Best Video Camera for Filming Volleyball: Top 8 of Best Devices for Active Sports

Although many recent smartphones allow you to shoot movie-like quality videos right away, a lot of things can not be captured on a non-pro camera lens. You can notice it, especially when it comes to recording something flashy and full-of-action as a sporting event.

If you’re a volleyball lover and want to record your favorite games yourself, or are aiming for a sports scholarship where you’ll need the best volleyball camera angle for college recruiting video, a phone camera is not enough.

Make sure you have a camera with high resolution, able to capture every detail without shakes from a distance, with a nice zoom and stabilization. A high-quality camera will help you get a stable, nice angled HD shot effortlessly, even if you’re far from being a pro.

Top 8 Best Video Cameras for Filming Volleyball

If you’re searching for a video camera for outdoor sports, you can always go with a GoPro, which is the best device for filming active sports on the move. Still, there are qualities that only a film camera has, so if you want a nice stable shoot, be sure to pick one of the trendy cameras approved by professionals.

1. GoPro HERO8 Black: The Best Video Camera for Sports Overall

It’s arguably undeniable that GoPro has topped almost every sportsman’s list of perfect devices for shooting active sports. This compact, lightweight camera allows you to fix it on any part of your body and forget about it. The device provides an HD quality picture with great stabilization.

THE new HERO 8 Black Camera is an enhanced re-shaped version that is more comfortable to hold and operate, though you’ll probably need it only if you don’t have a previous GoPro HERO7 version. Besides, this new camera will be a great solution if you’re an aspiring vlogger, as it’s compatible with pro accessories for better sound and light quality.

With this camera, you can make live streaming as well. But even if you’re not a creator or filmmaker, this camera has tons of characteristics that will provide you with everything you need for a perfect shooting. It includes three stabilization modes and hyper smooth technologies.

Filming with this camera, you’ll get a smooth wide picture, in-app horizon leveling, and many more setups. It also has a TimeWarp system that helps make time-lapse videos and creates a slow-down effect in real-time, highlighting the tastiest moments of the video. You can select any frame rate resolution or let the system adjust speed to motion. You can record videos in 4K, and this package includes extra memory cards for you.


  • 4k video resolution for filming sports;
  • The extra memory card in the kit;
  • Best GoPro version on the market.


  • High price.

2. A Semi-Pro Video Camera for Sporting Events: Canon EOS 70D with 18-135mm STM Lens

EOS 70D is recognized by many professional photographers as a great semi-pro Canon camera for photography and shooting. A touch screen makes it easy to shoot at any angle. In addition, you can control the shooting remotely, as well as instantly share videos on social networks. It’s easily done by synchronizing the camera from phones and downloading the application on a Canon EOS Remote smartphone.

The EOS 70D’s 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor guarantees high resolution and detailed pictures, helping to capture all players’ actions and movements. Besides, the camera has solid noise reduction, maintains a high-quality image even in poor lighting conditions, which is useful in recording a game in a poorly lit room or in the evening.

With 16384 colors per channel, the camera allows you to save realistic color gamut and detail movements. In addition, you get EOS Full HD Movie, a high-quality shooting mode. With this camera, you can record 7.0 frames per second, which is a fast shooting performance for an amateur camera. The camera also has a stereo microphone for recording sound.

Besides, the camera has an arranged Zoom, which allows you to enlarge the picture up to 10 times. Also useful for shooting sporting events is the Movie Servo AF function, which helps to autofocus a moving subject in case you want to focus your favorite player.


  • High ISO noise reduction;
  • Great autofocus;
  • Ability to shoot Full HD Movie.


  • On the pricey side.

3. Nikon D3400 with NIKKOR 18-55mm – The Best Camera for Sports Action for a Stable Picture

The D3400 is a pretty easy-to-use camera with superior lens and video quality. If you want a camera not only for shooting but also for photos, this Nikon will be an excellent solution. The camera uses the Nikon SnapBridge method, where you can quickly redirect the necessary videos immediately to the cloud storage or create backups, freeing up flash memory. The item does not have a touch screen, but this does not greatly interfere with its use.

The camera is very light, easy to handle. The device gives a stable picture, and it is not tiresome to hold it in your hands. ISO control and autofocus are very strong, so you get a static and clear picture in any light. 5 fps shooting allows you to shoot active games without any problems.

You’ll capture unrivaled Full HD video without much effort. Thanks to the new NIKKOR 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6G VR lens, you can perform smooth autofocus. You can shoot both slow-mo video and single-frame shooting effortlessly.


