Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball to Try Right Away

When choosing professional sports shoes, it’s quite natural to first turn to models specifically designed for your sport. But it also happens that shoes for different sports are interchangeable. That is why volleyball players often choose basketball shoes. Of course, these two sports are technically different from each other, but there are many similarities. Players get a heavy load on their knees, make sharp jumps, rapid movements, and turns, etc. However, it is a known fact that basketball is a more popular sport. Many players are media personalities and often produce their shoe models. That is why there is more choice, and many models are more stylish and catchy.

If we compare volleyball shoes vs basketball shoes, the first ones have grippier soles and give reliable lateral support while the latter option provides great support for the ankles. If you cannot decide which model to buy, focus on your own feelings, and basic recommendations for choosing professional shoes. In this article, I have picked five cool basketball sneakers that are perfect for volleyball and answers to the most popular questions the readers ask me.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball Reviews


In general, recommendations for choosing suitable shoes for these sports are similar. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Weight. Shoes should be light enough. Basketball sneakers can be massive precisely because of an elongated top; choose a lighter model so that its weight does not affect vertical jumps that are typical of volleyball. The average weight of women’s sneakers is about 10.5 oz, men’s — 14 oz.
  • Amortization. So that the knees do not get hurt from constant jumps, the sole and cushions should absorb the shock load.
  • Grip to surfaces. Sports shoes should not slip so that you do not fall or tuck your foot during the game.
  • Flexibility. Shoes should bend at an angle of 90 degrees in any direction. Too stiff shoes can injure your foot.
  • Durability. Favorite sneakers should be durable and serve for one gaming season, at least (if you play several times a week).
  • Breathability. During the game, feet in the shoe sweats. But so that you do not overheat and sweat does not cause discomfort, choose the shoes with a mesh cover.
  • Appearance. This option, of course, is a matter of taste, but stylish sneakers can really give you extra confidence in a court.

When looking for good basketball shoes for volleyball of the right size, remember to leave free space around your toes for movement, usually 0.19 — 0.39 inches. And my personal recommendation: always buy your shoes in the evening, when your feet have the maximum size. If you are comfortable in these shoes in the evening, you will feel comfortable at any other time.

1. Nike KD Trey 5 VII — The Most Cushioned Basketball Shoes

Nike KD Trey 5 VII is a budget-friendly series model from an NBA player Kevin Durant. As the athlete has said once, he loves when even new shoes feel a bit broken-in. It is one of the lowest models on my list. It depends on personal preference to decide whether it is good or bad. Nevertheless, the high heel and six holes for lacing fix ankles well. I should admit that the model is quite narrow; it is unlikely to fit athletes with wide feet. But it is perfect for players with high foot arches. The weight of these sneakers is about 13 oz.

The shoes have a mesh cover on top, are well ventilated, and keep their shape. There is an additional insert for better ventilation on the side. These basketball shoes have a fairly dense rubber sole with a deep pattern. It provides efficient traction and allows a player to change directions, stop, and accelerate confidently. As the transparent icy sole is used here, shoes are more suitable for playing on indoor courts than outdoors. Otherwise, the outsole will quickly clog up and look bad.

For the midsole, Nike uses Renew foam. It is cheaper than previously used materials and was created specifically to reduce the cost of shoes. It feels resilient and soft, which means it should cope well with the shock after jumping absorption. A possible minus of such a thick cushioning is the loss of a sense of court. There is no distinctly seen outrigger in this model, just its imitation, which should prevent lateral twisting. Sidewalls do not carry any functionality, they act as a design element here, and a tongue is too thin in these shoes.

In general, I can conclude that this model is one of the most appealing in the lineup in its entire history. A classic fit, cute rubber wings through which two lacing eyelets pass, and a transparent outsole with a bright Renew foam pattern. Customers can choose from three colors: black, white, and red.


  • Thick sole;
  • Elastic and soft Renew material in the midsole;
  • Stylish.


  • Thin tongue;
  • The transparent sole gets dirty quickly.

2. Nike Lebron 16 — The Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball for the Traction and Grip

Another author’s model on my list is Nike Men’s Lebron 16 from the famous basketball player LeBron James. The company regularly introduces the latest technologies in the line of his shoes. And although some athletes criticized the previous model precisely for innovations, Lebron 16 was rightfully considered one of the best models of 2018. Manufacturers did not invent anything new but enhanced everything used before.

