Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping: A Detailed Review of Top Models

In case you are an experienced volleyball player or just starting your acquaintance with this sport, perfectly fitting, high-quality volleyball shoes are essential gear for every player. As a significant amount of time, while playing volleyball goes to jumping, you have to look for the volleyball shoes perfect for a safe jumping activity.

To define what are the best volleyball shoes for jumping, pay attention to several basic criteria: shoes have to be lightweight, made of durable and breathing material, flexible with bounce-back effect, and good shock absorption.

Jumping is one of the core activities in volleyball due to offensive and defensive purposes, creating additional pressure on your knees, back, and hips. Thus, it is important to have professional volleyball shoes for jumping. To help you choose your perfect pair of volleyball shoes, I decided to make a detailed observation of the top-rated volleyball shoes for jumping.

Top 8 Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping: Looking for the Best Model

While choosing the right pair of volleyball shoes, it is essential to take into account all specifications of your own body, and there are different types of shoes perfect for men and women. Here are the most popular models for females.

1. Adidas Performance Women’s Volley Team 3 W Shoe: Volleyball Shoes with Ankle Support

Adidas is one of the most recognized brands that produce professional sportswear and accessories. Officially founded in 1949, this German brand has been initially focused on sports shoe manufacturing.

They became popular in 1954 after the German team won the World Cup wearing Adidas gear. Now, their shoes are used by known sportsmen all over the world.

This pair of Adidas Women’s Shoe is a super simple yet durable shoe model. These shoes are made of 100% textile (synthetic). Thus, they are more lightweight than leather analogs, resistant to bacteria, and have effective ventilation. Due to mesh uppers, these shoes are perfectly breathing and stay cool, creating additional comfort.

If you are looking for volleyball shoes with ankle support, this pair has a special shock-absorbing material – ethylene vinyl acetate, or ADIPRENE. It protects ankles and knees while you run, jump, or move sideways.

The durability of these shoes is supported by special ADITUFF uppers that are tear-resistant and can go through the toughest tasks. The rubber sole of this model is really flexible and lightweight, allowing you to move easily without feeling the shoes on your feet. It also has non-marking rubber outsoles that provide additional protection of your shoes and increase their stability.

As they were created specifically for active gameplay, these shoes provide extra protection during multi-directional moves with their ADIPRENE+ cushioning – their own elaborated technology that makes shoes more durable during the most active game moments.

This model is really wide and will fit players that are looking for comfortable and not too tough sports shoes. The price of this model is just great: slightly over $50, which is a perfect offer for professional and durable sports shoes.


  • Extra lightweight;
  • Ankles protection with ADIPRENE material;
  • Tear-resistant shoe uppers;
  • Super breathing shoes equipped with mesh inputs.


  • It might be too wide for players with narrow feet.

2. Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoes: Lightweight Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

Mizuno is an innovative Japanese brand specializing in professional sportswear. The history of the brand started in 1906 in Osaka. Since then, the Mizuno team has focused on various scientific researches aimed to create innovative sports gear that has brought them to the leading positions in this sphere.

This model is the most popular one by Mizuno. It is made of 100% mesh that makes it as breathable as possible, prevents feet from overheating, and keeps you cool for a longer period of time. The sick rubber sole is flexible enough to help you keep the balance during the most intensive moves and protect your knees and ankles during running and jumping.

These shoes are also easy to clean and take care of: they have a removable insole and tear-resistant insoles in the sections that are most vulnerable to damages. They also have extra protection with special cushioning and an anti-shock Infinity Wave plate that is situated in the shoe’s heel. It protects you during intensive jumping and landing that is essential for every player.

This is a classic low-cut model that goes in two colors: black and yellow, so you can choose the one that suits you better. One of the biggest advantages of these shoes is their durability: high-quality material they are made of will serve you for decades with regular checks and right treatment. Its price varies from $44.99 to $145.99, depending on size and color. It is important to double-check the size of the shoes as sometimes the actual size appears smaller compared to other shoe models.


  • 100% mesh model;
  • Two-color options;
  • Pro-level cushioning and shock protection with Infinity Wave plate.


  • This model sometimes presents smaller sizes than other models, so i is important to double-check the size.