  • Great for filming slow-mo and single frame;
  • Easy to store and manage the records;
  • Very light;
  • Full HD.


  • The item doesn’t have a touch screen.

4. The Best Sports Camcorder: Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder

If you want a full-blown 4k camera (3840 × 2160) to match your Full HD TV screen, this one will suits you perfectly. It is my top pick as a type recorder, as it is a lightweight device that lays comfortably in one palm and eases recording, especially on the go. So if you want a semi-pro camera for shooting events, I recommend Sony. The fast shutter speed helps to make a sharp and detailed video in any surroundings.

It’s pretty easy to manage for a beginner, as a manual control is limited, and everything is automatic. For professionals who care about aperture or cut-shutter, it may seem disturbing. However, enthusiasts like me will find an “Intelligent Auto” mode in the camera is effectively making a pro-like shoot. It adjusts to the lightning and moves naturally, so you get a nice stabilized video in the end. The device also has a sharp focusing system, allowing you to move around and pull out smooth transitions between widescreen and close-up.

You can wirelessly transfer your videos from the camera to a synced device without much trouble. Also, this camera has the latest vastly enhanced optical stabilizer technology, so your footage will be of TOP quality. You won’t need to care much about shaky-cam, which happens a lot while you’re trying to root for the team and shoot simultaneously. Overall, if you a fan of 4K dashing finely-textured pictures with a more real engagement into the moment, than be sure to look for this option.


  • 4K quality videos;
  • Automated settings;
  • Light and small-sized camera.


  • No variety in customization of settings.

5. The Best Way to Record Volleyball Games: Panasonic Lumix G85 4K Digital Camera

It is another great 4K video camera that satisfies the needs of picky operators. It is the best video camera for volleyball for beginners who just want to take a stunning and sharp picture effortlessly. All you need to do is to pick a recording format you like and start filming.

Also, it has a lot of ready-to customize buttons to save your shooting mode with color profiles and shutter-priority. It’s a compact and light device, so you will not feel fatigued quickly as one always does when using a pro camera. It also has an LCD screen if you like self-cam or vlogging.

The camera is filming volleyball matches or training accurately as it has great image stabilization. Therefore, your focus won’t jump around, and the transitions will be smooth and tight. Using this camera, you will forget about jigging videos, and everyone will consider you a true pro. It’s also a great device for beginners who don’t want to waste a lot of money and yet wish to have a nice well-rounded camera. This device is better both for video-shooting and taking pictures, especially if you have compatible zoom lenses. The camera might be a little small if you have a large palm, but overall it’s very light and compact.


  • Smooth stabilization;
  • Custom settings available;
  • Compact;
  • The device provides a 4K quality video.


  • It can be uncomfortable to handle.

6. Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera: The Best Device for a Starter

Sony A6000 helps to take professional shots even if you’re a beginner. Of course, the basic lens is not the best one, but it’s great for taking basic landscape pictures. It’s best to buy another lens suitable for your needs. Despite its outstanding performance while shooting, the camera doesn’t weigh much: it’s easy to handle even for several hours.

The camera has an intuitive control system, and it’s easy to grasp the basics of settings and controls. Take a Full HD 1920 x 1080 video in cinematic 24p and record the best moments of the game to re-watch it any time on the big screen.

On the downsides of this camera is its battery as it’s quick to drain out, so you’ll need an extra one. It’s an affordable pick for cameras; however, the device has impressive characteristics and doesn’t fall apart from more expensive options. A6000’s 179 point AF helps to capture a perfectly stable in-focus shot of moving objects so that the recording will go smoothly.

Xtra Fine LCD will help to adjust the height of the angle, and it will be easy to shoot the volleyball game even if you’re in the midst of the crowd.


  • Affordable option;
  • Perfect stabilization and focus;
  • Intuitive and easy to control.


  • Weak battery.

7. The Best Video Camera for Sporting Events with Adjustable Effect: Canon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video Camera Camcorder

Canon Vixia is a light camera that is easy to handle with one hand. It provides a rich, vivid picture, adjusting to the dynamic and hasty movements of players. All of the features make the device a perfect pick for the camera for volleyball shooting. LCD screen helps to control the angle and see what you’re filming.

Also, it has a reliable image stabilizer, so you don’t need to worry about rotational camera shakes. The Dynamic Image Stabilization helps pull out a great distortion-free video even if you continuously change zoom or angle. Taking a life-like high-resolution HD will be easy and won’t require much effort on your side.