The sole is incredibly high-quality, thick, and durable, which ensures perfect grip. The sole pattern combines the classic Christmas tree and wave-like patterns from the 12th model. No matter how dirty the court’s surface is, its tread is virtually dust-free. You don’t need to wipe shoes after each game, only once a week. This model is suitable for both playing indoors and outdoors due to the rather stiff outsole and deep tread.

As for amortization in LeBron 16, the Max Zoom insert is responsible for the entire foot length. The landing is soft and reliable, but the air cushions have become denser. Due to this feature, when you land, it immediately pushes you back up. It is an outstanding characteristic perfect for volleyball players. The knitted, breathable upper layer is supplemented with a nylon coating that stretches when feet move back and forth but keeps them upright when moving sideways. The heel area is protected by an insert made of synthetic leather or suede (depending on the chosen color).

Pay attention to the design. On the right shoe heel, there is a number 330. It is a code of LeBron’s hometown of Akron. And on the left, there are three letters BBZ that are the initials of LeBron’s three children. On the insole, you can see his motto “Strive for Greatness.” At the moment, this model is available in only one color — black-gold-wheat. The weight of the shoes is 15.6 oz; it is more than other models on my list. Fit is not the strongest point of this model. Some athletes recommend taking shoes half the size more than usual. And these shoes will fit athletes with wide feet rather than with narrow ones. But in general, they are very comfortable to sit on their feet, quickly put them on, and lace-up.


  • Awesome traction;
  • Balanced amortization;
  • Substantial ankle support.


  • Cushioning seems a little stiff at first;
  • Run small;
  • A bit pricey.

3. LI-NING Sonic VII Series CJ McCollum — Basketball Sneakers with Creative Design

LI-NING Sonic Ⅶ TD On Court Men Basketball Shoes...
  • UPPER MATERIAL: The upper is made of textile, cattle split layer leather and TPU, which makes the shoes breathable and stable, say goodbye to stuffiness.
  • SHOE SOLE: The outsole is made of rubber-bonded EVA, which is wearable and non-slippery. The upper pattern design, fashionable and versatile.
  • LI-NING CLOUD: The shock absorption basketball shoes, using CLOUD cushioning technology, full-length application of unique Li Ning polymer material formula in full-length midsole allows effective storage and release of energy while cshioning rhe impact to form an effcient energy cycling system. It has soft and lightweight.characteristics. It help reduce external impacts and improve sports performance.

A Chinese company LI-NING is not as famous among Western athletes as larger competitors like Nike. Nevertheless, it has long been a sponsor and partner of many professional athletes, in particular NBA basketball players. Sonic VII Series CJ McCollum is one of the lightest items in my top, weighing just 13.4 oz.

The shoe height and width are average; the size chart runs pretty accurate to size, so you can safely take your usual size. If you have a very narrow foot, then you can take half a size less. And although this model has a quite dense rubber sole, I would not recommend using it outdoors. The tread does not have a durable deep pattern and can be erased quickly due to frequent playing outside. But indoors, these shoes do their job well and provides a reliable grip.

The midsole is made from a foam base to reduce the overall weight of the shoe and increase elasticity. It absorbs shock well and provides a perfect rebound. As the top cover, manufacturers used thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which stretches well, does not lose flexibility at low temperatures, does not melt in the heat, and is resistant to various damage and dirt. Shoes provide reliable fixation of the foot and support for the foot arch and ankle joint. And thanks to sock design, they are easy to put on and take off.

The model is available in 16 colors. Not only color differs but also shoe design. You can choose a simple model in black, white, and blue colors, or pick an unusual bright scarlet one with roses on your toes. All shoes have a plastic mesh insert on the sides, through which five lacing eyelets pass. In my opinion, this spoils the look of the shoe a bit, as I prefer a more minimalistic design. By the way, since the company stands for eco-friendly production and environmental protection, they sell shoes not in boxes, but shoe bags. They can be conveniently reused for everyday wear.


  • Exact size chart;
  • Durable;
  • Affordable price.


