the Olympic level.

Wave Voltage is a model with a superior design that features a combination of durable textiles, synthetics, and natural rubber. But let’s pay more attention to the unique Wave sole. The manufacturer came up with the idea of making special grooves for achieving the needed agility and flexibility. The DynaMotion groove minimizes forefoot instability, while the Diagonal Flexible groove lets you perform top-speed turns with proper weight transfer. The backside of the sole consists of 3 layers. The natural gum outsole provides enhanced traction, while the midsole generates extra spring action that boosts the bounce back.

As for protection, it’s provided by the heavy-duty toe shield that ensures zero probability of tor friction and damage. The Wave shoe plate reduces the shock energy and disperses it to a broader area, reducing the probability of trauma. Soft cushioning adds up to this effect.

This product also provides the best ventilation system amongst the 4 men’s footwear models in my article. Mesh inserts let the entire foot breathe and stay dry for hours. In fact, it gets cooler as you move.


  • Powerful ventilation system;
  • Sturdy toe protection;
  • Excellent heel bounce back;
  • Superb cushioning;
  • Flexibility grooves are very effective.


  • A bit heavier than analogs.

Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

As you already know, women’s athletic shoes have a different size grid. Besides, they usually have a wider toe area and forefoot, while the heel is a bit smaller. It’s important to know about these anatomical differences.

5. Adidas Women’s Crazyflight X Volleyball Shoe – Breathing Jumpers

Crazyflight X is a top-notch mid-priced solution for frequent ball practice and beginner to medium league championships. This footwear is entirely made of synthetic materials, but it presents the same level of comfort and sturdiness as combined products made of combined materials.

These shoes have a unique sole design that combines as many as 5 elements. The outsole includes the blue-gel traction platform that lets you achieve perfect traction of the front part. It’s also continued to the back part of the sole and combined with an extra rubber frame for better stability during side moves. Next goes the foam midsole that reduces tension on your heel and ankle when you’re landing after jumps. The third layer is the flexible sole that supports your feet from the sides and adds up the strength to the whole thing. Finally, the fourth part of this complex sole is taken by the thick rubber toe shield that keeps your fingers safe.

In addition to all the high-end elements of the sole, the insides of this shoe model are perfectly soft and breathy. Mesh inserts are placed all over the top to let the moisture evaporate and avoid the soggy feeling during long matches. Above all, this footwear is really stylish and will match a variety of women’s volleyball suits. These are recommended volleyball shoes for hitters who are experienced enough to evaluate the complexity of the structure as well as for novices who need a solution to start with.


  • Unique 4-part sole;
  • Stylish look;
  • Comfortable cushioning;
  • Good for beginners and experienced players;
  • High breathability.


  • Durability isn’t professional.

6. Adidas Women’s Ligra 6 Volleyball Shoe – Top-Rated Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

Although this pair by Adidas doesn’t look that complex, it provides even better results and a more laconic style. Well, the price is also usually higher, but it’s a professional product after all. Similar to the previous item, let’s start with the sole design.

The sole consists of 2 parts, but their shape is called to provide real comfort during the intense game. The outsole is made of natural gum rubber, which makes it very durable and flexible at the same time. The unibody sole protects your toes and enhances the bounce back after the side movement. Besides, the constricted part of the element makes the midsole much more flexible and reduces tension.  The second part of the sole is a bit more solid and adds up to the springiness for powerful jumps and secure landings.

The entire top of the boot and the tongue are made of breathable mesh that makes my feet feel the wind when I’m in motion. These are the best-ventilated women’s vollayball shoes I’ve ever had.

The sides of the boots, heels, and toes are additionally supported by the heavy-duty leather substitute. Due to several rows of stitches, it looks like you cannot rip these two under any circumstances. The side inserts include additional lace holes that let you tighten up the fitting to reduce lateral movement.

In fact, my user experience has been lasting since the initial presentation of the model in July 2019, but they still look and feel like new. I’m sure that they will remain good enough for my practice for 1 or 2 seasons more.


  • Best ventilation amongst the competitors;
  • Simple but sturdy design;
  • High-quality stitching;
  • Additional lace holes;
  • Natural rubber sole.


  • More expensive than most competitors.

7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe – Best Vball Model by The Brand

You already know about Gel-Rocket 9 for male players, and, fortunately, ASICS has designed an analog for women. However, it has several differences. The cushioning of the model is a bit softer and mesh parts cover a bit more area, which makes them more breathable.

The design of the sole is based on the same multi-part idea, but the configuration is also slightly different in order to match women’s foot anatomy. The outsole is made of 2 synthetic non-marking rubber parts that provide excellent traction and flexibility. At the same time, the midsole is also divided into 2 parts. The middle element is responsible for a bounce-back, while the heel part serves as a stabilizer and landing shock reducer.