3. Nike Women’s Volley Zoom Hyperspike Training Shoe: Stylish Hyper Jumps Shoes

Nike is a comparatively new brand in the list of the leading volleyball shoe producers – it was founded in 1964 in the US, and was originally named Blue Ribbon Sports. Nike was the name of their shoe brand launched in 1972 that became the official name of the whole company in 1978. Nike quickly gained popularity thanks to the top quality of its sports shoes, wear, and accessories.

Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike training shoes are stylish hyper jumps shoes with two color options that provide extra protection of your ankles with elongated tab and rubber support in the heel area. This model is perfect for top-quality cushioning and is super lightweight thanks to the Zoom Air unit that was specifically elaborated by Nike for this model. The cushioning is low-profile and super responsive that is important for intensive jumping and running.

As they are made of mesh rubber synthetic, these shoes are breathable and can prevent feet from overheating. This material is also resistant to bacteria, protecting your skin even during long games or training. You can easily dry them up after the intense activity – just let them dry in the fresh air.

Implemented Flywire Technology makes these shoes as durable as possible. With the input set of high-strength threads that create the effect of suspension bridge cables, these shoes provide you with extra stability and precision support. Their price varies from $89.99 to 279.99, depending on the size you need.


  • Two different color options;
  • Lightweight cushioning with special Zoom Air unit;
  • Breathable mesh rubber model;
  • Securely fixes your leg and protects ankles and knees.


  • The price might be high compared to other shoe models (depending on the size).

4. Adidas Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe: Top Rated Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

Thanks to the high quality of their sports gear, Adidas has gained popularity among both professional volleyball players and amateurs. Their volleyball shoes are lightweight, durable, and good-looking, providing players with the extra protection of their back, hips, and ankles during the toughest games and training.

Adidas Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe is the most stylish model of volleyball shoes for women. They go in three color options: white, black, and gray. The shoes are made from 100% fiber and have a synthetic sole. This is a regular fit model that suits almost all types of feet, and it has an adjustable lacing system that makes these shoes a perfect option for both wide and narrow feet.

The breathable mesh upper increases the overall comfort while jumping, keeping the shoes cool for a longer period. This feature is followed by integrated TPU fibers that support the player’s stability and add resistance to abrasion. Increased ankle protection presented by cushioned midsole makes this model a perfect option for volleyball players.

Parameters of these volleyball shoes were specifically measured for perfect foot fixation: the shoe platform is 0-3 inches, the shaft measures from 6 to 12 inches from the shoe’s arch, and the opening of the boot is approximately 0-3 inches around. All these parameters vary depending on the size of the shoe.

The shoe`s outsole is made of rubber, accompanied by a textile lining that adds style to the general look of the shoe and protects it from breaks. The price of the shoe goes from $24.05 to 204.46 – a pretty wide gap that depends on the color and size, but it is easy to find your perfect price, by switching the color options.


  • Great design and three color options;
  • Integrated TPU fibers;
  • Rubber outsole;
  • Breathable mesh upper;
  • Made of 100% fiber.


  • The price varies significantly depending on the color and size.

All of these volleyball shoes for jumping are really durable, and each of them has its own unique features that protect your ankles, knees, and hips. Now let’s go through the best volleyball shoes for men.

5. ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FF MT Volleyball Shoes: Bright Volleyball Shoes with Ankle Support

Asics is a Japanese brand that has become multinational, and its main aim is to produce quality sportswear and shoes that provide sportsmen with the required comfort and protection. The brand was founded in 1949 and originally specified on basketball shoe manufacturing, but now its product line has significantly grown up. Over half of the general income of the company comes from the sale of sports shoes.

Asics Sky Elite Volleyball Shoes provide your ankles with perfect protection and support: its N.C. The rubber outsole provides a good grip and protection from abrasion, making it easy to jump and turn as much as you need.

These shoes protect your ankles from twisting with the Trusstic System hidden in the midfoot area, and the short rear is equipped with the special Gel technology that provides excellent cushion and shock absorption. Thanks to such complex protection, these are probably the best shoes for jumping high in this price segment.