  • Design is an acquired taste;
  • Not for outdoor use.

4. Nike Hyperdunk X — One of the Most Popular Basketball Shoes

Nike shoes of the Hyperdunk lineup have traditionally been popular among athletes. In the Nike Hyperdunk X model, the manufacturers decided to return to the Zoom cushioning system, added neoprene to the arch zone (middle of the shoe), and in the tongue. The silhouette turned out swift, light, and stylish. Shoes weigh 14 oz. The collar is made using memory foam so that the shoes fit tightly on the ankle joint and foot.

The top is made from a combination of woven synthetics and neoprene inserts, which provides well-balanced thermal control. Thus, it does not stretch and holds the foot reliably, especially with lateral movements. At the same time, there is a denser synthetic insert in the toes area for greater support. The sole consists of Phylon foam and a rubber outsole. Internal foam padding and other small parts are synthetic.

The lacing system in this model is pretty wide. If necessary, you can loosen the shoes, or tighten them if, for example, you have a narrow foot. For better wear resistance, the lower four lacing holes are additionally soldered with Fuse material, and the upper two are reinforced with metal rings. Fly Web dynamic lacing loops are made of nylon. On the heel, there is a leatherette insert as well as an elastic loop for easy donning.

Outsole Hyperdunk X is tenacious enough to provide a high-quality grip. The multidirectional (wavy) tread pattern is suitable for all court types. However, because of the soft rubber and a shallow pattern used for the sole, I would not recommend wearing these shoes often on the street. The sole itself is wide, and additional outriggers are protruding beyond the outside of the sole for better stability. Cushioning is very responsive and feels comfortable, especially in the heel area. The combination of Zoom and Phylon technologies leaves an extremely positive impression.

Compared to many other models, Hyperdunk X has a rather minimalistic design. All inserts and seals here are functional, not just for beauty. These shoes are available in only two colors: white and deep blue.


  • Excellent amortization;
  • Wide sole with outriggers;
  • Memory foam in the collar.


  • The sole provides not the best braking;
  • The materials used for the top could be of better quality.

5. Under Armour Spawn Mid Basketball Shoe — Lightweight Sneakers for Volleyball

Under Armor Spawn Mid Basketball Shoe is a half-high version of a classic Spawn model. A taller collar provides better fixation and support for the joint. The main part of the shoe is multi-layered; it is a combination of mesh, neoprene, and a dense synthetic material forming the shoe (similar to Fuse). The rubber sole is very flexible and tenacious; the traction is excellent. I do not recommend using this model on rough outdoor surfaces. Thus, the Spawn traction is very high quality, but the outsole’s wear resistance is doubtful.

Thermoregulation of the foot is carried out exclusively through the perforation of neoprene in the toe area. Perhaps for some athletes, such ventilation will not be enough, since the midfoot and heel of the shoe do not have mesh inserts or perforations. On perfectly clean courts, there will be no complaints about grip. The tread pattern is multidirectional wave-like lines, similar to a fingerprint. Protruding scales alternate with fairly deep cutouts.

The model is equipped with a non-standard lacing system; the first external loop is completely fixed at the base of the sole. Most likely, not all athletes will appreciate this lacing system. The first lacing loops form a transverse pull strap across the entire width of the sole. It is worth noting that it works perfectly, allowing you to fix the foot in the sneaker better. However, the following loops pass through the main material of the shoe. Firstly, they are not so easy to tighten, and secondly, even when tightened, they will not guarantee high-quality fixation of the foot, for athletes with a low foot arch. The sole is wide, quite stable with a small external outrigger.

The midsole is made from MicroG foam. A polyurethane plate is inserted into it to protect against unwanted twisting of the foot. Responsiveness is better felt in the heel area; a large amount of foam reliably absorbs shock loads. In the forefoot, the return of shock is not felt significantly. Shoes fit size to size, do not require time to adapt, have a tenacious outsole, and a lot of stuffing material inside the shoe. Also, this model is convenient to wear, even without a shoe spoon. The weight of the shoe is 13 oz.


  • High-quality traction;
  • Reliable lacing;
  • Quality materials.


  • Not suitable for outdoors;
  • Insufficient ventilation.