Other features of these shoes are similar to men’s Gel-Rocket 9, so you can rely on my review above. I like this design for strong grip, traction, and stability. In addition, they have one of the best designs in the niche.


  • Perfect traction and bounce back;
  • Effective shock reduction;
  • Breathable top and tongue;
  • Comfortable forefoot gel cushioning;
  • One of the lightest models.


  • Fully synthetic.

8. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe – Hi-Tech Solution

These monsters by Mizuno look more like basketball shoes, but it’s only the early feeling. In fact, they are modern volleyball footwear stuffed with the brand’s most-trusted technologies. Wave Bolt 5 has been holding high positions on the market for about 4 years already, which is a surprising result.

The high traction and flexibility of this product are due to the 4-element sole that includes separate parts for your forefoot and heel. The heel side totals 3 layers with an air interlayer that enhances shock resistance without sacrificing traction and durability.

It’s also the only model that has an air pumping system and mesh inserts all over the shoe. While the synthetic leather-like material forms the strong frame, the mesh covers the rest 50%. Moreover, there’s a mesh vent under your heel. It creates a pumping action and lets your feet remain sweatless to the end of the match.


  • Bottom air vent with pumping action;
  • Sturdy and flexible construction;
  • Stress-reducing sole design;
  • Heavy-duty toe bumper.


  • Only synthetic materials.

FAQ About Shoes for Hitters

Have questions about shoes for hitters and how to choose the right pair for you? I’ve prepared the answers on the most frequently asked questions below.

What are volleyball shoes for hitters?

Volleyball shoes for hitters are athletic footwear that has particular characteristics, such as low weight, enhanced durability, softer sole, and more. You can choose good shoes for your volleyball practice amongst athletic footwear that’s not marked as a niche product because some models can really compete with models crafted for volleyball professionals. On the other hand, by buying a pair of niche sport sneakers, you can be sure that they will perform on the needed level in the vast majority of cases. By the way, good hitter shoes perform well when you enter other positions too.

What should I look for when buying hitter’s volleyball shoes?

Volleyball shoes are different from other types of athletic footwear, so you have to look for the following features when buying them:

  • Durability – if you practice regularly, a pair of durable shoes are a must. Good durability ensures better cushioning, grip, and stability. The average lifespan of durable volleyball footwear fluctuates from 1 to 3 seasons, depending on your feet’ anatomy and play style. You should get a new pair if you notice shape damage, broken stitches, subsidence of heel and middle sole, sole cracks, etc. Everything may look good at first sight, so you have to be attentive to reduce the probability of trauma as much as possible.
  • Grip – look for the models with gum rubber soles for better traction. Besides, gum rubber doesn’t leave marks on the court. Non-marking synthetic soles with the same grip characteristics exist, but harder to find.
  • Traction – a hitter has to be capable of performing quick moves in all directions as they can play a crucial role in both offense and defense strategies.
  • Comfort and cushioning – comfort is crucial as uncomfortable footwear increases the probability of trauma. Never continue playing if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Breathability – as this game requires a lot of foot movement, you will be happy to have footwear with good air circulation. Cool and dry feet perform much better than when they are wet and slippery.
  • Stability – your ankles are heavily strained when you play, which means that you need footwear with high-quality lateral and ankle support.

Do outdoor volleyball shoes for hitters differ from indoor?

It really depends on your feelings. Chances are high that you will feel similarly good wearing your indoor shoes as if you used a special outdoor model. On the other hand, the answer depends on the cover of your outdoor court. As for me, I prefer wearing my indoor shoes on the grass and all types of hard courts, including hard rubber courts. When I have a chance to play on the soft sand, I prefer wearing lightweight all-road sneakers, while most of my team members use the same models that they use inside. It’s a matter of experience, so I recommend you start with a universal solution. As you progress, you will understand whether you need to change something or not.

What are good volleyball shoe brands?

The highest number of good volleyball footwear models is manufactured by ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas. Still, you shouldn’t exclude Nike as they create popular models for volleyball too, it just depends on the season. These are the top 4 brands that gained trust amongst both professional players and enthusiasts.

How do I understand that my shoes fit right?

There are several markers that will help you understand if the size and design are selected properly:

  • Footwear must be snug but not too tight;
  • The hill isn’t slipping (but can move a tiny bit);
  • The ankle must be supported well enough;
  • There must be no discomfort under any circumstances. Try various dynamic movements to see if you feel pain or irritation;
  • The ball of your foot should bend naturally.

Head for Victories!

Having all these useful facts about hitter shoes in your head, you can order the model that will treat your feet the best both during training and intense matches. Always think about the comfort of your feet first and don’t chase for better-marketed brands. You have to match your needs with all the facts that you know about the right volleyball footwear.

Do you already have experience of playing on the hitter position? You’re welcome to tell everyone about the shoes you like and dislike and explain why. Besides, you can ask me questions related to the topic, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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