The midsole of the shoes is made of lightweight fiber that easily bounces back into the original shape, adding more cushion and perfectly absorbing all extra moisture. This is a great feature for long-term training and intense gameplay. Removable sock liner makes it easier to clean shoes and use a personalized orthotics. The price varies from $119.94 to $233.79 – a decent option for improved ankle protection and great design.


  • Made of lightweight and moisture-absorbing fiber;
  • Excellent cushioning;
  • Trusstic System protects your ankles from twisting.


  • Better for indoor activities.

6. Mizuno Men’s Wave Lighting Z3 Lace-Up Volleyball Shoes: The Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping for the Best Price

Mizuno is one of the most experienced brands that produce professional sports gear, and it takes one of the leading positions in volleyball sports shoes and eyewear. As I have mentioned before, this brand has a long history that brought the Mizuno team to the top list of sports products manufacturers.

They first started creating volleyball gear in 1913, and their successful development results in the first American factory founded in 1961 in Los Angeles. Now, Mizuno manufactures its revolutionary products in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Mizuno Men’s Volleyball Shoes are a perfect match for those players who seek a professional pair of shoes that use innovative technologies and are made by an experienced brand. These shoes are made from lightweight, thick fabric that is quite breathable and flexible.

Compared to the previous version of this model, the shoes have a more thoroughly designed heel that increases comfort during intense activity and provides additional ankle support that creates decent competition for more famous sports brands. Extra cushion for the front sole is produced by high-quality Mizuno fly foam.

The design of these shoes is another great advantage: this model is made in bright colors and has a stylish non-mark rubber sole. This is a medium-width, low-top model with adjustable laces and sections of mesh that help shoes keep cool for a longer period of time.

This material perfectly resists bacteria and can evaporate extra moisture to increase your comfort while playing. This is a great pair of volleyball shoes for its price, as the shoes cost less than their competitors while providing the same amount of support and comfort, getting sold out pretty quickly.


  • Colorful design;
  • Extra cushion;
  • Soft fabric that perfectly fixes feet.


  • Has only one color options;
  • The item gets sold out very quickly.

7. Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball-Shoes: Super Comfortable Professional Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

This is another great pair of lightweight volleyball shoes for jumping from Mizuno – Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X. These shoes are also made of 100% synthetic that provides them with excellent breathability, moisture absorption and vaporizing, and bacteria protection.

These shoes are very lightweight as they are mostly made of high-quality mesh and rubber sole that helps you jump easily and land down comfortably – they weight only 13.4 oz. Non-marking shoe outsole keeps the perfect look of these shoes for as long as possible.

The shoes have a parallel wave plate situated in the heel section that creates premium cushioning, additionally protects feet, and supports the overall design of this model. It has a great sock-protection that will protect your legs and back during intense training and plays.

Dynamotion fit technology helps to fix these shoes perfectly on all types of feet and prevent ankle twisting and other possible leg traumas. The shoe shaft measures low-top from the arch, making them more comfortable and supportive. This is a perfect combination of lightweight material and supportive technologies that protect your feet during intense jumping.

As they are extra soft and flexible, these shoes are better to be used during indoor activities. However, they have a perfect grip, and you can easily use them even on a dusty court – these shoes won’t slide down, providing increased stability for your feet.


  • Extra soft fabric;
  • Parallel wave plate;
  • Dynamotion fit technology.


  • Extra soft shoes can wear out quickly outdoors.

8. Adidas Men’s Crazyflight X Mid Volleyball Shoe: Durable Professional Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

Adidas is an experienced manufacturer of volleyball gear and has even sponsored the most outstanding players of the US Major League and Japanese Nippon Professional League, and they were also sponsoring New York Yankees from 1997 to 2008.

Crazyflight X Mid Volleyball Shoe by Adidas is the most stylish of all top-rated volleyball shoes for jumping that provides professional ankle protection and support. This pair of shoes is made of top-quality textile and synthetic, followed by 100% synthetic sole.

These shoes are lightweight and can maintain a comfortable temperature of your feet during the whole game. The energy-returning boost inside these shoes improves jumps and makes landings more secure, preventing twists and tears. The shoe textile is improved with integrated TPU foil reinforcements that provide excellent stability and protection. A non-marking shoe outsole guarantees a high-quality grip and is a great addition to the overall look of this stylish volleyball footgear.