The Most Common Question About Shoes for Volleyball Players

Many of my readers want to find the perfect pair of shoes for themselves and often wonder what type of shoe is best for volleyball. In this section, I have picked answers to the most popular questions to help you understand this difficult topic.

What are the volleyball shoes?

They are narrow-focused sports shoes explicitly designed to reduce a load on leg joints and provide the necessary support to a player during a match. Volleyball is a rather specific sport, with its own set of typical movements and possible injuries. Unlike many other games, volleyball courts are not very large. Therefore, players basically do not run, such as in football, but jump and move from side to side. When creating volleyball shoes, manufacturers take into account a fast pace of a game, a type of court coverage, a specific load on certain joints, and typical issues that professional athletes face.

Such shoes should have a dense rubber sole with a complex pattern to provide a good grip even with the dustiest court and soft cushioning, which absorb the shock load from jumping and landing, and a high-quality midsole to support the arch of the foot. Did you know that a landing force after a jump is nine times more than your own bodyweight? So jumps are the main difference between volleyball and basketball. In basketball, athletes run forward more and jump less.

Do you really need volleyball shoes?

Of course, if you are engaged in several sports at once, it is advisable to have your own pair of shoes for each of them. When developing tennis or soccer shoes, manufacturers take into account completely different parameters than when creating volleyball ones. However, there are no hard and fast rules in this matter. If you cannot have different shoes for some reason, there is nothing really dangerous about this.

By and large, any professional shoes will protect your legs from most possible injuries. Just volleyball shoes have better grip and more rounded soles than running shoes, for example. Running sneakers are most often designed for use on different surfaces, while volleyball shoes are preferably used indoors. Wearing them just indoors will save the high-quality grip for longer, and a court surface will not be ruined due to small stones or dirt that got stuck on the sole.

Besides, not all shoes, even the most modern, are really lightweight. So, basketball shoes are quite high and have thick soles that can increase weight. And in volleyball, a player should be able to easily jump vertically upwards with a small range of motion and without experiencing unnecessary weight on their legs.

What shoes to wear for volleyball?

If you don’t know what shoes are used for volleyball, the most obvious choice for this would be volleyball sneakers, as they were created for that sport. Basketball shoes are considered an excellent alternative, as they provide the necessary level of support for the foot and ankle joint and have excellent cushioning to absorb shock loads.

Universal or hybrid shoes, designed for both outdoor and indoor games, can also do a good job. Most often, it is a mixture of volleyball and basketball sneakers. But unfortunately, such shoes do not provide adequate foot support for lateral movements. However, it may be okay to wear them if you play volleyball as a hobby, and are not going to participate in professional competitions.

Soccer shoes are not suitable because their soles are equipped with spikes for running on grass fields. Regular running shoes would also not be very good for playing volleyball at them. Basically, runners move forward and in a straight line, which means that their shoes are not designed for sharp turns and lateral movements. In such sneakers, your feet simply don’t have enough support.

Do basketball shoes make you jump higher?

It is a very controversial question. It is wrong to say that any basketball sneakers can help you jump higher. It all depends on the materials used, the structure of cushioning, and the sole. Some time ago, the NBA banned one of the Athletic Propulsion Lab models in its competitions. Allegedly, their shoes created an unequal competitive advantage.

In any case, the increase in jump height due to the use of basketball sneakers will be insignificant to affect the match outcome or the quality of your game. Any shoes should simply be comfortable, provide a high level of foot support and cushioning; the rest depends on the athlete’s skills. You cannot rely only on modern technologies that manufacturers of sports equipment use.

Summarizing All the Above

Modern companies offer a wide variety of basketball shoes from different materials and with peculiar qualities. But what shoes are good for volleyball? In my top, there are five models that I tested by myself. Any of them is great for playing volleyball thanks to their excellent grip, efficient support for feet, and high-grade cushioning. I’m sure there could be volleyball snobs who would say that you need to use only volleyball shoes and no other. But let’s be honest: basketball and volleyball are similar in many aspects, which means that shoes are interchangeable. I hope my review will help you choose the right model.

What shoes do you wear now? Do you agree that volleyball players can comfortably use basketball shoes? Or are you an ardent opponent of it? If you still have questions, let me know in the comments below. I will answer them gladly.

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