Another pro of this camera is the strong zoom that makes it easy to shoot videos from far away. 57x Advanced Zoom system provides 15-speed levels, helps to zoom in an object during recording smoothly, and achieves a nice dynamics within a record. Also, there’re various settings and recording options for you to experiment and be creative while video recording. This camera doesn’t provide 4K quality, but you will get an HD quality video for an affordable price.


  • 15-speed levels and smooth zoom;
  • Adjustable and customized settings;
  • Lightweight camera.


  • There is no 4K HD.

8. A Professional Sports Video Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mirrorless Digital Camera

This device is great for making long takes and captures the best moment of the game in a high-quality resolution. The pictures will be crisp and unwaved, as the item has an amazing stabilization. Besides, the camera has a quick auto-focus, that will make it easy to film from a distance without losing quality.

A 14-42mm zoom lens in the kit is not the best for distance shooting, yet great for landscapes or home-recording. This camera provides an HD video capability, so you will have clean-cut and clear videos to keep your memories.

Your video will have an accurate color rendition and neat quality thanks to 3-axis in-body image stabilization. Olympus may be less famous than Canon and Nikon, but it has a solid base for a pro camera. On the downsides, the device has a bit confusing menu and settings.


  • Affordable solution;
  • Nice stabilization system;
  • Accurate color retention.


  • The battery dies quickly.

What Is the Best Video Camera for Filming Sports: Must-Have Characteristics

ball falls in beach volleyball

Your camera must be strictly selected based on the type of videos you’re planning to record. Only then you’ll be able to use it to the fullest potential and won’t be upset if your camera lacks something. If your goal is to record volleyball matches, there is no need to waste hundreds of dollars for a pro camera. In case you hesitate and can’t decide what camera you need, this short questionnaire will help you out.

What to look for while choosing the best video camera for filming sports?

Given the specifics of the shooting conditions, the sports camera should be lightweight, compact, water-resistant, have a substantial memory resource, and battery power. Nowadays, any action camera is capable of shooting videos in high quality: HD 1280×720 p, Full HD 1920x1080p, Ultra HD 3840x2160p, or Ultra HD 4K 4096x2160p. The higher the resolution, the better quality the sports camera can shoot.

The smoothness and quality of the picture are related to the frame rate of the action camera. And the higher this indicator (fps) is, the smoother the image will be. The average sports camera shoots 60 frames per second, while the maximum fps is 120 fps.

The next important indicator of the quality of the videos is the viewing angle. The larger this indicator (angle) is, the more the sports camera will be able to capture with its lens. You will qualitatively shoot the characters, the action itself, and the overall plan with the camera with a viewing angle from 90 ° to 170 °.

Why do I need an action camera?

Action cameras differ from ordinary cameras in compactness in the first place. You can mount them on a helmet, the handlebars of a bicycle, or even a hand. The stuffing of the action camera is designed in such a way that it works without operator intervention: it will bring focus, adjust the exposure, without distracting the person from the main actions. And, with the action camera, you may avoid shaking. Many models are also moisture-resistant and shockproof.

What are the recommended accessories for filming volleyball?

The accessories entirely depend on the camera you have and the level of quality you want to achieve. First of all, you need a bag or strap for the camera to hide it when you no longer need it or to give your hand a rest. Some cameras will need extra lenses for better focus if you plan on shooting from far away.

Also, if you want to save and record sound in high quality, you will need a good microphone. You may need a handgrip for some cameras, but in most cases, you will not need it if you are standing in a crowd. If you have a small-sized GoPro, it will better to get a handgrip to hold it conveniently in your hand and increase the stabilization of shooting.

Achieve the Perfect Shots with the Best Action Camera

guys play beach volleyball

Have you ever tried to record anything on the field with a poor-quality camera? Then you know the striking feeling of disappointment when you turn on the video, and all you see is shaky, bad-angled recording where you can’t recognize what’s going on.

A low-quality camera with awkward scaling and stabilization will not be able to shoot well-fast actions such as sports. Therefore, if you want to find the best video camera for filming volleyball, you should be pickier when selecting the device and carefully read its characteristics.

With a high-quality camera, you are more likely to avoid low light or poor quality shooting. At the same time, many easy-to-use hobbyist/prosumer devices will be the best video camera for shooting sports. What are you looking at first when selecting a camera? What characteristics do you find vital for a top-notch action camera? Please, share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

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