For perfect shoe-fitting, this model has excellent adjustable laces and medium width, being a good option for narrow and wide feet. Higher ankle shoe design provides additional support during active jumps. The price of these shoes is less than $150 – higher than other models; however, the quality and features of these shoes are supported by the reputable brand that has long cooperated with the most significant volleyball sportsmen, so they are definitely worth trying.


  • Perfect fit;
  • Energy-returning boost;
  • Integrated reinforcements made of TPU foil.


  • The price is higher compared to other options.

The Most Important Questions About Professional Volleyball Shoes for Jumping


Choosing the right volleyball footwear that will help you gain better results and protects your feet and ankles, it is important to take into account all specific features that make volleyball shoes so supportive. Here are some most frequently asked questions about volleyball shoes that will help you find your perfect volleyball footwear.

What are volleyball shoes for jumping?

While basketball and running shoes are made specifically for running forward, volleyball shoes are focused on improving lateral movements. This is professional sportswear that provides additional protection to your back, hips, ankles, and knees during intensive jumping and landing.

This defines the difference in the construction of the shoe and used materials: volleyball shoes are made of gum rubber sole material that prevents sliding and improves their traction.

They also have enhanced shock protection because of the increased stress of the ball of the feet that emerges during the game. That is why the midsole is made super strong and, at the same time, flexible. Thus, volleyball shoes are usually made with some type of foam, gel, or air cushions that provide flexibility and help fix the feet securely and keep them stable, protecting ankles from stress.

The volleyball shoe uppers are made of mesh or nylon material used to create the lightest volleyball shoe for jumping. This material also allows shoes to breathe and reduce moisture, keeping the feet cool and dry. This is extremely important for intensive activity during volleyball games and training.

The extra softness of volleyball shoes gum rubber sole makes these shoes susceptible to damage when used for other sports activities or just worn on abrasive surfaces. The duration of volleyball shoes used on a regular basis 3-5 days a week on a professional court is about one full season. To define the moment when you need to replace your volleyball shoes, look at the ankles section as they will become weaker and won’t fit the feet tightly during the game.

How to choose volleyball shoes for jumping?

With all specific features of this type of footwear, volleyball shoes can become a complicated task for both newcomers and experienced players. It is important to take into account shoe features and your physical specifications, as well as the main targets you pursue with your new gear.

First, pay attention to the outsole – the more grip it has, the better you will feel your feet during dynamic, precise movements. It is also important to choose shoes with sicker hardcourts and soft and flexible outsoles for improved footing. Try to find models with flex grooves that will take care of the ball of the foot.

Then, you have to review other shoe features, such as the weight of the shoes, cushioning, support, and durability. The volleyball shoes for jumping I recommend are super lightweight, with 11 oz for women’s shoe models and men’s models varying from 11 to 15 oz.

The enhanced cushioning in the heel, midsole, and insole sections will provide you with increased comfort during prolonged activity and shock absorption during intense jumping and landing, taking care of your knees and ankles. Ankle support and increased feet stability can be guaranteed by strong uppers and both strong and flexible midsole – an important feature for increased support. Shoes also have to be durable, having a thick upper and strong outsole.

In the end, you have to try the shoes on and check whether they fit you as they should: from ½ to ¼ of the space has to be left, the heel can slightly move but not too slipping. Look for the shoes that provide ample ankle support and perfect fit together with the socks you are planning to wear with the shoes. For the best fitting during prolonged activity, it is better to try the shoes in the evening when the feet are swollen.

Choosing the Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

jump block

In case you are looking for the best volleyball shoes for jumping, it is important to find out how they are different from other types of sportswear, what are the key features of the top-rated models, and what model will perfectly fit you.

When choosing the best volleyball shoes for libero or best volleyball shoes for setters, it is important to find a combination of lightweight and flexible shoes that will protect your ankles and serve you for a longer period of time. Maybe, you have found some other volleyball shoe models that became your perfect fit and served you for the whole season? Could you share the name of the brand? Please, tell me about your experience in the comments.

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